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Whisky a Go Go, October 1966, Sunset Strip in Los Angeles,California. audience at a Frank Zappa Concert


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TIL: Japanese Dancehall Is Thing

(h/t @dataandphilosophy​ for letting me know it existed)

That’s right, this is a Japanese guy singing in Japanese in a Jamaican accent about being gangsta:

And this is a Japanese woman singing about being a rude gyal (note the Jamaican accent again):

…Today I also learned that foreigners appropriating my culture is hot in direct proportion to how much, in a sane world, this would not be happening. Based on this scale, Japanese Dancehall artists are flaming hot.

(Part of me is convinced that cultural imperialism is the same as ones culture “winning” and that, the more countries my culture colonises, the more sexually dominant it is >_>)

Vybz Kartel - “It Bend Like Banana”

One of my friends asked me to make him a playlist of old and new dancehall songs because he’s 100% clueless and wants to see what he’s been missing. Because of that I got re-introduced to this gem. I don’t know how I ever forgot about this joint. Forgive me Kartel <3

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Rihanna’s “Work” Is Not Tropical House - how West Indian music evolved.