Gems Don’t Dance

I literally do not care for all this gemsplaining or if you are dance inclusionist or exclusionist all I know is

  1. I AM GAY and YOU ARE GAY?? wlw solidarity?? you heard of it or???
  2. I REALLY LOVE FUSION DANCING and want. it. back.
  3. AMETHYST deserves to DANCE LIKE THAT without Pearl’s judgement only because it is ??sexual?? and not about her!
  4. On that topic, I want to see a thin femme gem handle a big gem with the softness they always get? And I want butch gems be allowed to be seen as graceful or soft? You know what the issue is if you are even remotely aware of the topics in su criticism??
  5. The Rubies perform gymnastics. A cheerleading routine. That can be seen as a form of dancing. It’s good enough for me. It’s great.
  6. The dancing is done to synchronize forms which same gems would not require. I get this is why Amethyst and Steven didn’t need it but they could have had the funniest sweetest moves together….
  7. Stevonnie doesn’t require anything cus two humans yes wow good lore

The SM Basement (NCT Edition)

Even though there are several members of NCT that everyone can recognise, some of the best talent has yet to escape the dark, damp room that is SM’s basement. With no way of telling who exactly is contracted under SM, there are certain undebuted idols who are hiding down there despite being popular in the NCT fandom. In case you don’t know who SM is keeping hidden from us, here is a handy guide.

Side Note - a lot of the trainees in the SM Basement are officially unannounced, so a lot of information is unknown and what we can find might not be correct

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RFA+Saeran Just Dance HC

trustxfundxkid-jumin because im an idiot i somehow deleted your request for this?? im so sorry but this is such a cute idea!! dont kill me pls this is my first HC



  • You thought that Zen would be at work later
  • So you decided to play some just dance, its a great way to have fun and exercise!
  • Zen got off work early, “MC im ho-”
  • He gets quiet seeing you play because you dont know hes there
  • He laughs to himself when he sees the song you are dancing to is from one of his musicals
  • He blushes when he sees how adorable you look
  • He runs to where you are playing and joins in signing every line and hitting every move perfectly
  • You play for a while You pouting when you lose and Zen giving you kisses to try to make up for it
  • Eventually he turns the game off and puts on some slow music
  • You spend the night dancing away romantically
  • “That’s enough of that silly game. Let me show you some real dance moves MC~”


  • Yoosungs playing LOLOL like always
  • You, bored out of your mind go to the living room
  • You find a box of old games and inside is just dance
  • You want to play with Yoosung because nothing is more important than making your gf happy right?
  • You walk into his room and sit on his lap and look at him with big puppy eyes
  • “MC!!! Not now! The boss is gonna kill m- ahhh too late im dead.”
  • “what do you need honey?”
  • You happily drag him to the living room where just dance is set up
  • You two have an epic dance battle
  • You win most of the rounds because of his lack of stamina too many video games
  • “Yoosung, you need to go outside more” you tease him
  • “Whatever MC, Im definitely gonna beat you this round!!”


  • Jaehee wasnt home and you decided that you wanted to dance
  • Not any kind of dancing, JUST DANCE!!!
  • You were in the middle of playing a really hard level when Jaehee came home
  • “MC! Jumin let me off for a long lunch break today~!”
  • You squealed in surprise when you heard her and nearly fell over
  • You both started blushing like mad
  • You went over to her and grabbed her hand making her papers fall all over the place
  • She was reluctant at first but you managed to convince her to play
  • She got pretty competitive and ended up winning
  • “Hey MC, can we make this a regular thing? I love having this much fun with you!”
  • “Sure Jaehee, anything for you cutie.” You say as you give her a small peck on the nose


  • When Jumin asked you to move in, you figured that there would be noting fun in the penthouse
  • So you brought alot of innocent fun things, and one of the things was just dance!
  • You were especially bored one day and decided to play
  • You took Elly and played with her in your arms
  • “MC, have you seen Elisa-”
  • Jumin was cut off as he walked out of his room and saw you in an over sized shirt and really short shorts
  • He started blushing like mad when he saw how cute you looked dancing with Elly
  • You stopped when you felt a presence behind you
  • You turned around and saw Jumin there, a blushing mess
  • You immediately put Elly down and switched off the TV
  • “No MC! Put it back on!! You are so cute dancing with Ellly~!”
  • “That’s creepy Jumin, Ill put it back on only if you play with me~~”
  • He agreed to one round but it turned into a hour of dancing (with the cat too of course)
  • “MC, that was fun hahaha. Now lets get cleaned up and ill take you to dinner.”


