#DANCEWITHMETO Agas Beach, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines

February 28, 2014

Taken by my adventure buddy Isabela Luig

It’s been way too long since my last post… Reviving this blog today! I feel like 2014 is taking me to a lot of places. This gem of a beach is situated in the entrance of the beautiful bay of Puerto Galera and greets travelers as they sail by on their bangkas.

Random Dance Post #2

If youre gonna ask someone, make sure its the person you want to go with. I honestly dont think you should even ask someone else if the person you originally wanted to go with cant go or says no… because then the youll kind of put “your backup date” through a bad and possibly boring night. Dont be a bit** about  your “backup date”. You should of never asked if you were gonna put little to no effort at figuring how to get the proper paperwork in. The attitude is TOTALLY unnecessary!