Can I just say how happy I am that Chloe Lukasiak is happy?

I remember waaaaay back… before I had a tumblr. I’ve been lurking the tag forever. Season 3 was being filmed. Some old, long-died spoiler page leaked about Chloe and Christi leaving the comp. after the hat fiasco. And I was so worried about Chloe, that I made my first and so far last anon message to the spoiler account asking if Chloe was alright. Like I remembering being so concerned about her wellbeing. Seeing her on the show so deflated and embattled was awful. Now she’s a bright sunspot and she’s working hard at her dancing and her career but honestly I don’t care how famous or not famous she becomes - I’m honestly over the moon that she’s radiant and confident and encouraged to pursue her dreams. 

I don’t get why Christi is so hated and called the worst mom. All the moms have done horrible things and in my opinion they have done a lot worse than Christi.

On the top of my head this is a list of bad things the moms have done to hurt the girls.

Christi: yelled at Melissa in front of Maddie “how many times has my daughter beaten your daughter.” Encouraged other mums to go and talk to Abby about conflict knowing Abby will take it out on the kid (it has been stated the producers made her to that.), randomly brought up that Maddie forgot a trio from before the show and yelled at Paige when mad at Kelly.

Jill: has said Brynn is no Maddie, has said multiple times that Brynn has no brain or isn’t using her brain she even said that in front of Brynn and got mad at Brynn for defending herself. kept insinuating that Chloe was sneaky cause she switch when she performed her solo so she could be last, she still brings this up, she called Chloe a second place dancer she has said Nia isn’t a threat, asked probing questions to Maddie after she fell out of her turn when everyone could clearly see Maddie didn’t want to talk about it, on multiple occasions has tried to bribe Kendall’s way to the top, complains every second that Kendall doesn’t have a solo or a special spot and got mad when a different girl got a special part, is the biggest stage mom I’ve ever seen.

Kira: Has said to Sarah’s face She’s no competition for Kalani, Kalani beats her all the time in Arizona, She’s openly made fun of Jojo’s speech impairment and has yet to admit she was wrong, If I remember correctly the mums backed her up/defended her, insinuated that Maddie had plateaued and she had made fun of Ava’s physique and called her names. 

Melissa: implied that Ava’s not competition to Maddie as her younger daughter has beaten her, Agreed with Jill when she said Nia wasn’t a threat, has yelled “what!” so everyone could hear when Maddie was announced as coming in second, has thrown a fit and ran to Abby when the moms asked about her wedding ring knowing full well that Abby will take her anger out on the girls, Taking away Nia’s moment and pulled the girls away from Mikey in Australia when he was talking about Nia and in her private interview said he was talking too much meanwhile she brags all the time, has allegedly gone into the change room and told two other girls repetitively that they are back up dancers to Maddie, allegedly showed a video of a young dancer saying something rude that she was forced to say by another mum to Abby and watched Abby show many people including that little girl and humiliating her, has admitted that she thought her own daughter shouldn’t have beaten Maddie, and has tattled on Chloe for going to the movie and pointed out that Chloe rolls her eyes all the time at Abby.

Jess: repetitively shouted Byrnn lost, has gone to the judges to get the scores, brought them into the dressing room and announced to everyone that Jojo had a higher score than Sara, has accused the other girls of giving Jojo lice, and agreed that Maddie is plateauing. 

On the top of my head Holly and Kelly are the only ones where I can’t think of mean things they’ve done to the other girls.

In reverse if I was to think of nice things the mums have done to the other girls I could think of a lot that Christi has done but it would be hard to come up with a long list for any other mum.

** I tried to be fair and not show favoritism to one mum if you think I left anything out feel free to add but no hate please. :) 

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Abby locks the team out of her Los Angeles studio; Debbie Allen invites the ALDC to work with her; guest choreographer Nakul includes the minis in a difficult Bollywood routine; Kalani and Nia are pushed to their breaking point with a duet.

Abby Miller, Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler