Las Ketchup - “The Ketchup Song (Asereje)”

They knew it was a gimmick, but, like most struggling groups at the time, they were desperate. A last-minute gig at the Apollo filling in for a food-poisoned O'jay’s and the Supa-Fly’s had caught the fever: they had had a taste of the big time. Their dance moves were good but not great, and Pete’s bass playing had been slowing them down ever since he lost those four fingers after slamming them in his Caddy door. They needed an edge. When Terrence accidentally left a pair of his shoes on stage before a performance, Gandy quipped they had their new lead dancer. And so, “Invisible Larry and the Supa-Fly’s” were born. The band prospered in the northern circuit and even birthed a mild dance craze in North Phillie (“Do The Invisible Larry”). However, during a coveted performance on “Soul Train”, Terrence’s attempt to animate the shoes using tethered gerbils went awry (Don Cornelius was deathly afraid of rodents), and the band broke up shortly thereafter.

‘til we tear the house down

summary: Virgil just wants to have a quiet day, but Roman, of course, has other plans.

characters: virgil, roman, patton, logan

pairings: none (can be taken as LAMP)

a/n: this was written for the tsficexchange for @sanderschronicles​. I combined two of the prompts that they gave:

Prompt 1(sfw): Roman convincing one or more of the others to dance.

Prompt 3(sfw): Someone gets annoyed and lobs a pillow at another. Pillow fight ensues.

I hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to write!

tag list: @holdnarrytight@latin-logic

Virgil had let his music fade out a long time ago.

His head was resting on the arm of the couch, and he was focusing on the window in front of him, watching the raindrops chase each other down the glass.

On days like these, he found that it was much more relaxing to let himself sink into the quiet and focus on the soft taps of rain, the intermittent shuffle of paper as Logan read through The Communist Manifesto, and the calming, familiar clicks of Patton’s laptop.

His headphones were still covering his ears as he lounged on the couch, making it look like he was still listening to something so loud it drowned out the rest of reality. He was, in a sense, but only by taking in specific aspects of it, immersing himself in the peace of these placid noises and floating in them.

It was serene; not in a way that Virgil was used to, but in a way that he wouldn’t mind embracing more often than not.

It lasted a good twenty minutes, before Roman appeared.

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