Unsolicited List of Dadrien Headcanons
  • Adrien stays home with the kids when they’re young. Marinette offers to trade off days working and staying home but Adrien is like no I got this.
  • He is stay-at-home dad of the millennium taking kids to school, making their lunches, driving to sports/dance/band practice after school, taking them to the park when they’re babies, everything. 
  • Gabriel thinks he’s wasting his potential being a stay at home father; Adrien cannot bring himself to care because he isn’t going to pass up the chance to be a present figure in his children’s lives. 
  • He binges on parenting books more than Marinette does during the pregnancy because it isn’t like he’s had the best example to look up to himself. He checks out every book in the library and has seven parenting websites bookmarked in the first month.
  • He goes to Tom and Sabine a lot for advice because they obviously know what they’re doing and they’re just #parenting goals in Adrien’s opinion
  • Adrien doesn’t Dad joke as much as one might think mainly because he once made the most Chat Noir cat pun that his kids looked at him strangely all night. He reigns it in and saves them for especially cringy moments
  • Emma accidentally almost caught her father putting presents under the Christmas tree one year. Adrien panicked and transformed into Chat Noir. Now the kids believe that Pere Noel has officially deputized Chat Noir with delivering the Agreste-Dupain-Cheng kids’ Christmas presents every year. 
  • And strangely, all three children have foggy memories of Chat Noir cradling them in his arms, rocking them to sleep on the rooftops of Paris
Dance Is A Sport

When people say dance isn’t a sport I get really mad. If you just do rec classes and don’t compete its different, or if you just do it for fun, again its different. But what I, and many other people across the globe do, is in fact a sport. We train longer than most other sports, we go all year long. There isn’t just one style of dance like there is in all sports. there are multiple styles! Me alone, I take 9 different styles of dance in one week! In dance you need strength, endurance, flexibility, and many more. But most importantly you need passion for the arts and for dance. Football players may train all summer, but their season is only about 4 months maybe? Us dancers train all year and compete the second half. Without hard work, dedication and devotion, you cant be a dancer. I don’t have a social life, oh well. I love dance and I give everything up to do it. Every other sport there is an off season where you CAN go out and hang with your friends whenever you like. I have dance everyday of the week except Fridays to get ready for competition AND recital! Where its non-stop hard work from day one. True dancers have dedication to dance. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to survive. Yeah I would have a life outside of dance but I would rather be dancing. Why just cry when you can dance out your feelings? its an art that can bring people to tears through simple motions. A story is put behind every dance. And to say that it isn’t a sport makes me so angry. Thanks to those that actually read all this :)

and now im on a rant on how dance is a sport dont mind me

let me tell you a lil story that happened right before i made this blog

in the middle of december i dislocated my kneecap from stretching at dance. now, it wasnt just a hamstring stretch or anything. no, i was sitting in this thing called “inverted splits” which is basically your middle splits but instead of sitting on your bum, youre lying on your stomach with your bum in the air and you let gravity work yourself down so that your hips and everything there are on the floor. when i injured myself, i was doing that against a wall so i could get my hips squared so i could be turned out better and then i came out of the stretch wonky and my kneecap popped out and back it and let me tell you, that was the worst pain ive experienced in my life. i could hardly walk for like two weeks and i started dancing about a month later. everyone thought i wasnt going to be able to dance the rest of the year but i got myself a kneecap stabilizer and freaking did the rest of the year.

not only have i done that, but ive also got a soft tissue damage in the foot on the same leg as the kneecap i dislocated. ive also torn a ligament in my toe and it happened around the same time as i messed up my hamstring (everytime i stretch, theres a sort of popping thing that goes on in the back of my knee). ive also got floor burns and bruises constantly.

for those of you who dont think that dance is a sport, id like to see you try some of the classes we do because you wouldnt last through the entire thing. 

you cant say whether dance is a sport or not unless youre a dancer.

I went on a rant today about the work it takes to be a dancer because so many people don’t count it as a sport. Let’s make a bullet-point list of what dancers can do that most people probably cannot without the training a dancer has had, shall we?

