Courtney’s Follow Forever

First off i would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday :) The list below are blogs that have made tumblr worthwhile for me this year. All of these blogs aswell  as their owners are amazing. I encourage you all to follow every one of them if you aren’t already. 


I have been amazed to see my name in people’s follow forevers, I really didn’t think my blog was important to anyone and it made me so happy to see that you all like it. I am not doing a follow forever because I know it’d just be a list of all the people I follow but I wanted to make this really simple edit to say thankyou to all of you that reblog my edits and respond to my text posts and especially to those who deemed me worth enough to put in their follow forevers! I’ve tagged all the ones I’ve noticed but thankyou to anyone who even follows me <3

chloeslukasiak ★ paigeslittlechristmas ★ danceabbylee ★ taylorclause ★ santaswift ★ dancemoms ★ dancemoms2012 ★ brookehylandwonderland ★ hylasiak ★ hylandgirls ★ kenzieziegler ★ sunnydancemoms ★ le-divas ★ babyziegler ★ mackenziefrancesziegler ★ kisskissvertes ★ lukasiakk ★ clarathemermaid ★ youcantbeatdancemoms ★

I might have forgotten a few people, so i apologize! Everyone on here is amazing and special in every single way. Thank you! 

The best people you will ever meet, in no particular order:

Danceabbylee Infinity I love you so much, I really want you to be happy. You’re so nice and amazing, really.

Abbyleeskids Nicole you’re awesome because you just listen, you don’t tell me what to do. Ily

Ravioliforchristmas  Rosie you are one of my best friends, because you care. I’m so proud of you.

Kisskissvertes Brooke we are both Canadian so obviously you’re on here? No but you are really sweet okay.

Reservations-for-2 Mia I have no clue where you’ve been lately but I hope you’re okay, you’re really funny and nice.

Audreyhepbrn Candy cane! Yay for candy cane, ily.

maddiemackenzie Tessa I missed you, but I still love you because we had lots of good times together.

christmasp00p You’re on here because even though we haven’t talked that much, you were so nice to me and we can be good friends.

dancemoms2012 I think everyone should follow you because everyone needs quality on their dash okay.

 And last but not at all least,

tiedtogetherwithablog Caitlin ily ily ily ily, ily so much because you put up with my annoying bratty attitude and talk to me. Also you’re like my big sister.

Blog dedication: danceabbylee

Okay first off, I feel so terrible because you were supposed to get this like a month ago and then Heather was a stupid penguin and forgot to give her best friend her blog dedication! I’M SO SORRY MAH NIFTY ILY <3 okay here we go… Infinity, oh goodness where do I even start? You were my very first friend in this fandom, and you were always so amazingly nice to me when I was a tumblr noob. I remember one of my first nights in the fandom was your all night dance party and that was how we bonded. All of your edits are flawless like literally FLAWLESS I just look at them and quietly sob to myself because of the perfection. Your entire blog is perfection what am I even talking about. When I think of you I honestly think of Chloe because she is sweet and perfect and sometimes really crazy and that perfectly describes you (: Even if your soul is dark like your blog. I’m sorry for the times I said things about Niall and you planned on killing me in the night and I was first on your list sobs but I hope I’m not first anymore teehee. You are my chlobird and I am your paigeymack and nothing will ever ever change that. Infinity I love you so much you are so amazing and I have no idea what I would do without you! (and once again i’m SO SO SORRY that this is so late but hey that makes you more special? ;) LOVE YOU NIFTYPOO <333