On a less fangirling note the choreo really is one of their more difficult ones because there’s just so much happening at once? Like the moves don’t really repeat too much and are so unique/peculiar to each verse if that makes any sense??? Take these complicated moves and combine it with how fast paced the song is….no wonder why the k fans said they deserve a standing ovation for the Rookie performance wow

prettydeadcat  asked:

Hi!! I'm going to Mexico for the summer and am thinking of taking a ballet class there, but I have only started my Spanish study and probably wouldn't understand a lot of the corrections or cues the teacher gives. Do you have any advice, & do you know if anyone has made a vocab list for the ballet class? Thanks!


I haven’t found any vocabulary list for ballet classes, but I can give you some vocabulary here.


  • postura: posture, pose
  • postura correcta: correct posture
  • posición: position
  • primera posición: first position
  • segunda posición: second position
  • tercera posición: third position
  • cuarta posición: forth position
  • quinta posición: fifth position
  • paso: move, step
  • adelante / en frente: forward, in front
  • detrás / atrás: back, behind
  • derecho/a: straight
  • (a la) izquierda: (to the) left
  • (a la) derecha: (to the) right
  • (al) otro lado: (to the) other side
    *derecho can mean both straight and right, it depends on the context.
    If the teacher looks at you and tells you something like “derecha” that means “straight
    If the teacher says “a la derecha” that means “right”.
  • brazo(s): arm(s)
  • pierna(s): leg(s)
  • mano(s): hand(s)
  • pie(s): foot / feet
  • talones: heels
  • cabeza: head
  • torso: torso
  • caderas: hips
  • hombro(s): shoulder(s)
  • pies juntos: feet together
  • torso recto: straight torso
  • espalda recta: straight back

  • salto: jump
  • brinco: jump (same)
  • giro: spin, turn
  • barra: bar
  • calentamiento: warm up
  • vestuario: clothing
  • leotardo: leotard
  • falda: skirt
  • tutú: tutu
  • medias / mallas: stockings
  • calcetines: socks
  • zapatillas de media punta: split-sole ballet shoes
  • chongo: bun 
  • algodón: cotton
  • nailon: nylon
  • tela: fabric
  • piel: leather


  • pararse derecha / ponerse derecha: to stand up straight 
  • extender: to extend
  • flexionar / doblar: to bend, to flex
  • saltar / brincar: to jump
  • girar: to spin, to turn
  • estirar: to stretch
  • sentarse: to sit down
  • pararse / levantarse: to stand up
  • subir / levantar: to raise, to go up
  • bajar: to lower, to go down
  • volver: to return, to go back
  • avanzar: to move forward
  • ir (hacia) adelante: to move forward 
  • ir (hacia) atrás: to go back
  • meter el abdómen: to suck in the belly
  • apuntar: to point

You can watch some videos to see how teachers give instructions and talk about all the positions and moves.

Aprende Ballet (She has many videos about ballet)
Barbie: Clase de baile zapatillas mágicas (The original version is in English and you can hear it in the background, but I hope it helps)


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, left, and Michèle Anne De Mey performing “Fase” in 1999

“She described the pieces, collectively, as “the very beginning, where somehow I taught myself how to choreograph — literally the first steps.” She created all four for herself and other women, exploring movement “of a very specific character,” she said, “that I think was more linked to the female body.”
~ as seen in The New York Times

"This acknowledgment of the unavoidably human dancer in the mechanical process — this drama — was Ms. De Keersmaeker’s swerve from her models in American postmodern dance. Much of the vocabulary is pedestrian: walks, turns, hops. The spatial patterning is lucid: horizontal planes, a circle and its radii. But emotions, not quite controllable, keep surfacing.”

~ also in The New York Times 

anonymous asked:

Hey!! I love your blog to bits and your writing is absolutely spot on fantastic! This is my first time doing so, but I just wanted to ask if I could put in a request for headcannons of Matsukawa, Kuroo and Akaashi learning to do the Argentinian tango with their female significant other, if that's okay? Sorry if this is super vague, but thanks a lot in advance!!

It was fun to look into the art of this dance, so thank you for giving me that chance, Anon! It’s very beautiful and intimate and I wish I could learn some of these one day! I also hope that you can forgive the slight vagueness and size of these headcanons, dancing vocabulary is not my strongest area of expertise!