  • Seven was busy hacking away, doing whatever he does on that computer
  • You decided to attempt to play just dance quietly to not disturb his very important hacking business
  • The first round went successful for being quiet but it was hard to play because you couldn’t hear the music
  • You attempted to continue to be quiet
  • But it turned into you blasting the music and full out screaming along to the songs
  • Seven of course heard you and went to see what you were doing
  • He jumped in, and began to scream the lyrics and dance with you
  • “Seven? w-what are you doing?”
  • “Beating you in just dance! You better pay attention to the game MC~!”
  • You epic dance battled the night away until neither of you could stand from exhaustion
  • “Not bad MC, but I, God Seven, won of course!!!!”
  • “No way, I won for sure!”
  • “Ooooo, want a rematch in the morning?”
  • “You’re on Seven! You’re going down!!!!”
  • The two of you spent the night cuddling on the couch because you were too tired to move to the bed


  • You were bored out of your mind and Saeran didnt want to go outside with you
  • So you decided to play just dance
  • You didnt see but he was watching you, blushing, while you played
  • After the first round, you turned around and saw him watching you
  • “Saeran! Come here~~!”
  • He tried to run away but you grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the living room
  • “Play a round with me pllleeeaaseeee~~”
  • He reluctantly agreed to one round
  • “See Saerean, that wasn’t so bad was it?”
  • “You know MC, since I let you play with me, its only fair for me to play with you~~~”
  • You can imagine what happened after that hehehe

Well i hope that it wasnt too awful, im sorry if it was >~<

dont hate me pls that was my first HC



Well I think everyone here could make their own version/pick. 

I’ll make one. Pendi’s Top 11 Picks for Produce 101 Season 2

1. Pledis Entertainment’s Kim Jong Hyun - LEADER

I think everyone of us agreed that he should be up in the top 11 taking the title of Leader. He experienced being a leader not just in produce 101, but even before when he was still an active member of NU'EST. He already taste the bitter-sweet of becoming an idol and how tough it is to become one of them and have to take his pride down and join the Produce 101. With the right mentality, and wisdom, there is no one in Produce 101 (all at least so far from what we saw) can touch Kim Jonghyun in term of his capability to be a leader. Otherwise he is so talented and a soulful rapper with a great dance ability too. So he is no doubt would be on top 11 with his recent rank as no 1 in rap and also no 1 in overall 2nd ranking announcement. 

2. MMO Entertainment’s Kang Daniel - JUST DO ANYTHING  

As beautiful his face and smile is. He is really the heart robber. He has great personality and motivation. I know he may got into some controversial act before, and cheating is really such an unhonorable act, with that being said, his personality and talent show that he is more than that. His attitude on the screen also shows that he is responsible and have a good fighting spirit. He is incredible with his dancing b-boy thing, and rapping and singing. He does improve a lot too, there are still room to grow even though he is already in Class A. With the right attitude and willing to learn & grow, he is a good example to be a great idol. 

3. Fantagio’s Ong Song Sung Woo - VISUAL   

He is already my favorite since the first episode, but until Kang Daniel came and shows his cuteness. LOL. But he is the man of dance and popping God. His jokes and Gag talents is also worth to count. With great visual and stage presence he is for me one of the best stage & expression experts. His dance skills also great and also his attitude and how he cares about others. He knows how to put himself in different kind of situation, for me he is a man with many talents, without trying to hard to show off and he got his way to impress people effortlessly. and he is more than ready to steal your heart right from the first impression to his long career ahead. 

4. Brave Entertainment’s Kim Samuel - DANCE    

I don’t understand why people doesn’t seem to agree that he deserve to be in the top 11. Even the trainers and national representative the Queen BoA fall in love with him and he is the first trainee to get into the A Class (based on the show). With his young age and how much he loves to dance and how much he spent his life practicing and dancing and how much he shows that he really want this is just.. beautiful. I really appreciate him to keep going and keep the fighting spirit. He is also respected by other trainees with his talents and I think he already shows improvement of his singing skills to. 

