what the people who are shaming Maddie for the video don’t realize is that there’s nothing wrong with her, the problem is solely in them

you think a 12 year olds chest is sexual? congratulations, you just sexualized a child

Before I start reblogging a bunch of positivity, I will say this first. 

Should Maddie have done that in the video? Perhaps not. 

But in no way does it make this her “fault”. It was a private video, and because it was an iCloud hack, it was most likely deleted soon after the fact. The only person who is at fault is the perpetrator. No one else. 

Maddie is in an incredibly scary and potentially dangerous situation, please be mindful of that. 

Report any sightings of the godforsaken video or screenshots of it. It is child pornography. 

hugs go out to Maddie. 

What happened to Maddie Ziegler was horrible, just horrible, as a fan this makes me so sad, and I am very concerned about how this will affect her life from now on, this poor little girl is traumatized and crying a lot, no 12 years old should go through this, people are sick and horrible. And the fact that people are saying it’s her fault only makes me more angry.

I wish only the best to Maddie, she is a sweet and very talented little girl.