dance: ghost of the wind

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Prompt: solitude

neighborhood’s spring cherry trees
& your blooming heart bend
under the pink weight of themselves
as you walk. streetlights shiver in
electric gold shades. fragile petals
caught by wind give a ghost’s dance.
you watch them, feeling like a splinter
of glass, feeling starless, but

dear wanderer-poet, don’t you know
where god lives? in the silent
branches & in the stretching swathes
of pavement. god’s in your lonely hands,
humming the tune of your blood.

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If you're still giving advice than how do you start up something you want to write??

Honestly, starting something you want to write is one of the hardest parts.

I would recommend thinking of the five senses first. What do they see? Hear? Feel? Taste? Smell? Here’s an example of a graveyard at midnight:

The shadows cast by the tombstones appeared as faint ghosts dancing among darkness.

Wind whistled through my hair, singing along with the crow circling above my head.

Soft grass bent beneath my feet, chilly air nearly freezing the dewdrops left on each blade of grass.

The remnants of watermelon bubblegum stuck between my teeth, a slightly sour sting overpowered by the tense flavor of nothing.

The scent of dust flooded my nose, accompanied by the combined fumes of flowers left at each tombstone during the day.

One Thing I Like About Ghost of The Wind...

The MV and the choreography make them look like one and only person. For instance, in the live performances, when Siwan’s done singing, he “disappears” behind the other boys and at the other end, Hyungsik appears as if Siwan had walked there and had become Hyungsik.
Then TaeHun jumps over Hyungsik, taking his place as the “man of the story” and so on. When Taehun disappears, Heechul will appear at the other end. It’s a real story telling. This is perfect.

In the MV they all wear the same jewelry: a bracelet and a ring. They put the spotlight on it on purpose many times, hinting it’s the same guy following the girl. It becomes obvious at Heechul-Taehun-Dongjun parts and Minwoo-Kevin. It’s so detailed, a real story telling, real hard work. I like to discover it again and again =)

Looking for Band Blogs to Follow!

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