I’m halfway done with chapter 9 of the Birds Part 2! Just so you know….The next chapter will be the last one and then I have to figure out what I’m going to do with my life….I’ll probably do short stories again until I get a better grasp on my life. 


I promised theweekndfanfiction a video of me dancing to a song by The Weeknd by Friday….and she will get it. I will probably share it with all of you guys too if I’m that confident. I’ve only danced for almost five years, but I’ve heard I’m good for the short amount of time that I have been dancing. I do contemporary, jazz and modern (attempt to do hip hip sometimes lol) and well…we’ll see what Friday looks like. 

I should be done in another hour though. xo <3


Woke up hella late, Didn’t get to go to the studio. Can’t make it to Kuya Chris’s party, but hopefully I can go to the studio at 7 and put in werkk tonight! I can’t wait to work on this set with Shane and Sean. I have some new formations to work on.

Hey everyone ! Tomorrow night is the night ! Fun , music , dancing , dancing , andddd dancing ! @_blvcklisted_ is holding a fun filled fundraiser night at the #cobaltcafe tomorrow from 6pm-12am !!!!! #danceeeeee ! 🙌 (at Cobalt Cafe)