5. Chun Entertainment’s Kim Yong Guk - VOCAL

He really shows his charm and how good his vocal is in the “If It Is You” performance. I think he is another good example on how much an underdog can do more and be success with his talent and not just his face. He has amazing vocal who can give different color to the group, I think he has so much potential and he doesn’t have a problem with following the choreography, so he is up in top 5 for me. 

6. Individual Trainee Kim Jae Hwan - VOCAL     

He is no dubbed the best vocal in P101 now. But he is more than his vocal. I his personality and charms he shows during the interview. I really like the way he talk and how he is honest and not so greedy for a position (maybe because he is already got the top posisition). But I think he is a must in term for vocal ability to be put in the top 11. And I am glad everyone have voted and put him in the top 11, for his talents, not just for a pretty boy with no talents. 

7. CUBE Entertainment’s Lai Guan Lin - RAP 

Talking about pretty boy without talent, the first time I saw him in the top 11 in the first voting result, and how he perform in front of the trainer for the first time, I basicly hate him for being in the top 11 with pretty face with no (I mean still in the making) talent & ability. But through out the show he shows how he is so passionate in rap and his ability to write and compose rap for his performance is amazing. He also know how to put great performance on stage, and I really appreciate him. It is not just a talent but his attitude also counts. I think everyone is working hard and everyone is also trying hard. But to put that hard work into something that is a great performance, I think he nailed it. Love his voice. 

8. Brand New Music’s Park Woo Jin - DANCE  

I am agreed with everything Jenny said. He is one of my favorite now after the get ugly episode. Just seeing him saying “I’m Doomed” is cute and how he reacts to the first time he saw the Get Ugly Team. But I think he has a solid talent for vocal and dance. He is the perfect example for not craving for high ranks, just do and give the best, and now he got in the top 11. Love him so much. 

9. MAROO Entertainment’s Park Ji Hoon - VISUAL   

Honestly I hope to see more talent from him, not just his visual. I think he has been to focus on how to act cute and come up with new trademark after the wink. But I know he is good tho, being in the Class B means he is great, and I think it is a safe choice to include him to the top 11 as we are talking about IDOLS, and boy like him with his charms and talents is one solid yes for an Idol. 

10. C9 Entertainment’s Bae JinYoung - VOCAL

He is just charming in many ways. With that shy not-so-confident personality is cute but also shame. He should know how good he is, he is charming in many ways, his face, his voice, his dance, his one covered eye, his stage presence, his smile. I am glad that he shows more smile and prove he is great on stage in the recent My Little Girl performance. I am just so happy to watch his performance with his smile through out the performance, and we also haven’t talk about his performance the ballad song downpour, his voice is just great. And I shipped him with Jihoon haha

11. Brand New Music’s Lee Dae Hwi - VOCAL   

It hurts my heart that he has lesser screen time now, but he proves to have more to show and more ideas and more stage presence in every performance he is on. I think he has so many talent and potential. Hope he can become more confident than ever and overcome all the hates he got. 

12. Pledis Entertainment’s Hwang Minhyun - VISUAL.   

What just top 11? But I really can’t leave this one. He is a great center to, I love all his stage presence, the smirk, the stares, the gaze. I think he is also have a solid vocal too. He is experienced and I think he deserve to be in the top 11. He has all the idol material, handsome, tall, sharp, and charming. He is price charming and he really completed the group as a whole. so please let him be in the top 11. 

Other trainees that I hope to be in the top 11 is actually Lee Woo Jin, although I know he might be hard to fit in, but I love himm.. #13 - VOCAL

Choi Min Ki & Dong Ho - it hurts my heart to hear they story and how they struggle to survive the idol life and music industry. As all the talents they got, they really are ready to get another chance to debut. But I think not in this group. I hope they both get success in the future. - #14 #15 VISUAL - VOCAL

Takeda Kenta. He is great I think he got all and everything you need as an idol, but poorly we have less interaction with him. Less interview, less screen time. But he nailed all the performance and I love him so much. #16 - VOCAL

Yoon Jae Sung he is incredible person and i just want to see him more and more. He is just hillarious. - #17 - I dont know what suitable position for him. Maybe Vocal or Responsible for GAG & VARIETY SHOW

Jung Se Woon - I love his understanding and his vocal. He is great, and it is waste of talent if he doesnt debut soon.  #18 - VOCAL

