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Hi! My dance studio is starting fall season soon and all the girls in my level are moving up except for me, I am a year younger but I have been dancing with them for the last 4 years! I asked my dance teacher about and she said it was my body wasn't mature enough yet. Do you know anything I could do to prove to my dance teacher that my body is mature enough?

I am not quite exactly sure what she means by this, she could mean that you dont dance maturely enough yet, or that your body doesnt look as mature since you are a year younger. I would ask her for some more details so that you know exactly what she means and how you can improve it.

dance & programming notes

thoughts after ongoing work with a professional dancer/teacher.

dancer -> soldier. Peter is trying to work against his classical ballet training by trying to pick up popping and locking/street styles.

visual arts has a counterpart to this phenomena - > de-skilling.

At a dance performance I noticed body fascisms. Certain “non-dancer” body types really stand out. Audiences are conditioned to expect certain parameters.

To free dance would be to de-militarize it. Cage tried to do this late in his career with language….eventually breaking it into syllables so it would no longer march in line.

What about my place in this….as a very clumsy person?  Well, freedom also means freedom to do badly. To move errantly. Accentuate discrepancies. Become more uncoordinated(?) Exaggerate . Use humor.

What to be conscious of? When?

How does one breath and what can that change? 

Choreography as directing attention of dancer(s) and audience.

Programming with if /then and while statements. Loops. Arrays of variables.


Woozi just ruined my whole life.

Dance has long ignited the imaginations of artists aspiring to capture the human body in motion and the spectacle of performance. See how Picasso, Calder, and others have translated their observations into artwork in “Dance: Movement, Rhythm, Spectacle.“ 

“Rhythms, Opening,” c. 1922, by Wharton H. Esherick