This is a section of a recent Ebony magazine that had a mini interview with Nia sioux/frazier. Nia mention that she is filming another movie call Dancer in the summer. Congratulations in order. I like the fact that Nia is getting hire for dance related stuff, proving that she is a better dancer than what other people claim she is.

I think it’s funny on two different occasions they had two students do the same exact dance (you can be Chloe and Maddie and Fool me once Kendall and Maddie), They turned Maddie’s solo in a group dance (Amazing Grace), had three dances about being homeless (broken dancer Brynn, Gods Creatures Maddie and Trapped which was performed twice), two dances about plastic surgery (Botched Brynn and nip and tuck group dance) At least two dances about the Wizard of Oz (Looking for a place called home Maddie and Ease on down the Boulevard), and at least two dances about a doll getting possessed, but they couldn’t do two dances about cancer?



In case anyone just wanted too see the reunion and not watch full episode

When Jill said “this is the OG” Christi’s response was cut out and what she said edited, because it sounded weird. Also, Christi was saying something to the new moms and they were all looking at her very sweetly and gratefully and they cut that out too and it’s driving me nuts because I really want to hear what she said to them.

Someone has already said it, but I have such a huge problem with Nia being cast as the gang member and Camryn being cast as the hooker. Like the gang member casting could not have been more racist.
I also have a huge problem with the way they dressed Kendall while she was supposed to be “schizophrenic.” Schizophrenic people don’t look like they just got out of bed after a long night of partying at an 80’s themed party. The whole outfit, messed up makeup, and wacky hair idea was supposed to make you think “oh she’s crazy.” Which is so incredibly fucked up and disrespectful to people with schizophrenia. Way to promote the stigma around mental illness in general, but especially schizophrenia.

Really, just very disappointed.