Lim Young Min & Kim Dong Hyun: Everyone from Brand New Music is ridiculously attractive to me. I think both of them have reputable capability as a rapper. Coming from the rap agency I think they have the quality looks and talent becoming an idol. #19 #20 - RAP

Ardor & Able trainees Noh Tae Hyun & Ha Sungwoon. Both are in Class A and super talented in dancing, but sadly they lack of screen time. I am happy for Taehyun he really still the spotlight in the position challenge. He did super great as the leader and choreographer for Shape of You, and he is just the best dancer in P101 for me. Next Ha Sungwoon who recently hopelessly and relentlessly trying hard to be get notice and to keep being in the competition. I think he has a great personality, and work ethic. #21 & #22 DANCE




I dont know how they survive, for me their stage is average, but I think if you just be positive, and smile, and hard working enough, you’ll get notice.



  • Not allowed to threaten anyone with his spots
  • Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief of his spots by making them dance
  • Not allowed to add “In accordance with the prophesy” to the end of reports involving Captain Carrot
  • Not allowed to form any militia 
  • Not allowed to train adopted dogs to “kiss Carrot!”
  • May not call Lord Vetinari immoral, untrustworthy, lying slime even if he’s right
  • Not allowed to ask for the day off due to religious purposes, on the basis that the world is going to end, more than once 
  • The proper response to a lawful order is not “Why?” 
  • The following words and phrases may not be used in a cadence- Budding sexuality, necrophilia, so I was just trying on this lingery, sexual lubrication, barking up Carrot’s tree, slut puppy, or any references to squid 
  • May not make posters depicting the leadership failures of Sergeant Colon 
  • He is in need of a more suitable host body 
  • A smiley face is not used to mark a minefield 
  • The Tanty is not filled with yummy candy, and it is wrong to tell new prisoners that it is 
  • Cannot arrest children for being rude
  • Shouting “Let’s burn the village! Let’s burn the whole fucking village!” is bad
  • We do not “charge into battle, naked, like the Barbarian Boys at the Mended Drum”
  • We also do not sidle naked.
  • We especially do not mention the time Captain Vimes had to leave the Mended Drum naked because it didn’t happen, did it, Nobby?
  • Should not confess to crimes that took place before during his employment

I love this idea X33333


  • gives lots of hugs 
  • often says how cute the sibling is 
  • Satsuki would protect you 
  • the first person to go to when you’re sad 
    • may or may not show you cute animal videos 
  • tries to bake treats for you (beware!!) 


  • would help with homework 
  • gives good advice 
    • especially study and health tips
  • do not bother him! especially when he’s working 
    • he gets annoyed easily, but forgives you when he’s done
  • would be willing to give you music lessons


  • would probably teach you the Agnapolis dance
  • not the person to ask for help 
  • willing to listen to your music and give pointers on how to improve
  • likes playing board games with you 
  • gets you souvenirs from places he has gone on tour 


  • gives dating advice
  • would give you a ride if you needed one 
  • don’t date his little sister unless you’re serious 
    • If you break her heart, Ren’s coming for you
    • but before that’d he would do his best to cheer you up 
  • helps pick out the outfit for formal events 


  • would teach you how to play guitar 
  • would never leave you out of an activity 
  • very encouraging and supportive 
  • likes playing video games with you 
    • lets the younger sibling win every once in a while (until they grow older) 


  • jumps to the rescue (especially if it’s a little sister) 
  • plays with you whenever he has time 
    • especially sports 
  • probably weak to the ‘puppy-eyes’  
  • gives fashion tips and examples from magazines 
  • he understands the way of the fandom 

Masato (who actually is an older brother!) 

  • very protective 
  • probably tells you to clean your room (he really just wants the best for you.)
  • gives good advice 
  • would sing to help comfort you 
  • gets annoyed easily when he’s working as well 
New Book Official Changes!

Ar Rinci Ceili

Ar Rinci Ceili will replace Ar Rinci Foirne as the official handbook of Ceili Dances approved by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha for use in competitions and examinations as and from September 1st 2015.

The following is a summary of the changes contained in the revised publication:

Ceili Dances

Names of a number of Dances changed.

All movements have a name.

All letters are deleted.

Read – points to remember.

The word “Progressive” is used rather than mixing progressive, long, etc.

Haymakers Jig described as ‘Long’ dance.

