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johnkunsol on new year’s day: the fact that we didn’t debut in any of the nct units this year caught us off guard but never accept rejection as failure

A Dance of Titans Chapter 36: Weakness | A Reylux fic

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Chapter Summary: Kylo goes to talk to grandpa. Well…

Chapter Preview: 

A Knight did it.

Rey’s words reach Kylo’s ears slowly, struggling to cut through the thick fog of his disbelief as he tries to make sense of the declaration. His eyes sharpen on her features as she stares at him with parted lips and wide, wild eyes. She can barely gasp in air, the ghost of her breathlessness squeezing at his lungs, his vision quickly dimming as disbelief is replaced by rage.

Author’s note: The author offers 10k words as atonement for not updating for 2 months. The author is sorry. The author hopes those who are still reading this will enjoy this chapter <3 (God those rewrites took so long, thank you guys for your patience~)

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* = smut

- = check trigger warning

(  ) = signifies who wrote the imagine if not written by M

Important Authors Note:

Emotional Abuse

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Weekly Update #2      11-6 - 11-13

Lots of work on graphics, music, and sound has been done this week! Soon, I’ll be able to share the first Battle Theme with everyone so you can get a taste of what the soundtrack’s going to be like! 

Side note, check out this dancing Edd gif! This is what the characters will look like in-game, so let me know what you think! :D

Miraculous Dance AU Fic Rec:

Most are WIPs
Part Two can be found Here
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Not the best picture of me, not my best smile I could’ve done, and not the best lighting but here’s a shot of my dress that I wore tonight for the Daddy-Daughter Dance that I’ve been going to since I was 5 ½. It’s a tradition that me and my Dad have that we plan for every year. This year I felt like Megara from Hercules LOL. 

Also my dog was on the chain outside and wanted to go in while I was trying to take a photo so he’s trying to use his puppy eyes to his advantage LOL. 

[INSTAGRAM] 161224 Ahn Sihyeon (from Body&Soul Crew, NY Dance) update

sihyeonnow: BAP 백업하러 왔는데 오랜만에 형구랑 청하랑 만났다,반가워 친구들~
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I came to be a back up dancer for B.A.P but I met Hyunggu and Chungha for the first time in a while. It was nice to see you, my friends~

(T/N: Hyunggu (Kino) from Pentagon took lessons at NY Dance during the time Chungha was also there! They even participated in the same dance showcase.)