I feel like we don’t talk about how well Jojo is doing. Like her YouTube figures are ridiculous. She’s got a better YouTube following than any of the girls. Boomerang got over 200 million views. Her new song is at 18 million. Her brand is now expanding she’s got every single piece of merchandise under the sun being sold in stores around the world. And it’s selling well because more stores keep taking it on. She’s got a nickelodeon special documentary and movie coming out. And tbh of all TV movie Disney/Nickelodeon ones are the most impressive to land. She’s on her way to being on a show as a regular. She’s making serious bank. Against all odds she’s one of the few dm girls who really understood how to use the dm fame to her advantage. She didn’t just wait for something to come up and just do random photoshoots, she was proactive with it.