In many dances the movement ‘Wheels’ standardised to :  Right & left Hand Across.     Left & Right Hand Across.

Except in Rince Fada & Haste to the Wedding : named Right Wheel, Left Wheel as each movement only takes 4 bars.

Re – hands : states if one hand, two hands, crossed or uncrossed, right or left hands to be used.

Swing Around :- Promenade Step on same foot of partner or opposite foot.

Walls of Limerick

Movement no 4 – name changed to Swing Around.

Antrim Reel

Movement no 4 – name changed to  Down the Centre.

Movement no 5 – Right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 7 – Left & Right Hands Across

Movement no 8 – Swing Around

Siege of Carrick

Movement no 2 – name changed to Right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 3 & 4 – states : face partner when clapping.

Rakes of Mallow

Progressive dance only  -  not a Six Hand Dance

Movement no 5 – name changed to : Swing Around.

Harvest Time Jig

Progressive Dance only – not a Six Hand Dance

Movement no 3 & 5 – names changed to : Right & Left Hands Across, Left & Right Hands Across

Siege of Ennis

Movement no 3 – name changed to : Right & Left Hands Across.

Haymaker’s Jig

Named “Long” Dance

Note – Formation

Movement no 5 – name changed to Cast Off

Movement no 5 March

Bridge of Athlone

Movements no 3 & 4 states : March.

Waves of Tory

Movements no 5,6 & 7  states: March

Rince Fada

Known only by the “Gaelic Title”.

Movement no 3 – Rising Step – starts on Right Foot, same as movement no  1

Movement no 6  - name changed to Swing Around

Haste to the Wedding

Movement no 3 – Rising Step starts on Right Foot same as movement no 1

Movement no 6 – changed to Sidestep to Right & left 8 bars

Movement no 7 – changed to sidestep to Left & Right 8 bars

Movement no 8 – name changed to Swing Around

Note :  movements no 6 & 7 changed in bars.

To complete once  -  takes   48 bars

Lannigan’s Ball

Note  : at Feisanna danced as an Eight Hand – Acceptable

Note – read the summary

Movement no 2 – Four Links  ( not a change – just note)

Movement no 4 – States – Ladies ‘Turn’ Right

                                             Gents ‘ Turn’ Left

Movement no 5 7 6 – states : Uncrossed Hands

An Rince Mor

Name known only by the Gaelic Title

Movement no 4 – last 2 bars : partners take “Crossed Hands”

Movement no 5 – partners retain “Crossed Hands”

Bonfire Dance

Movement no 9 – Deleted “Hand on hip and toe pointed”.

Movement no 10 – number of bars at end – corrected.

Four Hand Reel

Formation – both diagrams acceptable

Lead Around – fully explained. Corrected end of first 8 bars.

Body – movement no 3  name changed to : Right & Left Hands Across.

1st Figure – when opposite lady is going under the arch of top couple to place of top lady states - she must turn “Clockwise” to new position.

When opposite gent is going under the arch of top couple : states – Top Couple must make a half turn clockwise to new position for the gent to finish in opposite gents position.

2nd Figure – before the Swing Around when ladies return to own place, partners take right hand in right to make a full turn into own position.

Humours of Bandon

Formation – both diagrams acceptable.

Body : movements no 2 & 4 states: take hands crossed or uncrossed.  Taking right hand only “not acceptable”.

1st Figure : note – last 4 bars    both couples face each other, take crossed or uncrossed hands to turn into own place.

2nd Figure : completely different – all four dancers are dancing throughout.

Glencar Reel

Formation – gents right shoulder to top of room.

Movement no 5 – emphasises the footwork

Movement no 4 & 5 – are dances as “one unit  16 bars”

Movement no 6 & 7 are dances as “one unit 16 bars”.

The Fairy Reel

Formation both diagrams acceptable

Movement no 6 changed to – The “Two Gents” Link Arms

The Gents take Hand of each Lady

Movement no 7 – name changed to : The Square and Diamond

The Duke Reel

It’s a Six Hand Dance only

1st Figure : states – when couple no 1 advance towards couple no 2 – no hands are taken.

Eight Hand Reel

Body – movement no 2 Skip Across : states –Different Turns,       Full, Full, Full, Half.

Movement no 3 – Return Chain :  meet partner at opposite side of set, take right hand, make half turn on the 8th bar.

