Having a crew around you definitely brings out the intensity of situations.I was criticized about everything… from making the decision to do the show, to my parenting skills, to the kind of jelly I use on my sandwiches. At first, I read everything that was written and was really upset about what people were saying. But then I had to remind myself of who I really am and become comfortable in my own skin.” 

so that was NOT Maddie sobbing...

I finally watched that clip, and I don’t know what cartoon the editors got those sobs out of…but they were definitely not Maddie’s. I felt bad for Maddie anyway, because she puts enough pressure on herself and I think she needed just a minute by herself…but putting those sobs in there was just obviously edited…they didn’t sound like her, or any of the girls at that…and I think they just wanted to make her seem like she was overreacting…when in fact she just wanted a moment to herself.