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I just re-read Sparks, because feels and one of the best fics ever, and the burning question is: what is the plot of Glitter?? As a musical fan, I need to know!!!

Thank you for the Sparks re-read, this makes me awfully happy!!! <3

Woo boy, Glitter you say? You want to know the plot, you say?

Well damn bro, same. I want to know too. Wait, I need to know actually, because I want to write a Sparks sidestory with Loke and Lucy and Glitter will definitely come up sometime in there.

These are the facts I know about it so far though:

  • Cana and Lucy play as best friends Iris and Stella, respectively. They’re supposed to play off as each other’s opposites.
  • Loke’s character is Regulus, Stella’s love interest. I still don’t know what he does lmao. Oh, but he’s in a suit with the gold tie???
  • It’s got a modern setting and the focus is… uh… personal growth and following your dreams. :|
  • Iris is the more outgoing one while Stella is the shy one, they each have these character-moment solo numbers.
  • Lucy/Stella’s song was already mentioned in Sparks, the last chapter (What If I Shine). Because she’s the nervous half, it’s about overcoming self-doubt and stuff like that.
  • Cana/Iris’s song is a bit different, since she’s already confident? IT’S EPIC AS HELL, LIKE “DON’T RAIN ON MY PARADE” TYPE DETERMINATION. Because Cana.
  • They have a duet too, of course.
  • And there’s an iconic romantic duet with Stella and Regulus. What gets stuck in my head is this song though.
  • AND THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. What is it for. What scene. And this? Maybe it’s Cana’s? Why am I listening to all these Barbie songs??? HELP
  • Okay, I just… maybe I should compile… Barbie movie songs. Because all I can hear are Barbie movie songs for this thing. Shit, I just… I really love Barbie…
  • Oh yeah. They achieve their dreams.
  • Stella and Regulus end up together.
  • It’s super sparkly.





·· I’ll stop fighting once you’ve shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. ··
                                                                      - Happy Birthday Riley

|| A Thousand Years ||

Classical music subgenres
  • Fairy children dancing
  • Electric guitars haven’t been invented yet so violins are still the sexiest instrument
  • Heavenly choir that’s way too long
  • Lost in a monastery and too timid to interrupt chanting to ask for directions
  • That one from the Bugs Bunny cartoon
  • Emilia’s garden parties are such fun!
  • Constance’s garden parties are not as fun as Emilia’s but still quite pleasant
  • Must we attend Gertrude’s garden party (Mother says we must)
  • Fairy adults dancing (NSFW)
  • You’ve heard this song a thousand times but your boss’ child has a flute solo so you have to keep nodding along
  • ONWARD TO WAR but with an indefinable Russian edge
  • An Italian man is singing from his belly so this is probably about love
  • (too quiet) TOO LOUD (too quiet) TOO LOUD
  • Intellectual supervillain shows off liberal arts education
  • Your boss’ other child has a ballet recital
  • Christmas
  • The other famous ballet that isn’t Swan Lake or the Nutcracker
  • Sitars?
  • The composer thinks cellos are sexier than violins
  • More dancing fairies but with an insidious tonal shift so you can tell it’s the weird kind with horns and this isn’t the nice part of the story
  • Church music that’s too bland to be heavenly choir or chanting
  • The Big Six

Fairy Tales; 12 Dancing Princesses

At the height of prohibition, 12 daughters from a straight politician sneak out every night to go to the speakeasies. When he asks for the public’s help, their shoemaker decides he can figure out the mystery.  Getting their Father’s agreement, he follows them to underground hideaways all run by the same crime boss. He starts to realize there is more going on than even the girls may realize, and it may be up to him and their youngest sister to save them.


saturday night | the girls in their dresses from sparks ch. 11

these sketches have been lying around in my hard drive for MONTHS. i’ve always wanted to draw the outfits from that chapter! can u tell…. that i like girls… and clothes…