Movement no 4 – Back to Back states : you must sidestep on ‘left Foot’ when gents return to partner they take right hand in right to turn into own place.

Morris Reel

All changes the same as from Eight Hand Reel.

Cross Reel

It’s an Eight Hand Dance  not a “Round Dance”.

Body movement no 4 Back to Back states : must sidestep on “Left Foot”.

States -  when returning to own place “No hands are taken of Partner”.  All turn clockwise to get into own place.

2nd Figure  Circle Round & Hands Across states : forward & backward or all forward.  Threes are acceptable in the first 4 bars.

Eight Hand Jig

Body : movement no 2 Skip Across – 1st 2 bars changed to –

The four gents move off together.  Each gent allows gent on his left to pass before him.

States – the Turns :  Full,  Half,  Half,  Full.

Movement no 3 – Swing into Line:   deleted – the 2 bars at start of movement.

Explains up to 8 bars.

When performing Rise & Grind step :  Holding of hands in the two lines are optional.

Last “4 bars” states – you must take right hand of partner to turn into own place.

2nd Figure Combination :  on completion of Right & Left Chain both couples make a full turn, then the two gents pass each other in centre, passing each other right shoulder diagonally to opposite lady.

When the two gents meet in centre they link right arms.

When returning to place the gents take right hand of partner to turn into own place.

St. Patrick’s Day

Body – movement no 2 & 4 :  name changed to Half Left & Right

Gents pass left shoulder to left.             Ladies pass right shoulder to right.

Turning into new and own place   -  Gent turn anticlockwise, Ladies turn clockwise.

The Finish – Lead Around : deleted the swing for the last “4 bars”.

Trip to the Cottage

Body – name included : Diagonal Lines and Rings

When the two circles are sidestepping to the left -  states -  the two side gents sidestep to right to get into circle.

End of Body – last 8 bars  states- Forward and Backward movement is not allowed while swinging.

States – swinging on same or opposite foot to partner is acceptable.

1st Figure – name included : Arches and Ring

2nd Figure – Name included : Advance, Retire and Cross Over

High Cauled Cap

Body : movement no 5 -  Stamp & Clap -  performing movement to return to place

Ladies stamp on “Left Foot”  Gents stamp on “Right Foot”.

1st Figure name included : Sidestep and Dance Through

2nd Figure Circle and Cross :  on the 8th & 9th bars  both couples make a full turn before passing left shoulder to left on to opposite lady to take left hand.

Sweets of May

Its in Single Jig Time – correct sheet music shown at end of book.

States – both ordinary threes or skip threes are acceptable.  No mixing of threes.

Opening movement Ring : no longer a Figure

2nd Figure : changed to 1st Figure

3rd Figure : changed to 2nd Figure

4th Figure : changed to 3rd Figure.

The Three Tunes

The sheet music of the three tunes are located at back of book.

Movement no 1 – name changed to : Ring

Movement no 2 & 8 name changed to : Ladies & Gents Ring

Movement no 5 See-Saw states – movement of arms up and down is not allowed.

States – promenade step on same foot or opposite foot to partner is acceptable.

Movement no 6 & 12 Roly Poly : note – the change in how gents perform the raising of the fists and stamp ;  Foot work is slightly different (This is how it was originally danced)

States – a lead turn to the right has been added for the laddies.

Movement no 13 Ring : added 1st movement

Movement no 11 Thread the Needle :

end of 1st 8 bars  states    -        Lady of 1st tops goes under her own arch.

End of 2nd 8 bars  states   -     Gent of 1st sides goes under his own arch.

Gates of Derry

Formation :  both diagrams acceptable.

Summary  - ordinary simple threes only acceptable.

Movement no 2  The Gates -  explained correctly.   Sidestep to gents right  (all gents)

Movement no 6 Telescope :  explained differently

Movement no 7  : name changed to  : right & Left Hands Across

Movement no 8 Swing Around states ;  couples having changed lines

2nd repeat changed to  - opening movement  -   omitted same as 1st repeat.

Read the note at the end of the Dance.

Sixteen Hand Reel

Formation – Circle

Body :   Movement no 5   -  Half Chain -  returning to place with partner ( last 4 bars)

States  -  Ladies half turn, with gents on inside.   Retain both hands with partner to return to own place.

Movement no 6  Link Arms  -  explained differently.

