What’s with this fandom? Let’s trash Maddie and Chloe’s opportunities and projects? We haven’t even seen either movie and people are already judging with a fine toothed comb! Like seriously? Let them speak for themselves. Stop making up rumours about Chloe’s movie. I’m sure she did great the cast loved her. Stop making up rumours about Maddie’s movie. Don’t you think if they were ‘bad’ they’d be fired and they would have recast. It happens all the time! They weren’t and they shot for the duration. Some y'all expect them to be Emmy winning actresses with little experience under their belt. Hell, we haven’t even seen Chloe really act. What we’ve seen of Maddie is cheesy Disney/Nick shows. Which in general is not the best acting anyways. BOH is totally different.

Give these girls a shot! Stop the hate! All this shit almost makes me wish we don’t find out about things until they are actually out! I have a feeling anyways even if they did deliver great performances their haters will find something to say. They always do. It’s not worth fighting with people like that.


so for the last hour I have been going tho the notes of that entire acting post and other blogs that posted shit about it can I just say some of you people are the fuck petty. Come on are some of you seriously crying over the fact that one child got an opinion from people on Maddies’ acting and because the comments were not painting the child’s acting as the next Katharine Hepburn it makes some of you feel the right to mock someone not here to defend themselves  which is extra petty may I add, but also pretty much attack someone who look like they posted their messages , because that’s what it looks like. What I don’t understand is instead of taking what was seen and being an adult about it and just being like hey that’s what was said to her I personally don’t believe it, but hey who the fuck knows and I’ll make my own opinion when the time comes instead one petty ass bitch made a blog mocking someone because they are salty and are now trying but failing may I add to try and bitch Chloe. I seen one person mocking what the gossip chick said , which makes you seem petty and than you have the people liking and re-blogging the shit agreeing which makes you seem extra salty. Like can someone point me to an adult in this situation because I don’t understand why some of you all are being so childish about one person getting opinions from some people and the other person who was just relying the message  

Yall be judging the girls behavior

Particularly Maddie, but I wanna bet all my belongings that most of you people bitching where probably worse, judging by how some of you express yourselves.

So Maddie doesn’t like Jojo, so what? 13 year old me wouldn’t have liked her either, adult me however can appreciate her bubbly and talkative behavior children like that are an absolute joy to be around.

Mackenzie is a brat? Doe she is 11 bye. Kendall wants to act older? Wow wtf do you expect we all had a friend like that at that age. Yea it’s probably annoying but whatever. You people don’t have to be so fucking bitter.

Why do people ask what the girls want to do when they're older?

I mean did any of you have any idea of what you wanted to do with your future at that age? I mean I’m freakin 20 and still don’t know what I’m doing with myself.

  • Fandom:makes fun of Maddie's acting everyday
  • Fandom:calls Maddie a brat everyday
  • Fandom:psychoanalyzes every little thing Maddie does and turns it into something negative
  • Fandom:constantly says that she hasn't earned all her opportunities
  • Fandom:posts random ass messages that clearly are catering to audience and not real but take it as fact
  • Maddie fans:makes a joke about the stupidity nicely