I just finished reading House of Hades so of course I have a Reyna rant

Ok so, this girl is the most motherfucking tortured miserable soul I’ve ever seen. My baby crossed europe ALONE. ALL BY HERSELF. Ito help the people who are supposed to be her enemies. She took the high route, this bitch knows what needs to be done. And then jason flat out saying that he never loved her, but he let her hope thay had a future was downright mean.
And then Octavian the little fucker just does EXACTLY what Reyna told him not to do, attack the greeks. I mean, really? Does he have no respect for her?
Scipio. Skippy, oh Skippy. She had to put him out of his misery, that poor thing. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain she must hace felt, I can’t even THINK about my dog dying without burstin out n tears.
“Without you I doubt Percy could find his way out of a paper bag” LET ME LOVE YOU REY. She still has a great sense of humor.
I hope she and Nico become friends, that would be nice and unpredictable.
It took me a while, but I’ve warmed up to her last name. I was a bit dissapointed at first, I was expecting something that sounded like royalty, but I like it.
Did you see how she just accepted Frank’s praetorship? And she talked about praetoring together? BBY.
Let me apologize for all the curse words, I’m angry and Rick for putting her through all this pain. I’m glad she didn’t die. And I agree with some people, it feels like Rick is mad beacause some of us love her more than the main characters.
Ok rant over.

Okay, to dancealonginthelightofday, some of our traditions (before anything, let me just say that i don’t know if they’re ALL brazilian things, like, if they happen ONLY here ya know? But anyway):

  • Carnaval: It’s the biggest “party” in Brazil, it lasts 4 days.
  • Festa Junina: Something like “June Party”, i have no idea if people have this in other countries, but it’s sort of a big deal in Brazil. It’s always in June (duh), but some of it happens in July too. 
  • We have a lot of New Year traditions. Like, when you’re spending the new year’s eve at the beach, you “jump the waves” 7 times. Underwear colors are very popular too, like “wear a yellow underwear if you want luck in this new year”, stuff like that. Jumping in the floor with your right foot when it’s midnight… etc.
  • When men get into colleges, some people shave their hair.
  • We have of course the soccer, which REALLY is a big deal for pretty much everyone in Brazil (not for me xD but anyway)
  • There’s the music too, like samba, pagode, etc.
  • There’s our folklore (is this correct?), we have A LOT of stories like “Saci Pererê”, “Boto cor-de-rosa”, etc.

Wow okay, those are the ones people suggested me :) hope it helped.


Let Me Tell You About My Feels

So I just watched NCIS 11x02 (Past, Present and Future ) and let me say I’m upset. I didn’t like that ending AT ALL. After 8 years Ziva basiclly just walks away. No real goodbyes to Abby or McGee, and her goodbye to Tony lasted like 2 minutes. THIS is not what I wanted. I wanted to see Married Ziva and mom Ziva, not confused, hurt Ziva. And yeah, her reasons are actually good reasons to me, i understand. But it seems to me like she will come back. It was a VERY open ending. Anything could happen at this point, and I honestly hope she comes back for the season finale as deputy director or something.
And after watching the episode I had to go scroll through the Ziva David tag, and I was happy to find out that I wasn’t the only one who was upset.
So, to sum it up, crappy ending, beautiful tiva moments, appropiate flashback/hallucinations, and hope. I honestly hope that she will come back.
Oh and btw I know for sure that NCIS ratings will fall HARD, I mean the higher you fly the harder you fall, right? So CBS will be begging for her to come back.

dancealonginthelightofday asked:

Hi Fe I'm going to talk to you because you understand about being a PJO fangirl, and I'm just like ugh because my dad won't buy me MoA and I'm going to have to read it online when someone decides to post it. Ugh. Sorry about the rant, lol anyway, your blog is as FLAWLESS as always! ♥

Ohh i know how you feel okay :( it sucks, waiting for books sucks. 

and thank you so much love <3 d'aw

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Hi fe! How are you? I need a favor! I have to do a project on Brasil and I need to know some traditions? So sorry to bother you! Thank you! Besos!


brazilian people, would you help me to help this poor unfortunate soul?

(pessoal, essa pessoa tem que fazer um projeto sobre tradições do Brasil, e de repente eu não consigo pensar em nada /sofri ajudas??)

i’ll let you know as soon as i get something. 

dancealonginthelightofday asked:

Hi Fe! Remember me? Well I just wanted to tell you that I understand how it feels to be a PJO fan in south america (i'm from argentina we're practically neighbors lol) Are you as anxious as I am for MoA? I'm going crazy cause everybody gets it October 2 and I have to wait I don't know how long :( Well, anyway sorry for boring you to death with my feelings. Btw, I love your blog ♥ besos

Hola hermana! hahaha (i totally fail at spanish so that’s how far i’ll try lol)

yesss we suffer a lot, we need to wait WAY longer for the books ç_ç omg i’m DYING for that book :’D HAHAHA oh stop it, feel free to talk to me :D thank you so much <3

Queridos Padres:

-“Deja de comer tanto, queres?”

-“Si te llegas a llevar alguna materia te meto una patada en el culo”

-“Que pesado/a que sos”

-“No hacés NADA”

-“Sos un boludo/a”

Son formas de bullying y solo nos hacen sentir peores de lo que ya estamos. Y aparte, gracias por señalar todos mis defectos e inseguridades, solo pienso y sufro por ellos unas 15 veces al día :)

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Hiii! :D I love your blog and just wanted to ask if you know any good Percabeth fanfics for me to read while I wait for Mark of Athena and drown in my tears becuase it's gonna take at least 6 months to come out in my country? haha thank you Fe!

Hello there :D well, i recently lost (don’t even ask, i’m still crying over it and i have no idea what happened) my list of fanfics, i had a bunch of them saved here, but… well. BUTTT, there’s this one, which is my favorite from all times :D