2nd Figure – Right Hand to Opposite Lady  -  note  - last 2 bars (before the Swing)

The two gents pass each other, right shoulder to right, return to partner, take right hand of partner and turn into own place.

Note  - the two gents Link Right Arms.

3rd Figure – Arch Arms :  movement completely different.

Changed  -  number of bars  24 bars

The Rising Step – Rise & Grind      Definition :     note the differences.

anonymous asked:

short greaser au + sock hop?

[start at the beginning]

i’m gonna skip ahead a little in the greaser au timeline so here we go!

content warning: implied racism/homophobia/transphobia

  • so this is it
  • this is
  • The Dance
  • i mean it’s not even senior prom, shaw is still a junior, but it’s the first sock hop they’ve had since root rolled into town so this is now officially (to shaw) The Fucking Dance
  • she and root have been out a few times before, but she’s never asked her to go steady, so she’s pretty nervous to ask her to be her date
  • and how does it even work when neither of them is a cis dude? who asks who? shaw doesn’t like to think about it
  • she assumes responsibility because when has root ever been straight forward about anything in her young gay life
  • literally never
  • so shaw’s once again trying out different poses to achieve the Maximum Cool Effect while she waits for root by her locker
  • she decides to go with the “leaning against the wall with one leg against the wall while dramatically looking in the other direction to pretend im not waiting for root, this is just a total coincidence i have no idea what you’re talking about” look
  • a classic
  • this, of course, is completely ruined by root sneaking up on shaw and whispering “how’s it going, stud?” directly into her ear
  • shaw jumps eight feet in the air and nearly falls on her face
  • “you’re gonna be the death of me” shaw grumbles, straightening her leather jacket
  • “that’s what i’m aiming for, sugar. now what’s got you so rattled, hmm?”
  • shit this is it
  • this is The Moment
  • play it cool shaw, play it cool
  • shaw jams her hands in her pockets and glares at the floor. “i was wonderin’ if you wanted to go to the dance”
  • “well i’m not normally much for dancing, sameen. two left feet and all, you know how it is”, root replies playfully
  • why does root make everything so difficult
  • “i was WONDERING if you wanted to go to the dance /with me/, ya happy?”
  • “took you long enough baby” root smirks. and then she just turns and walks away
  • “don’t call me baby!” shaw shouts after her
  • “i’ll stop calling you baby when you stop blushing when i say it, /baby/” root calls back
  • shaw pouts a little and kicks a locker
  • she’s not blushing. she’s never blushed in her entire life. not ever.
  • she pauses after a moment
  • “wait” she mutters, and then yells “ROOT. WAS THAT A YES. ROOT?”
  • at the end of the hallway, root pauses and turns around
  • “““winks”““ at shaw
  • and keeps on walking
  • when will shaw not be suffering? answer: never
  • see: the night of the dance
  • shaw’s really trying, okay?
  • she wants to put in the extra mile if she’s gonna show up with root on her arm
  • root’s classy, she has style and shaw wants them to look good together
  • so instead of shaw’s usual badass greaser in leather style, she goes for a more preppy approach
  • we’re talking a nice polo, cuffed, tapered chinos and a skinny belt. even converse instead of the usual combat boots. her hair’s in a goddamn ponytail
  • her parents are confused by the transformation but shaw’s totally rocking it and they make sure to tell her so
  • she nearly skips out to her car on the way to pick up root she’s so hecking excited
  • she ever so carefully steers her car down the streets to root’s place, parks, and hops out of the car to ring the door bell
  • in typical 1950′s fashion, root’s dad answers the door with a frown
  • “um. i’m here for root.”
  • he raises an unimpressed eyebrow.
  • “i’m here for root…sir?”
  • “there’s no one here by that name, kid. now scram.”
  • shaw’s 115% sure that’s some grade a bullshit, and as he tries to close the door on her face, she sticks her foot out
  • the pain’s totally gonna be worth it, shaw thinks, blinking back tears
  • “sir, please! i’m just here to take your daughter to the dance tonight! we’ll be back by ten! i’ll drive 15 under the speed limit the entire time!”
  • that last one is a total lie, but she has to try
  • he flings the door open once more and looks her up and down
  • “i don’t want someone like /you/ anywhere near my daughter. and if i see your face around here one more time, you can bet i’ll call the proper authorities.”
  • shaw pales and backs up a few steps. she’s a badass, but even a badass has limits
