In Pennsylvania, homeschooled students meeting the same eligibility criteria as public school students may participate in extracurricular activities at their public school district of residence. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, clubs, musical ensembles, athletics, and theatrical productions. So they most likely could do all those things if they so chose. -kelly

I just feel for Christi so much. We all know the truth. No one has stuck up for Chloe when she left except for Nia and that's why she had weird animosity with the girls. When you have surgery and your teacher makes fun of your condition, you expect your friends to have your back. That's why I found the character of all the girls questionable since that occurrence except Nia because I totally feel like they let a teammate down hard.

Just my two cents. Feel so bad for them cus I know how much it pisses me off when people flat out lie.

here is another really similar message we received:

I don’t think people realise that the DM cast basically play exaggerated versions of themselves on the show, but they are multidimensional people. For every clip of chloe being sweet, there is one of her being bratty that was cut from the ep, for every clip of kendall throwing a tantrum, there’s one of her being nice and so on. Same goes for all of them. There are more sides to them than you could see on the show, keep an open mind.