  • Pointe dancers literally walk on the tips of their toes because it looks pretty and they enjoy it. That ruins the fuck out of your feet. At dance recitals they save pointe for one of the last acts because their feet end up bleeding 
  • We have to remember the counts, intricate choreography, the notes teachers have made, blocking, and where other dancers are in a song, and all the while keep a smile on our face so it doesn’t look like we’re thinking
  • Barre stretching. If you haven’t heard of it, look up a Youtube video. Hurts. Like. Hell. 
  • Spinning down a room, on tiptoe, while remembering to smile, where to look, where your arms are opening and closing, and whether or not you’re going the right speed, and not getting dizzy.
  • Doing the motherfucking splits in midair after only a few steps in preparation.
  • 15 minutes of stretching, ideally twice a day. And not just normal stretching. This shit alone makes you sore.
  • Full pliés. Look it up.
  • Dance also costs a fuckton of money depending on your studio. Costumes, makeup, lessons, $20 recital tickets, dance shoes, leotards, a new pair of tights every year, etc. 

Please be nice to dancers. We do a lot of work and it makes us upset when you say what we do isn’t a sport or it’s nothing serious and it’s easy. Because it’s not. It’s hard to work that hard and look pretty at the same time.

sleepovers with luke would include:

- starting the sleepover at like 3:00pm so you have a lot of time to hang out during the day
- going out and walking around town and him buying you clothes
- when you get home he gives you a private acoustic “concert” on his guitar in his living room
- “lemme try your guitar luke”
- ordering chinese takeout for dinner
- going out again later for ice cream
- “luke you got it on your nose”
- him blushing and you laughing at how dorky he is
- going home and getting into pajamas right away
- playing just dance and wii sports and attempting to sabotage him
- after a while you both collapse on the floor laughing because of how ridiculous you both look
- watching some comedy movie like you again, the help, or ted
- going to bed at like 1:00am
- taking ugly snapchat selfies and sending them to the other boys
- “love you sweetheart. have a good sleep.”
- “i love you too luke.”
- :(((((((((((

Dance is a sport..

I’m a dancer. Dance is, always has been, and always will be my life. It’s my passion and how I express myself when no words can describe how I feel. Not only does it have a physical tie, but it also has an emotional tie on me. Dance is a sport, whether you think it is or not. You need to be able to run, do hundreds of crunches, push ups, and cardio workouts and be flexible. I put in hours a week for dance, whether I’m practicing for a show, at dance class, or simply free styling. One of my dreams is to become a professional dancer/choreographer. Dance helps me through a lot of hard and happy times. Dance is my life and A SPORT.

Help needed! (again)

Hello tumblr irish dancers,

So, im still working on that persuasive speech about how dance is a sport… thanks for all of the feedback by the way! Now what I’m trying to find is any sort of video that’s come across tumblr that shows some of the training that dancers (not just irish- all kind!) go through and basically what is behind the sparkly costumes, etc. I know I’ve seen videos like this on my dashboard, but I can’t find them ANYWHERE! Does anyone know of a video I could use? I just need a short clip- about 30 seconds- to use as one of my visual aids in my speech,

Another idea is a clip from Jig, but I’m not sure which part!

Thanks again for the help!



Korean Longboard Girl -Instagram Video

Ko Hyojoo

I literally don’t understand how people can say dance isn’t a sport

I’ve been told by a few football players that my hip hop warm-up is more intense than theirs

just dancing in general is such a workout and you have to be in shape and it builds muscle and it has all the requirements of a sport

but people still say it’s not

Help needed!

Hello fellow tumblr irish dancers, I’m in need of a bit of brainstorming.
For my high school speech class, I’m doing a persuasive speech on how dance (all types) should be considered a sport. I have a couple concrete reasons: the immense amount of athletic ability needed and the competitive spirit. But, I need a couple more.
Message me or just reblog/ reply to
this post if you have any ideas! Anything is greatly appreciated😊