  • root’s father smirks and slams the door shut
  • shaw did NOT come all this way for nothing. and she didn’t dress like some brain, like HAROLD, for nothing. she bought the damn corsage and you can bet your sweet ass she’s taking root to the stupid dance
  • not even the threat of jail, even the asylum, is gonna keep her away
  • she’s just gonna need to think smarter
  • she sneaks around to root’s bedroom window and starts tossing pebbles
  • “rooooot. root. root root root.”
  • “oh my gosh she’s the next window over!”
  • oops
  • she tosses a few more pebbles (at the correct window this time) and finally root’s head appears
  • “what the hell, root? what was that at the front door?”
  • “sorry sammy! i was supposed to get to the door first, but i got a little distracted finishing my outfit. i’d like to think it was worth it though.” she calls, with a winning smile
  • “it’s just a stupid dress”, shaw hisses, “how long could it…possibly…”
  • shaw’s struck dumb
  • she was already mentally prepared to see root all dolled up in a nice department store dress. she was ready for her extra shiny hair and lipstick
  • but she was absolutely not ready for root in tight leather pants and high heels and a tight red off the shoulder top
  • root adjusts shaw’s shirt collar and coos “aww sameen! you didnt have to dress up all nice for little ol’ me.”
  • “…you know we don’t have to go to the dance. we could just go somewhere and park. that would be fine.”
  • “mmm, but what kinda girl would that make me, sam?”
  • shaw reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a slightly flattened, but beautiful corsage made of orchids
  • she grabs root’s hand and strokes it softly “mine. if you wanted.”
  • “cute,” root mutters, looking away, “but if you think that some pretty flowers are getting you some backseat bingo…”
  • shaw frowns. “hey, look at me. look at how i’m dressed right now. i don’t dress like finch for just anyone, okay? i care about you. and this doesn’t come with strings, root. you know i’m no shuck.”
  • root grins a little. “i was really looking forward to showing you off to all those mouth breathers.”
  • “we still can if you want. or we can just drive around and park.”
  • “and not talk?” root bites back.
  • shaw holds both her hands up in defense. “you said it, not me. we don’t have to talk but we don’t have to do anything else either.”
  • “plus”, shaw adds softly, “i don’t think you want anyone telling your dad we were…”
  • “yeah” root sighs, just a softly.
  • root grabs the corsage and slips it on. she grabs shaw’s hand and leads her back to the car
  • “you still wanna go?” shaw asks nervously
  • “i just want to spend time with you, sameen.”
  • shaw starts the car “i know a place. it’s still pretty early so no one will be looking for us.”
  • they end up at the park by the water
  • “we can have our own dance right here.”
  • “there’s no music.”
  • shaw shrugs
  • “…at least i can show you off to these ducks.”
  • “there’s that smile! now come on, the first one who dances into a duck buys the other milkshakes.”
  • this, of course, leads to some aggressive dancing and throwing each other around in a very obvious attempt at sabotage
  • the great duck war ends with shaw’s nice new pants being sacrificed to the mud, and with shaw buying root’s milkshakes for the rest of the school year
This City

Don’t make a bet
with the city.

The streets may have
the new rail
to ride upon you.

In the tunnel you
find on Krog, colors.

I went down
Boulevard and made
too many friends.

The pandas have
broken out from Wright Street.

The things to remember
about Memorial Drive
cannot be listed.

We moved the stadiums
to clear the space
for our hungry.

I saw a fox cross
Northside Drive once
and nearly crashed.

We went down to
the water on the Westside.

I found a park with
more eyes than I could bear.

Did you see the Baptist
church up in flame
when the summer was over?

There were cocaine stings
at Estoria where
I talked about intimation.

We went to our Mother
and found only the plastic
balls telling us to go home.

Where I can dance
not to be drunk on
horse feathers.

The sweet liquid we
migrate to can be found
more than warehouses.

I took the trolley
to the old cemetery,

I found my name
in history sound.

By midnight, the lounge
called us to listen
to the ecstatic names.

The cities divide
by hope and chance

any derivation of
a village become identity.

Taken deer’s head to
the murderous zone of
wanting more of more,

the cheetah is about.
It will come as burning.

Broad Street market,
I won’t go too soon,
I won’t make it back to bones.

We run along the crumbling
mountain of what this could build.