I posted about it on twitter soon might as well show it here too.
I’ve been trying to buy a real Dance Dance Revolution arcade can for a long ass time and it’s just not happening. Either they aren’t for sale in my area or someone beats me to it. But, if you recall, I’ve made my own arcade cab previously I figured I’d DIY it.
I am building an arcade style USB Dance pad with wood and metal. I cut the control box out of a soft pad and I’ll be soldering the new wiring on to that. I’ll also harvest the bar from my old set up to go on this new one as well. Still a long way to go but hey, it looks like a real pad at this stage!
Included photos of the soft pad in case you were wondering what was in those things.

Plans for 2016

Hey folks. Time to talk about my plans for 2016.

As you may have heared earlier, I want to release my first own commercial game in the end of 2016. After I have released tons of little freeware games, it’s the next logical step for me. But releasing a  game commercially doesn’t mean that I will simply just put a game into some stores. No. I will polish the game until I think it’s reasonable to pay some money for it. And I will also do some research and marketing. Yes. I’m also interested in doing things that a lot of other developers hate ;-)

What kind of game will I release? An action-tower-defense-dance game for computers with dance pads. Sort of. I know it might not make sense economically. But my main goal is not to make much money with this game. I want to learn about he process of releasing a commercial game with everything that comes with that. So I will do some research about the rhythm- and dancing games market for example. Sure, you can still argue that this would make more sense if I would release a game on a big market. But for me its more interesting to explore a game genre that is a kind of a niche of a niche.

Through my study course at the Cologne Game Lab I’m also got more interested into games history and culture in general. So when I did my first researches in the rhythm games sector I was impressed that there are still people who play these “Machine Dance”-games today. And there are communities for these kind of games. But when you think about it, it’s not THAT surprising. Because since the internet was invented, there was a place for everybody somehow.

Anyway. It will be an interesting “journey” for me. Besides this project I will still do some smaller games on game jams and alike. But the dancing game will be my main project for 2016. And before I left you, here a little prototype screenshot. Next time I will tell you what the game is really about. Cheers. See ya soon.

Arcade!AU Headcanons.
  • ‘Moon Revolution’ is the title of their game, & the logo quite resembles ‘The Moon Theater’ logo that we see in the movie on the doors.
  • The arcade game itself is very blue // gold color schemed. This is mostly due to the fact that Buster is the main mascot of the game, & therefore the colors go with him. There is two dance pads in front of the main console.
  • Even though Buster is not a “playable” character, he is the one who introduces the other characters  ( such as Meena, Mike, Rosita, etc. )  to the gamer, guides them through the main menu & song selection, & even comments before/during/after on the gamer’s skill of the dancing. For example, he’ll say things like  “good choice!”  or  “oh come on, you can do better than that! i believe in you!”,  etc.
  • Buster usually wears his normal blue tux & red bow tie by default, & cannot be personally customized, but his outfits may vary theme by theme of certain songs picked to match the atmosphere better during gameplay performances of the other characters.
  • Outside of the game, Buster gets along with certain characters much like how the movie works. Everyone sees him as the  ‘boss’  of the game due to programming & how he is the host, & even helps them choose certain performances for certain days.
  • Buster will do whatever it takes to keep the game from getting unplugged, much like a parallel of how he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his theater in the movie. That means going to the extreme, messing with coding, & even going turbo if necessary. These are unlikely events, until their game gets played less & less & less. But he would do whatever he needed since he sees the game as HIS OWN GAME & takes responsibility.
  • When the arcade closes, inside of the game it’s much like a small city that the others can retreat to: Ash in her own apartment, Rosita & Meena to their certain residences, etc. As for Buster, he wasn’t programmed to have a home  ( a flaw the creators probably missed out on due to him just being nothing more but a mascot ),  so he took it upon himself to sleep in his office drawer.
  • His backstory is about how his father was the previous mascot, & the game got passed down onto him. Ever since the game was plugged in however, these were simply a programmed background & Buster was already well into his prime of the game. But he does remember his father of his coding with happiness & pride.

