*after beating pennywise up*

richie, while holding the bat: and now…back to…this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other in the neibolt house, pennywise, what’s good?


Drew some Tims and Rhys to end the day. Felt like drawing Rhys doing some Irish Dance, 1. because I did Irish Dance for a number of years, and 2. Felt like drawing another Borderlands character dancing after that Jack high-kicking sketch. Also felt like drawing “art student” Tim, since I have a head canon that Tim had to pay off student loans for art school. Yeh 

His Pride and Joy

Word count: 811

Disclaimer: I’m broke, don’t own IT or any of Stephen King’s novels, don’t sue me!

Pairing: platonic Pennywise x child reader

Warning: Fluff and daddy Pennywise(not in that way ya nasties)

A/N: This was requested by @fandomnationwhore 

“Could you do one where Pennywise adopts the reader as his kid because she doesn’t judge him or is scared of him maybe she has a disorder which makes her attracted to blood or something”- hope you enjoy darlings!~


 Disgusting flesh bags with a knack for destroying everything that came into contact with them, but the one good thing and the most delicious quality about them was their persistence and their fear.

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