How to be a dick to your kids: Step One - Put them on a reality T.V. show when you're going through a divorce.

Seriously though.  I don’t know the details surrounding the divorce, but I can’t see how it was a good decision.  My parents recently divorced, and after seeing how my younger sisters have responded to it, I say it can devastate children.  Since the divorce, my youngest sisters (ages 5/6 and 7/8), have been acting out more often and are really miserable at times.  Again, I don’t know Maddie or Mackenzie, nor do I know how they responded to their parents’ divorce, but it probably caused stress.  Being on a reality show certainly didn’t help that stress; if anything, the cameras and pressure made the anxiety/stress worse.  

I feel genuinely bad for them.  Divorce sucks.


Kalani doing a combo at GenIV