AU belongs to me. Do not take my ideas/use them without credit.
Otherwise, that’s PLAGIARIZING. Do not reblog.

she fell in love with his calves, first.

she would watch as he dodged every punch, every kick, his body flowing like poetry in motion; she’d watch his feet as they danced across the padded floor- but most of all, she watched his calves.

they were beautiful, tanned, toned- with every motion his calf muscles rippled under the surface, and she often paused during her own training just to watch him compose masterpieces beneath his skin.

slowly, slowly, her skittish eyes met his, and she learned of his rare smiles, his low, rumbling laughter. the tiny dimple at the corner of his mouth that was just barely noticeable when he was focused. the way she could see the cogs turning in his mind when he was being taught a new combination.

she began to discover the language of his mind- the jokes that made him laugh, the words that made him think, the things he focused so intently on.

she learned that his hands shook when he was angry, but they never, never shook form her words alone. when he clenched his fists so tightly his knuckles turned white, his eyes narrowed into tiny slits, when his anger sizzled so close to the surface she thought he’d burst… she learned to be gentle when his hands trembled. soft words and soothing touches and always, always reassurances.

her hands were the first things he fell in love with.

they were small little things, much like the rest of her body- her hands looked frail and weak, and not at all suited for knockout punches, but she proved his thinking wrong the very first time he truly saw her.

her hands were small, yes, but there was a lot of power behind her knuckles. she threw everything into her punches- her power rivaled his own at times.

his gaze slowly spread from her hands to the rest of her body- he learned of the way she shifted from foot to foot when she stood, the way her eyes crinkled when she smiled, the way she threw her whole body into every movement, every strike.

he learned that she did the same with most things in life- burying herself in any work she could get her hands on to forget all her worries. to let go of her fear for just a second, a minute, an hour.

he learned that her fear controlled her hands, that her arms were almost always in pain; he learned that her hands did things of their own volition when she was afraid, when she worried, when she panicked.

he soon realized that her hands rarely shook when he was nearby, that she rarely worried or felt fear when she was around him- and when she did, it was never, never because of something he did.

and he, in turn, did the same for her that which she did for him- when her steady hands quivered, her eyes looking everywhere but into his own, when she clutched her stomach as if she would fall apart if she didn’t… he learned to be gentle. quiet phrases and a steady grip and always, always reassurances.

together, they learned that she was his rock, and he was her strength.

together, they were unstoppable.


Super Mario 3D World on a DDR Dance Pad - Stream #1

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YouTube Highlights:
» Captain Toad Can’t Climb
» Autoscroller Hell
» Diagonal Clone Hopping
» The time when I nearly did good

Every Sunday: 10am to 1pm - (UTC+8)

Super Mario 3D World started off very easy but is shaping up to be more and more of a challenge with each level that gets thrown at me.

The biggest problem I face is the lack of free camera control which sometimes forces me into a diagonal perspective forcing me to use my hands to hit the jump button when running diagonally.

It’s a fun time for sure and I’m really looking forward to getting to the end of this thing!


Splatoon on a DDR Dance Pad - Stream #5 (Finale)

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Twitch Highlights:
» Vs DJ Octavio

It’s DONE!!!
This is the first time Splatoon has ever been beaten on a dance pad, probably any Wii U game for that matter considering how hard it is to set up.

This is also one of the hardest challenges I have ever faced, I logged about 3-hours worth of attempts on the final boss and even when I eventually did win it took me over 20 minutes! That’s tiring.

I’m super glad to be done with Splatoon now, it was great fun but the challenge involved is way too intense for me to ever want to do it again, haha.



So we finally beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time on a Dance Pad! 

DAMN! THAT’S SKILL RIGHT THERE! I would trip over my two feet in 5 seconds flat. 


I recently just beat Dark Souls 3 using a Dance Pad! Here’s the final boss fight which ends my first run of Dark Souls 3. World record confirmed?

It's 12:30 am, and I'm building a DDR dance mat mod.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Months, even. So I finally got the materials and I’m building it right now.

That’s the vinyl layer for the top, the actual pad itself, and the base, which I’m currently working on. Let’s take a closer look at that.

The white stuff is double-sided carpet tape. That’s going to adhere the mat to the board. The green stuff is duct tape, which is holding down more vinyl. The vinyl is positioned so they’ll be directly under the arrows, creating a helpful and nice feeling bump.


Here’s me without my feet on the vinyl bumps. I’m clearly not impressed. With anything. And I’m judging you through the camera.

Now I put one foot on the bump in front of me.

That’s much better! The nice feeling of my foot on the bump has positively affected my disposition. I’m enjoying life. Maybe I want to sing a song. Maybe I want to bake a cake. Maybe I’m plotting the deaths of my family members and I’m smiling while daydreaming about turning my parents’ room into a ball pit. The possibilities are endless!

Now I’m going to put both feet on the vinyl bump…