ALDC with Rebecca Davies (x)


How absolutely precious is Chloe from Dance Mom’s original audition to Fifteen by taylorswift?!! SO MUCH CUTE


So excited for Rebecca to be teaching these girls again! She’s an amazing stretch coach!


Good evening Dance Moms fandom rumor has it that everyone’s favorite choice dancer will be in a movie playing a Best friend to an already Good friend of hers. Would make sense since Bailee Madison herself is the producer and director of this up coming film that’s in pre production while she Is away in Canada filming but I mean who doesn’t love Chlolee. I guess it’s good to have friends in high places 😏- xoxo DmGossipGirl

The Signs as Dance Moms Gifs


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As a fan of Maddie I really hope they don’t release Maddie’s song. I think the other girls are fine with these little songs the show sets them up with since they haven’t gotten as many opportunities as Maddie so they can’t really hurt them at this point (because really they can still go up), but with Maddie it would be going down. Especially since they auto tune them no matter what, and it doesn’t seem like Maddie is very confident in her singing. I’m sure she’s a nice singer (as in decent for the church choir), but I really doubt by how her and the girls act that she is some great and amazing singer. She obviously doesn’t care about doing music, and this would just give people a chance to rip her apart on something she didn’t even seem to want to do in the first place.


For anyone that doesn’t know, this is Haley Vrolijk. She turned 11 in june and will probably be on season 6 of Dance Moms.

She’s only 11 but she placed the highest and has beat the aldc minis incluiding Mackenzie, Brook K and Sarah hunt in all the competitions she did this season; (i’m a fan)


MORE THEN “Actinglively”

What’s up Dancing fans rumor has it that Little Miss Lukasiak has been doing more then just Acting lively. That’s right ladies and Gentlemen Chloe supposedly has more then one acting coach getting her ready for her big acting debut, it seems that Chloe herself has been hinting to others helping her in interviews but who are these other coaches giving a helping hand ?? It seems Chloe is just a little too good at keeping Secrets -xoxo DmGossipGirl

  • Fan:*asks for describing words of the girls present*
  • Kendall:Kenzie is a little... I'm not gonna say it (joking and laughing), but she is my little sister *puts arms around her*.
  • Maddie:*starts interrupting because her and Mackenzie were arguing/teasing with each other*
  • Kendall:No! Stop! It's my turn! *still has arms around Mackenzie* When she wants something she's crazy about it and she's my little sister.
  • Maddie:She's a tattletale-
  • Kendall:No. Shut up! *puts arm around Maddie* She's my best friend. *puts other arm around Mackenzie* She's my sister, and we're family.