ikpopprincess  asked:

Did you ever do animations for all four types of benders, or only fire and water?

h…ha………hahahha……………………………….o boy

i only ever did fire and water unfortunately :( i just couldnt work up the energy for earth and air–the original concept was just supposed to be water ballet but people REALLY wanted fire so i did it and it just. exhausted me. so although the inspiration might strike me one day for air or earth dancers, as of now there are no plans to continue the dancebending series. sorry :(((

anonymous asked:

Hi. I was looking at atla stuff on pinterest and I cane across a gif of the korra waterbending ballet, so I clicked the link and found the set, as well as the firebending, and I just wanted to say that I do ballet and I absolutely loved those. K bye

thank you!! but if you could kindly report the person who reposted my art without permission that would be great :/ im glad you found the source but that pisses me off to no end (no fault of yours!!0

anonymous asked:

Not to be a bother, but when are you gonna post your fire dance?

blUH i was actually about to make a post about this. FIRE DANCING IS GONNA TAKE A WHILE IM SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY between the bout of flu and crazy schoolness and my own straight up incompetence–also the fact that fire is STARTLINGLY DIFFICULT TO ANIMATE–its gonna be a bit longer. i want to put out something im proud of after all

anonymous asked:

What dance types are you doing for each of the elements?

secret ovo mostly bc im still so conflicted on fire and air bfgjghfjkgkfg ive done one breakdancing one for fire and ye it looks cool but ???? I WOULD DO TANGO OR SALSA IF I COULD THINK OF A ROMANTIC COUPLE WHERE THEY WERE BOTH FIREBENDERS GUH. AND I WOULD DO HOPAK BUT THERE ARE nO GOOD REFERENCE VIDEOS AUGH