Hope that you enjoy, love!

P.s. I’m a terrible student and should be in class right now but I’m sitting in my car with a personal hotspot going….

Matsukawa Issei

  • He’d totally play up that he knows exactly what to do and the first half hour of their practice is spent with Mattsun pretending he’s got a rose stem in his mouth as he’s dragging them around the floor with long exaggerated steps and arms extended.
    • At the end, he’d dip her way too low and the probably both end up on the floor! And amongst all his laughter and kisses to their cheeks he’d be all “see, I know exactly what I’m doing!”
  • But since this is something very important to her, he will take the lessons seriously and put in the effort to learn the steps. It’ll probably take him some time to get the timing right plus all the placements of the feet when they’re not traveling.
    • I can see him looking down at the floor for a significant amount of time, even when he is confident with the footing and steps. He’d definitely come to love it, especially with how close the process has brought them!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • I really think his main concern would be the footing during this dance. And not just traveling, but when they do those little kicks between each other’s legs. Guarantee that he’s kicked the poor girl a couple time during those first couple lessons!
  • She probably starts him off with an open position, right? And it totally irritated him that he’s so far away from her even though he gets that it’s just for when he’s learning the steps.
    • More often than not, he completely closes the space between them in order to be all romantic and it backfires big time because their legs get a little tangled and they have to start all over again!
  • Even though they’re practicing for this intimate and incredible dance, he always takes time in the middle or the end of their practice to just hold her close and sway slowly. He’d take the time to kiss them softly and tell them how beautiful they are when they’re dancing.

Akaashi Keiji

  • I can see him watching a couple videos online before walking into that studio to perform. He’d admit straight up that he’ll probably be bad at it and mess the whole thing up numerous times before she decided that this is something she wants to commit to, lol.
    • And he does mess up a lot! He probably gets this little crease between his brow and studies hard at the image of them moving in the mirror trying to catch himself where he’s making mistakes.
    • He totally counts out loud throughout the entire process. Even when he starts to get it and could probably do it without a conscious count, he still numbers it off out loud.
  • I can actually see him getting really good at this dance the more they practice. And I can see them just free styling it when they meet in that studio with their bodies pressed close together and their eyes locked on now but each other. They’re definitely the couple that brings out the extreme sensuality of the dance!

anonymous asked:

Consider: the twins are actually tower bots that were stolen in a Decepticon raid, being forced to work in the Gladiator Pits when they were young and still have that Tower programming that occasionally acts up while Sunny and Sides try and play it off as eccentricities or whatever(with possibly Prowl or Mirage finding out)? Yay/nay?

Definitely yay!

They get taken when they’re pretty young. Probably watched the rest of the towers burn and fall, and the gladiator pits, for them especially, is just such a drastic change.

They get trained and beaten and it’s awful because they’re used to getting things handed to them on a fucking silver platter. 

Though when it’s their lives literally on the line, it sure is a good motivator.

Then comes the Ark, and they still know all the rich culture, and the fancy vocabulary, the dances, the drinks, all those delicacies that Mirage and Prowl occasionally catch slipping from their mouths or their mannerisms.

Mirage probably picks it up first, but he just doesn’t believe it.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker probably get sick of his bragging and have to show him up.

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Fic help! I hope you don't mind. A while back, I saw a post somewhere that said you can practice ice dance solo until a certain point before you need a partner. How does this work and how advanced would a skater be at this point? Also, can a really enthusiastic skater with the time and cash to spare master FS to Yuuri's level without competing (or maybe just compete in small events)? Thank you so much!

Hello friend! 

Yes, you can learn ice dance up to a point without a partner. What I mean by this is, generally you start learning ice dance by learning what used to be the Compulsory Dances, now called the “Pattern Dances.” They start at a very basic level. The first pattern you learn is called the Dutch Waltz and it’s all skated facing forward and only has three or four moves total (don’t quote me on that it’s been a long while). As you work your way up the dances, you learn more of the dance “vocabulary.” 

Usually, your coach will teach you the steps to the pattern, then put the pattern together. Then have you skate it by yourself and then your coach will skate the partner’s part (regardless of gender). And so it goes. 

