#obsessed with Maesi’s new solo!!! @maesicaesofficial Every year I don’t think her solos can get better than the last but they always do!! 🌟🌟🌟Somehow they come up with even more impressive dancing and tricks to put in that always make my jaw drop! 🙌🏻🙌🏻Maesi’s also got the most #flawless front aerials I’ve ever seen, they are so graceful😍😍😍here’s a mashup of some of my fave parts! It was so hard to choose!
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Things I say because of dance moms:

•throw you/me under the bus
•monstrosity of evil
•save your tears for your pillow
•everyone’s replaceable
•blabber mouth
•those legs are as straight as Elton John

•can kendall have a solo

Linking black and "ghetto": the criticism of white mainstream views on the new Lifetime show Bring it.

So there is this new dance reality television show on Lifetime. Unlike Dance Moms this show is focused on a Hip Hop majorette competition team in the southern region (Jackson Mississippi) of the U.S.. The Dancing dolls headed by their Coach Dianna Williams (aka “Miss D”) ages 7 to 17, are said to be one of the country’s preeminent dance troupes, with over 15 Grand Champion titles and more than 100 trophies under their belt. 

However what I’m really here to talk about is how every time a show with our faces come on it is somehow deemed ghetto or ratchett. These are words the mainstream have caught on to and use often, oh let’s not forget twerking -_-. White people have adopted these slang terms and slap them on any and everything but these are usually a terms reserved for something dealing with black people.These classist terms give white folks a get out of jail free card as they walk near the line of racism w/ out stepping over it. It’s beyond annoying STAHP! 

As you can see by the opinions of some tweeters:

As you can see these lifetime viewers seem to deem this show a “ghetto” version of Dance Moms. Well let’s discuss the other show. Dance Moms has went as far as having physical altercations between the mothers and the dance instructors to the point where the police have been called and law suits have been filed. The instructor who sits on her behind during rehearsals spends time yelling and berating her dancers, cursing and arguing with the moms. During competitions she pins her dancers against one another and psych them out before they perform. The girls dance beautifully and win many competitions but as an instructor your job is to teach, improve and build up your dancers not tear them down. Who would want their child all around that type of chaos?

Somehow though I guess white is right.

A majorette dance team like any other team sport can improve a child’s leadership skills, work ethic and team work. It also gives them a chance to earn a scholarship in dance as many Historically Black Colleges and Universities have dance teams out there on the field with the marching band. 

Don’t get me wrong there are some issues I have with the show. For one I get having closed practices as sometimes the presence of a parents are distracting to both the children and the instructor. Sometimes a child is hesitant and shy around their parents, but dang Ms. D you could have a closed off back room for them to sit in lol. Some of the moms tend to get a bit mouthy so I hope down the line the camera is focused more on the dancers but what is reality TV without a bit of drama? Ultimately this show is way more positive than it’s counterpart. The instructor can actually dance and you see her actively encouraging the girls. For example on the premier episode Ms. D gives a really touching pep talk to the team captain as she is nervous about an upcoming performance.

What I find so funny is viewers were praising little Asia on Dance moms for doing the same type of dancing but now it’s “ratchett”. Just because you don’t like it or it’s foreign to you does not mean it’s ghetto. Just because it’s not ballet doesn’t make it wrong or any less valuable. Saying so doesn’t make you cool. This show is very positive and it shines a light on a subculture that is very popular here in the south. Ms. D is a very determined and professional woman who wants nothing but the best for her dancers. She pushes them and sets standards without damaging their self esteem. That is the character that an instructor or coach should carry. 

and to those who just deem majorette dancing as twerking or booty shaking which will lead these girls nowhere Ms. D definitely has words for you:

She says keep watching as you will see her Dancing Dolls are versatile and trained in multiple disciplines.

Check out this video:

 Bring it on airs on Wednesdays a 10p eastern 9p central.

thoughts on abby lee miller going to jail and dance moms reaction

abby got a real lenient time sentence. she really won’t be forgotten and probably be making news for something. she’ll also come out real skinny. if anything, this is the long awaited break she needed to possibly reflect on some of her choices which led to harming others emotionally. still, we cannot forget that karma is a real thing. abby indeed got her dose of it for her erratic behavior. the mothers rejoicing are about to get their dose of karma as well. those mothers willingly stayed on a show KNOWING abby’s behavior was outrageous. they were stuck in a lengthy contract, however, not until season 2. they could’ve left after season 1, and mind you, these ladies had been with abby nearly a decade prior. kelly GREW UP under abby and even had her own dance studio competing against hers, yet found herself at the ALDC over and over again. christie and abby has said that she was on her way out prior to the show due to abby’s treatment, but used her daughter’s bond with the girls as a reason to stay. melissa willingly and undoubtedly stayed and benefitted greatly because of it. holly is probably the only one who didn’t know what she got herself into, because she was working. still, she remained on the show and consistently tried to impose her will on abby but never gave her credit for when she was trying to include nia. the other moms watched the show, was on her competition show, LOVED her, but will go ahead and throw her under the bus. they were well aware of what abby was going through but would do season after season bitching about things they KNEW abby didn’t have her focus on. She’s said so many times before, she was done with you once you’re a teen, so why the constant back and forth? all of these moms are being the terrible examples for their kids that abby always pointed out. they don’t rise above. they’re petty, bitter, and spiteful. now i might revel in justice being served to a murderer or rapist, but never simply bc i despised the person. my hate does not bring more love or show others to love who you hate. i think minister dawn is very hypocritical considering her title. she probably used God to justify it too. if you really think about it, these moms are upset because of their daughters confidence being tarnished when they are the ones who allowed it. they are upset bc abby never gave them their way when you rly wouldnt have a say at any other dance studio or even a hollywood job for that matter. they knew what they were getting themselves into. projection is real. they all dump their problems on abby–especially kira, holly, christie and kelly–when their daughters are MILLIONAIRES because of her. they can think it was their daughters who made the show all they want, but the only one making a name for themselves OUTSIDE of Lifetime and social media, is maddie (who owes abby the most respect, so i really want to know what went down between the zieglers and abby). the moms let fame get to them and became entitled af. they leave and turn their backs on her and accuse her of using them when they were using her all the while. they wanted to quit but have the focus still be on them. they didnt have the balls to quit the show and not return. even christie rid on the shows last wave. it’s bc of abby she could even return. if the drama wasn’t apparent between the two it wouldnt happen. all in all if the moms don’t care that’s fine. but to post your party bc of it makes them just as disgusting. those moms have ALL said disgusting things towards abby and about her but we don’t get to hear it. they get to save face and use abby as the scapegoat. if only they realized their daughters fame is on the downfall during this jail sentence. none are interesting enough to keep an eye on without the show. not even maddie. brynn, ashley, the minis, sarah, etc. know the true meaning of getting to know someone beyond the monster they present. i commend them. shit even cathy was an adult about the situation. i don’t think people grasp what jail is truly like.