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Whisky a Go Go, October 1966, Sunset Strip in Los Angeles,California. audience at a Frank Zappa Concert

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Meet Xhosa, a Brooklyn Artist Whose Wild Style Samples Jamaican Dancehall and Japanese Anime
The 21-year-old musician has emerged with a confident performance style that blends her love of saturated colors and outrageous textures.

Get to know more about how my music, art, & style all influence each other in this @vogue write up >

TIL: Japanese Dancehall Is Thing

(h/t @dataandphilosophy​ for letting me know it existed)

That’s right, this is a Japanese guy singing in Japanese in a Jamaican accent about being gangsta:

And this is a Japanese woman singing about being a rude gyal (note the Jamaican accent again):

…Today I also learned that foreigners appropriating my culture is hot in direct proportion to how much, in a sane world, this would not be happening. Based on this scale, Japanese Dancehall artists are flaming hot.

(Part of me is convinced that cultural imperialism is the same as ones culture “winning” and that, the more countries my culture colonises, the more sexually dominant it is >_>)

Swedish duo Galantis has always been gallantly dashing and brightly jouncing with their mellifluous bounding dance thrillers in the past, but they’ve pulled back on the gargantuan house beats with their new single Hunter to give us a sparkly lulling, weightless larking future beats anthem instead. It’s a glitchy enthralling, dancehall enchanting, and even trappy captivating look for the esteemed pair. We traipse through a mystical forest with Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, questing for magical treasure alongside Hunter and its other peregrine brushstrokes, which paint a lush scenery so wondrously prismatic that it rivals the technicolor beauty of Avatar’s fictional world of Pandora. Galantis’ Hunter is out now via Big Beat Records.

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