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Ballet Dancers Portraits in the Backstage

Darian Volkova is a Russian photographer of 24 years old. Also a ballet dancer at the Saint-Petersburg Theater, she captures brilliant portraits of dancers on stage and backstage, during their rehearsals. Most of the selected pictures were taken during their world tours : in Russia, in Iceland, in Germany, in Norway, in Republic Czech, in Austria and in Paris.


Squad entrance goals 🔥

The Dance of Dragons

My dog and I are partners. We walk together. We talk together. 

Sometimes we sprint. She always wins, but she stops to let me catch up, with a smile on her face that says, “keep trying! Some day you’ll catch me!” 

No matter how many times she runs ahead, she always swerves back to my side, and looks up at me as if to say, “I’m here if you need me.” 

There are a lot of things we do well together, but the greatest thing we will ever do is the dance of dragons. 

When the demons come dancing and taunting from inside my head and build a giant warrior of smog and despair, she stands by my side. Her eyes shine with fire and she breathes electricity into my veins. She summons energy from the earth itself, as she dances in circles around me, building a shield. 

The demons come like a distant storm that glides across the sky in just moments. What seemed like a spring shower rapidly unfolds as an apocalyptic force, threatening to destroy everything you are. 

The wind blows and it’s really the demons screaming threats of death and despair. It knocks me to the ground. But she’s right there, by my side. Her eyes speak of hope, perseverance, and vengeance. Her paws pound against the ground, and it’s as if the earth defies the sky, daring it to come closer, and she opens her mouth and roars. It’s like the sound of waves drowning a ship, and she’s threatening to crush the storm. 

As quickly as it comes, it leaves again. The demons retreat, and we are left standing with the strength of dragons still coursing through our veins.