Some people call dancehall a style of music. Dancehall is not a style of music. Dancehall is a place where you go to hear the music, and inside the dancehall you hear everything. It’s a way of playing music, a way of being entertained, a way of life. Dancehall music can be anything from Bob Marley to Tarrus Riley to Chronics to Vybez Kartel. It’s a way of expressing music and people are captivated by it. The styles within dancehall — the fast bashment, you have one drop; roots reggae; everything that makes that sound is dancehall.
—  Robbo Ranks in Gulf News interview.

Ninja Man performing at Usain Bolt’s venue, Tracks and Records

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This is footage from Champions in Action. Champions in Action is without question, one of the longest running year to year stage shows in the dancehall space. Indeed, it is one of the few institutions who’s tenure has endured for the entirety of the dancehall genre’s existence.

This footage feauring the like of Shabba Ranks, Clement Irie, Junie Ranks, Ninja Man, Sanchez and Josie Wales is from the 1989 staging.

Don’t you love the full frocks and jherri curls in the audience?