Dance is confusing because they pattern dance levels are named after the medals Preliminary, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Pre-Silver, Silver, Pre-Gold, Gold and then the International Dances (which used to be used for the compulsory round of ISU competitions). But if you want to compete with a partner OR do solo free* dance, you have to pass these pattern tests AND the free dance tests which start at the juvenile level. 

Rest of the question answered below the cut!

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It’s a sunday afternoon when Credence realises that he’s in love with Percival Graves. Like a really, truly, madly, deeply kind of deal. 

Graves had heard Credence singing along to the wireless one day when he’d come home early, not setting off the wards so he could walk silently to the lounge in which Credence was situated. His boy, for lack of better vocabulary, was dancing. Credence had swayed and stepped carefully around the lounge furniture, eyes drifting closed and hands clutched to his chest. Graves had watched for longer than he’d meant to, had reluctantly padded back to the door to set off the ward which would give Credence time enough to get himself together before greeting Graves. 

Graves saw the long and graceful legs of Credence stepping deftly around his dreams, thought to himself about cradling the boys shoulders in his arms and dancing slowly and close together. 

Getting back to The Realisation, as Credence calls it (in his head, when he’s very much definitely alone, fretting over what he’ll do if his Mr. Graves might find out)…

Graves brings in a record player, Credence doesn’t understand how his guardian could know about his secret pleasure, blushes hotly when presented with such a gift. This is when Mr. Graves begins to put on his old favourite records in the evening, Credence shares with him, a small and shy secret, that he had never been allowed to listen to music before, had only been able to listen to dreary hymns, maybe linger at a street corner to hear the buskers. But never before had he heard music such as that Mr. Graves brings to him. Often Mr. Graves seemed to take on a pained expression when Credence shares such a thing, a tightness in his brow, a barely concealed anger behind the eyes, so Credence tries his best not to. 

But on that fateful Sunday afternoon, with Mr. Graves feeling quite loose limbed and content with Credence’s food in his belly, Mr. Graves asks if he would like to dance. Credence refuses at first, of course, of course. Says he never learnt how to dance, never really had the coordination either, probably, and as Graves gets more and more insistent, Credence declares that he has no INTEREST in dancing. Now, Graves knows this to be a lie. 

Mr. Graves laughs as loud as Credence has ever heard, snapping his head up in shock, gently taking Credence’s wrists and pulling him to his feet. Holding on tightly, Graves assures him that he won’t step on Credence’s toes, coaxes Credence to put a shaky hand on his shoulder, Graves’ resting on his waist. The other still firmly holding Credence’s chilly and graceful fingers. 

This is where Credence knows he’s gone, well and truly screwed, because for the entirety of the afternoon, all Graves does is dance with Credence, teaches him to quick step, waltz, but mainly holds him closely and tightens his hand whenever Credence tries to beg off. Graves never becomes impatient with him, presses his chest close to Credence’s, has a lightness in his eyes that Credence had never seen in another human being before now. 

Credence realises he loves Mr. Graves on a Sunday afternoon, slow dancing with the man that saved him, with music slowly fading out in the background as the record comes to a stop. Percival Graves finally holds the boy he loves in his arms, a warm cheek against his stubbled one, Credence’s awkward feet sometimes knocking against his, warm in the knowledge that even if his love isn’t requited, he has this one moment which he could live on forever.

There is a house in New York with slow music drifting through an open window, the rain now quite heavy and making the carpet sodden, the window left that way out of absentmindedness. It’s occupiers, quite besotted and not really realising at all what might be going on in the outside world, can barely remember anything but the room they’re in and the feeling of being pressed against one another, and the feeling of being safe, and the feeling of love.

strix-alba  asked:

I have come here to tell you that "well isn't that a kick in the danger clam" has ruined my vocabulary and I have to bite back the urge to say it ALL THE TIME.

do it. Say it all the time. Let the Danger Clam dance around your vocabulary. SOON ALL WILL KNOW WHAT FEELS LIKE A KICK IN THE DANGER CLAM

노래방 = karaoke room/singing room

노래하다/노래를 부르다 = to sing 

노래 = song

노래하는 사람 = singer

가수 = vocalist/singer

음정 = tune, key

리듬 = rhythm

박자 = beat

선율/가락/멜로디 = melody/tune

템버린 = tambourine

음정이 맞다 = to be in tune

음정이 틀리다 = to be out of tune

춤을 추다 = to dance

사진: 노래방, 서울 (Noraebang, Seoul)

broadswordandpistol  asked:

Forget the chuckle. What snags Isaac's attention is the abrupt shift of his music from the previous elegant sweep of strings and piano to the much funkier beat of Uptown Funk. Apparently a certain someone had decided it'd be fun to see how large Isaac's dance vocabulary was.

