Can I just say how happy I am that Chloe Lukasiak is happy?

I remember waaaaay back… before I had a tumblr. I’ve been lurking the tag forever. Season 3 was being filmed. Some old, long-died spoiler page leaked about Chloe and Christi leaving the comp. after the hat fiasco. And I was so worried about Chloe, that I made my first and so far last anon message to the spoiler account asking if Chloe was alright. Like I remembering being so concerned about her wellbeing. Seeing her on the show so deflated and embattled was awful. Now she’s a bright sunspot and she’s working hard at her dancing and her career but honestly I don’t care how famous or not famous she becomes - I’m honestly over the moon that she’s radiant and confident and encouraged to pursue her dreams.