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The signs and their reverse harem husband

Aries: Kyoya Ootori

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Taurus: Hades Aidoneus

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Gemini: Urie Sogami

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Cancer: Lindo Tachibana

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Leo: Tamaki Suoh

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Virgo: Ikki

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Libra: Ren Jinguji

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Scorpio: Laito Sakamaki

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Sagittarius: Toma

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Capricorn: Ayato Sakamaki

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Aquarius: Ranmaru Kurosaki

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Pisces: Loki Laevatein

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Romance Anime Recommendations (Part 2)

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#5. Diabolik Lovers

While not many people enjoy this anime, I seem to have quite the liking to the story line. Yui is dropped off, by her priest of a father’s wishes, to an unknown kingdom while he goes overseas to work. At the kingdom, she meets six vampire brothers who are persistently drinking her blood and exercising their unique charms against her. While Yui isn’t the most confident or firm in her protest of them drinking her blood every chance they want, learning of their difficult and morbid pasts really makes you learn more about just how rough these guys have had it. I just wish the guys would be a little easier on Yui, she’s had it rough and they persist on teasing her, ugh.

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#6. Kamigami no Asobi

Trapped inside a mythical world created by Zeus with eight other beautiful gods? Count me in! This anime incorporates the cultures of other countries take of mythology, and makes them into gorgeous anime men who need to learn the function and emotions of human life. Yui is a normal high school girl who is responsible for educating these handsome God’s, while also trying to learn more about them and their unusual lives in the process. This anime truly made me cry, and to those of you who have saw it and know that tricky ass ending they give you, you know what i’m talking about ;)

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#7. Brother’s Conflict

Ah, where do I begin with this unusual anime? Chii/Ema’s father marries a woman, making her gain 13 new step-brothers who she is going to move in with and learn more about. The weird part of it, however, is that they all seem to fall in love with her as soon as she steps foot into the house. With each brother being of different age, personality, and career, its quite interesting and entertaining seeing them desperately throw themselves at her despite their new sibling bond. It’s quite comical to watch I will give you that, I just wish there was more to watch :( I need to know what brother she wants.

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#8. Dance with Devils

Ritsuka, being the forbidden grimoire in which both devils and vampires are desperately after for its amazing and dominate power, finds herself thrown into the mess regardless of her will. However, with her exorcist brother’s expertise in defending off evil spirits, he is undoubtedly by her side after their mother is kidnapped by vampires as a leverage against Ritsuka. Along the way, we find out that devil’s are manipulative beings, playing with Ritsuka’s emotions just to obtain her trust and get their hands on the grimoire power. Rem, devil royalty, has other plans for the grimoire goddess, but falling in love wasn’t part of them..hmm.. If you enjoy a good devil romance, totally check this out, I loved every second of Rem’s sweetheart.

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#9. Uta no Prince Sama

Japanese boy bands, i’m just saying. Nanami is a a piano composer who creates phenomenal music for STARISH, a boy band she put together when all seven guys desperately wanted them to work for her. Between singing contests, concerts, and their love for Nanami, these boys go through four seasons worth of drama. Up against boy bands who would do anything to get to the top, even going as far as to try and steal the award winning composer away from them. I’m thankful that this anime is still active to this day, however im impatient as hell and want the new season/movie to come out now.

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#10. Yona of the Dawn

Yona is a badass princess who flee’s her kingdom with her trusted guardian after she is stabbed in the back by her best friend, and crush, after his evil act against her family. While on the run, this innocent princess finds out that she is a master dragon who must find her other guardians to help protect her and aid her in her journey’s. With drama, friendships, and romance all on the line, this anime truly had me hooked until the end and BEGGING for more. If you have time and have no idea what the watch next, please, give Yona a shot.

Part 1 can be found here ☺️

Reverse Harem

So, while perusing the “Dance with Devils” tag last night, I saw a lot of: “This a breath of refreshing air! FINALLY a reverse harem where the main protagonist is smart! Oh, look, actual story and plot!”
I just want to facepalm because there are WAY better reverse harems with MUCH smarter female leads and far better plot. And the most important part: males actually considering heroine a real human being and not a prize to be won.
So, let me instill that breath of fresh air for a moment.

The one everyone knows:

Ouran Highschool Host Club: Literally everyone knows this anime and the protagonist is ridiculously intelligent and puts up with no shit ever. Even when she finally starts to fall for Tamaki in the manga, she still maintains her sense of strength and wisdom, though still oblivious as always of course. And the main cast all think of her as a person and respect her, though Hikaru and Kaoru had their problems in the beginning.

Akatsuki no Yona: While Hak does struggle with an extreme desire to possess Yona, we see him overcome that and instead change it to “I want to show you off to the world, show everyone who you are, what you’ve become and how strong you are” obviously those aren’t exact words but the point is clear. While everyone is consistently concerned for her life (she does make a lot of rash decisions), they all respect her and adore her. Plus the plot is AMAZING.

Hanasakeru Seishounen: While this plot IS more romance based AND the father literally sets the daughter up with all of these men almost as if she were a possession, he makes it clear later that he did it for her choice and not to actually force her into something she wouldn’t want, he just wanted a back up plan. Even the main character who does want to possess her never forces her into anything EVER. He makes efforts to protect her while also understanding her free spirit. Plus, this is also highly politically based and has an amazing plot.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge: While the art style may not appeal to everyone, this show is HILARIOUS. The romance is barely touched on in the anime (the manga concentrates on it) and for once not everyone wants the main character, who is one of the most eccentric heroine in reverse harem anime ever.

There, four anime that don’t have bland heroines and actually have a purpose. I could name a couple of others (like the first season of Uta no Prince-sama, though the main character there is a bit bland in comparison to these four or Kamigami no Asobi) but I’d say these four reign supreme over the others.

This isn’t meant to attack Dance with Devils fans, since I obviously like it too, just to say it isn’t necessarily a breath of fresh air, LOL.


Dance with Devils Fortuna Special announcement PV :Character Cards

  • Rem Kaginuki - The Cold and Ruthless prince of the Demon Realm
  • Urie Sogami - The Sweet Talking Elite Incubus
  • Mage Nanashiro - The Violent Ore-sama Demon
  • Shiki Natsumezaka - An Angel who loves destruction
  • Roen - He’s a Pomeranian 
  • Lindo Tachibana - The heroine’s kind and loving big brother

P/S: I’m crying at Roen’s , they really couldn’t find a better way to describe him without using ‘Pomeranian” X’’DD

When your getting closer to the ending of an anime

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