My muse is dancing, unaware that your muse is watching! Send “chuckle” for a starter!

Isaac pauses with the sudden change in his music. Who the hell–oh it’s Alvin. Of course. He wants Isaac to put on a show, fine. All the stops just for Alvin. With a flick of his wrists Isaac’s whole attitude in his body language changed and on the next beat he’s moving along with the music like it he’d been practicing to it all day. Of course, he’s got to sing along to it too.

“I’m too hot (hot damn)
Called a police and a fireman
I’m too hot (hot damn)
Make a dragon wanna retire man
I’m too hot (hot damn)
Say my name you know who I am
I’m too hot (hot damn)
Am I bad ‘bout that money, break it down”

Special vocabulary list - Dance #2

댄스돌 - this term comes from “ 댄스=dance + 아이돌=idol” and is used for idols with outstanding dancing skills

댄싱머신 - ‘dancing machine’ (also used for talented dancers in the entertainment scene)

댄스실력 - dance skills

댄스대회 - dance competition

댄스팀 - dance team

댄스열정 - passion for dance

댄스단계 - dance steps

스텝 - step

테크닉 - technique

숙련도 - proficiency

콘셉트 - concept

준비 - preparations

무대 - stage (performance) / 댄스 스테이지 - dance stage

무대매너 - stage presence

댄스코치 - dance coach

무브 - move

해석 - analysis / interpretation

안무 / 무도법 - choreography

퍼포먼스 - performance

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a character that's very big on dancing - ballroom and clubbing in particular - but I've been having a hard time with the terms and such for the dancing. I've tried looking it up but have yet to find anything other than visuals and while that's helpful, it's the wording I need. Do you think you can help me?

  1. Glossary of Dance Terminology
  2. Glossary of Dance Moves, a la Wikipedia
  3. Dance Dictionary

Godspeed, Anon.

- Allie

“Pointe shoes are such a beautiful part of the ballet aesthetic, and when i got my first pair, it felt like a true breakthrough on my path to becoming a ballerina. I remember it wasn’t the most comfortable feeling. But I think I was on such a high that i was willing to withstand the pain. It didn’t take long to realize there was a whole new vocabulary of dance that becomes available once I had my pointe shoes on. I think my first pair lasted me a year. Now I wear through a pair per day” - Heather ogden

B+W Blog 

Vernon: We Can Leave It Up To Chance

anonymous asked: hello lovely! I was wondering if you could do a Hansol fic about him seeing you practice in a dance room next to seventeens as he’s passing my the window in the door and getting all embarrassed when you catch him and eventually falling in love with you

Summary: honestly… I’ve been missing dance so much lately and this did not really make it any better dkfjsl I tried to pull as much dance vocabulary out of my ass as I could remember…. anyways, I did this au style where you’re part of a big dance company and he’s in a really famous hip hop group. (also, I’ve never done hip hop before so this was difficult..)

“One, two, three,” You mutter to yourself as you run through the steps of your own piece. It’s self-choreographed, but you’re almost certain that no one’s ever going to see it. Not if you can’t get your steps down before morning.

He passes by the room, half glad and half loathing that the doors are made of clear glass. He can see everything that you’re doing, but it will be obvious if he stands and stares for too long. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, so that he’ll have an excuse for standing there if you do happen to look up. He watches as you stop every so often to card a hand through your hair, getting stuck in the slick of sweat at your hairline. Your chest is rising and falling at a rapid pace, and he’s having trouble avoiding the admiration that he feels as he watches you execute every jump and turn.

“If I don’t get this,” You start, talking to no one in particular. You run a tired hand over your face, catching a glimpse of someone standing in the door. You turn your head towards them, watch as their eyes go wide and they turn to walk away. You sigh and go back to your work.

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