Okay, to dancealonginthelightofday, some of our traditions (before anything, let me just say that i don’t know if they’re ALL brazilian things, like, if they happen ONLY here ya know? But anyway):

  • Carnaval: It’s the biggest “party” in Brazil, it lasts 4 days.
  • Festa Junina: Something like “June Party”, i have no idea if people have this in other countries, but it’s sort of a big deal in Brazil. It’s always in June (duh), but some of it happens in July too. 
  • We have a lot of New Year traditions. Like, when you’re spending the new year’s eve at the beach, you “jump the waves” 7 times. Underwear colors are very popular too, like “wear a yellow underwear if you want luck in this new year”, stuff like that. Jumping in the floor with your right foot when it’s midnight… etc.
  • When men get into colleges, some people shave their hair.
  • We have of course the soccer, which REALLY is a big deal for pretty much everyone in Brazil (not for me xD but anyway)
  • There’s the music too, like samba, pagode, etc.
  • There’s our folklore (is this correct?), we have A LOT of stories like “Saci Pererê”, “Boto cor-de-rosa”, etc.

Wow okay, those are the ones people suggested me :) hope it helped.