dance, dance, otherwise we are lost

BTS Reaction #29

BTS reacting to you performing a sexy dance & whispering their name

Seokjin: *blushes so much omg*


*gets sososo nervous, but keeps watching you with hawk eyes* ಠ_ಠ

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Yoongi: *you tease the little shit by finishing your dance*

“How was that, hmm?” *you smirk*

*he literally shoves you onto his lap*

“You’re gonna finish that shit right here and now, kay?”

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Hoseok: “Hooooseok~” *you whisper after you finish your dance*

“Hey, that was hot, babe, but I gotta uhhh yOU knOw bYE”

*runs out of the room like sanic to fix the tent in his pants  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

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Namjoon: *damn, i hope this kid has something to cover up otherwise he won’t be able to keep it in his pants, but plays it cool*

“Hmm, so is that how you wanna play, jagi?”

*smug aF*

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Jimin: *bites his lips and ogles you the entire time you dance*

“Hey, babe, how about we make this dance a duet?”

*wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against him*

“Are you sure we’re only going to dance, Jiminnie?”

“Hmmm, can’t guarantee that, jagi” cheeky lil shit

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Taehyung: *his eyes are glued to you when you move your hips and body*

“Damn, she’s so perfect…”

*gets lost and spaces out, probably daydreaming about you*

“Tae, you okay?” 

“Hmm, I will be if you keep doin that for me, jagi”   *winks*

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Jungkook: “Damn, babe, all of this, just for me?” *smug af*

“Think you can handle any more, Jeon?”

“Is that a competition I hear?”


“Challenge accepted.” *smirks like the cheeky shit he is*

*on the inside: hOLY FU―*

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EXO Reaction to playing ‘Just Dance’ with you

I suck at this games. Xoxo, Admin A~

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*Trying really hard to get the dance moves right* “Am I doing it right jagi? Why does it feel like I’m fighting?”


*Kris’ Team beats you up* “We make a great team! Next time let’s have a chicken competition”


*Slaying the game* “Not gonna let you win jagi! Like my twerking?!”


*Pissed because he didn’t win* “I want to see you try against Kai! Of course I lost, I do wushu not salsa!”


*Proud that he won* “That seemed way too easy…. you let me win didn’t you babe?”


*Completely enjoying himself* “This is daddy’s jam! Come on Suho, join me!” *Doesn’t matter if he wins or loses*


*Looks extremely sexy so you get distracted and he wins* “And here is where I show my abs”


“This game is broken! It’s not giving me perfect scores! I’m the dancing machine!” *Dancing growl choreography in every song*


*Well he got some weird moves so not wining this game. Maybe others…*


*Trying his best* “Am I doing this okay jagi? Please don’t say I looks squishy”


“Geurae Wolf, naega Wolf! Awouuuu~oh-wait… this isn’t Karaoke?”


“Come on jagi you win for me! Don’t let those dorks beat us!” *Decided you will be the one in charge of his team*

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What I know

I knew since the first time I saw her, she was different from all the other girls. She was bold, daring and had such a strong character. She scared me a little, ok a lot.

I knew from the start she was going to be a hard one. She wasn’t gonna make it easy for me, that’s why I spent hours thinking about the perfect comeback for her teasing. How I liked to see her all riled up. “You’re not playing this right” “I’ll break you”.

The nicknames. All those cute names she would give me. All just for me. I know she really put time and effort into our little game. The ONE time I called her a short stack of pancakes and she flipped. That was the day I realized how much I like to be teased by her. How I enjoy our game.

The dance, the first time I danced with her. She was so beautiful in that red dress. I know no one asked her to the dance because of me, we were seen as a couple even when we weren’t and I didn’t refute or said otherwise. That day, I know I almost lost her. She tried to change herself to be more likable, if only she knew I like her just the way she is.

I know that the day everything changed between us was the day she admited she liked me. I lost almost all control over my actions. All I know is I really wanted to kiss her. I almost did. But I stopped myself before I went to far and scared her away. She is not that kind of girl, you can’t push her to do something she’s not ready. That I know.

I know those two dates were the most fun for her. She got to pour both our shakes in my head. I couldn’t blame her, I really sucked at starting conversation. I was too nervous, she was finnaly on a date, with me. I didn’t mind as long as she was happy.

The last thing I know is I was gladd she was standing next to me at midnight that new year’s eve. I was waiting for that moment to finish what I started in Texas. I know I was supposed to kiss her. But I never got to. Our friends made sure that moment never came up. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but not kissing her that night, is the one I regret the most. Because I know, she’ll never let me kiss her now.

All I know is that I want her. I choose her. But I can’t just tell her. No. She’s a girl of actions. She stands up and acts. I get that. I need to show her. I know she’ll understand what I mean. I’ll show her what I feel. And then she’ll know too.