fics i want to write (but probably never will)

The Man from SHIELD (aka the TMFU au that begs to be written)

Steve Rogers is a soldier turned spy, indelibly tied to the US government by secretive experiments that made him faster, stronger, better.

Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, is the crown jewel of the Soviet Union, as long as they don’t talk about how he got there or what could happen if he turned.

Peggy Carter is a British expat who works as a mechanic in East Berlin, caught on the wrong side of the Wall, whose brother was involved in some strange stuff during the war, which makes her a valuable target for both the United States and the Soviet Union. (Of course, that’s not all she is, but every woman is entitled to a few secrets)

Together, they must evade and outsmart the remnants of HYDRA, the rogue Nazi science division, before they manage to steal the secrets of the Tesseract, the greatest weapon known to mankind. 


Bossa nova is a genre of Brazilian music, which developed and was popularized in the 1950s and ‘60s and is today one of the best-known Brazilian music genres abroad. The phrase bossa nova means literally “new trend”.  A lyrical fusion of samba and jazz, bossa nova acquired a large following in the 1960s, initially among young musicians and college students.

“Baby” was composed by Caetano Veloso from the compilation album Tropicalia: ou Panis et Circenses, covered by Rita Lee and Os Mutantes.

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