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Blurryface Track By Track |-/

To the anon who asked me to do the track by track for blurryface and commentary that I did for vessel, here you go!

1: Heavydirtysoul

Favorite lyrics: “death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit”

Commentary: This song like Ode to Sleep sets the tone for the entire album which is blurryface. It starts of quick and to the point, before breaking into a slow and deep chorus. Josh’s drumming is quick, hurried and aggressive while Tyler is pulling lyrics out quicker than usual. Also, anyone who knows this song well can only think of the infamous death drop that happens at live shows. In a sense, this is Tyler and Josh sharing with us that they are taking on their own demons and are not sure of what is to come. Can we save them? Can they save us? Who wins this battle? I do not think the answer is in this song or album, but it helps set the tone for the rest of the songs.

2: Stressed Out

Favorite lyrics: “I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, but now I’m insecure and I care what people think.” 

Commentary: GRAMMY WINNING ARTISTS. This song became the song that got much attention and brought Tyler and Josh to win their first Grammy. No matter how many times I hear this song, I still love it just as I did the first time. It is a song that parents and kids can enjoy, a song that is incredibly honest about the concepts of growing up and pressures of society. Wanting to go back and be children, but having everyone around expecting you to be completely put together and making money. This song shows that sometimes it is necessary to go back and feel like a kid, because the weight and pressures of society and others can break us.

3: Ride

Favorite lyrics: “I’ve been thinking too much, help me”

Commentary: Another song that made it to the radio and has a pretty sick beat if I might add. When the song begins, you can already feel the energy that Josh is giving off as Tyler begins the first chorus. When I listen to this song, I think of the idea of taking my time. When I try to speed up and be the perfect person that I am, I end up falling apart and legit thinking too much. If I can take my time and try to enjoy the little “rides” in my life, I can and will become a happier human. Another song I love that out of nowhere you get Tyler screaming at you, but ending on such a soft note. Really love this one.

4: Fairly Local

Favorite lyrics: “Yo, you, bulletproof in black like a funeral, the world around us is burning but we’re so cold, it’s the few, the proud, and the emotional” 

Commentary: As soon as this song kicks off, you feel the essence of blurryface and the first time I think Tyler and Josh come face to face with him/her/them. If any of you have gone to the live shows, you feel this vibe as Tyler emerges, Josh beginning his drumming. Something inside is coming alive not only in the guys, but also in all who listen to the song or hear it live or both. Tyler’s voice changes at some points, in multiple songs, almost as if it is blurry talking to us. It sends shivers down my spine every time, making me wonder if blurry is trying to talk to me and get into my head. While this song is not at the beginning or the end, it sets a great tone of uncertainty that has to arise in this album.

5: Tear in My Heart

Favorite lyrics: “Sometimes you gotta bleed to know you’re alive and have a soul”

Commentary: Okay but this is the cutest song I know of them next to Tyler’s cover of build me up buttercup. As many know this song is related to his wife, Jenna who makes an appearance in the music video. While this song has an upbeat drum style and vocals, the lyrics still hold true to the concept. Jenna leads Tyler to tell him the lyrics I love the most. The black that coats his hands and neck, she is not afraid to try to get it out and off him. Josh is the same with his red around his eyes. That even the clique is the tear in josh and tyler’s hearts when they need reassurance. We can all be each others person when it comes to those times of self doubt and our own blurry coming to life. Overall, this song is adorable and the concept behind it is beautiful.

6: Lane Boy

Favorite lyrics: “Regardless, all these songs I’m hearing are so heartless,
don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless”

Commentary: If you do not feel like getting up and dancing to this song or dancing to this at a stop light, we cannot be friends. I am just kidding, but really it has such a great beat. The lyrics speak volume to how Tyler and Josh want to stay who they are and not be lost by the common songs heard on the radio. They want to stay authentic to what they believe and never let the clique or themselves down. I can relate in the idea of staying true to who I am as a person and giving my best. I do not need to try to change who I am to be what others demand. I will not be a follower, I will be my own leader. I will not stay in my lane, I will follow my own path. This song has taught me that and Tyler and Josh kill it in this song as with the others.

7: The Judge

Favorite lyrics: “But I’m not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth, 
I’m a pro at imperfections and I’m best friends with my doubt” 

Commentary: Halfway through the album and we get to this awesome song. JOSH DUN. If you do not understand this reference please listen to the song very carefully or ask me, it is awesome. The whoosh at the beginning and soft ukulele before Tyler’s vocals softly sing to you, it is sweet. Josh’s drumming is quick, but consistent and almost calming. One of the songs that I think is not as fast paced or rush, just calm. You do not feel blurry as much, as more of this is a plead to those who love you. You do not want them to think you have lost yourself in your demons, you want them to see you as you. Set you free of your demons, love you as you are. I love this song as it is upbeat and a change of pace and that each person can find a great meaning behind it.

8: Doubt

Favorite lyrics: “Scared I’ll die of uncertainty, fear might be the death of me, fear leads to anxiety, don’t know what’s inside of me” 

Commentary: I consider this one of the darker songs of the album, a quick change from the style of The Judge. I did not fall in love with this song at first, but have grown to love it. I always thought if they did a music video for this song, it would be them in the dark with only a couple candles burning to show some parts of their faces. The feeling you get from hearing Tyler saying “don’t forget about me” and how it almost feels like Josh is absent from this song. It is a song that probably would of not done as well as a single, just because it blends so cohesively with the album itself. Like on Vessel, this is a song I continue to listen to and understand the meaning behind it and my own interpretation.

9: Polarize

Favorite lyrics: “Domingo en fuego, I think I lost my halo, I don’t know where you are, you’ll have to come and find me, find me”

Commentary: I really appreciate this song because it follows doubt and is a lead into track number 10. Tyler’s ability to control his speed as his sings this song is incredible and of course Josh keeps the beat and is able to change on a whim. The lyrics are deep and heartfelt, but the ones I picked seem to relate more to the idea of blurryface. Losing one’s halo, one’s grace and asking others to find them to me is the moment that blurry has taken over. Even if it is only for seconds or for a couple hours, days, weeks, months or years. Tyler is calling out to us that he has lost is grace and we have to find him. Sometimes it is going to be us who say we have fallen out of grace and need help. That we are not going to be taken down by our blurry, but just need extra hands.

10: We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Favorite lyric: “What if my dream does not happen? Would I just change what I’ve told my friends?”

Commentary: YEAH YEAH YEAH! The drums take over this song and if any of you think otherwise, we cannot be friends. Just kidding, but seriously have you heard them? Tyler has so much energy in this song, you cannot feel the need to get up and dance. This song live in itself is such a beat, but the lyrics are so honest and real. What if they had not made it? Would Tyler still be who he was? What about Josh? What about all of us? Aren’t we glad they have come this far, yes we are. I think this is a song for those who may be unsure of their potential, do not give up and keep on going with what they love. Do not let anyone or anything try to prevent you from your ultimate goal of happiness.

11: Message Man

Favorite lyrics: “Please use discretion when you’re messing with the message man, these lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand”

Commentary: Another dark song that may not get as much recognition as it should on the album. I love the beat cause it’s low and fast and dark. Tyler is almost warning us that our blurry’s face tempt others and to be aware of what they can do. Not to mess with certain things and to try to work them through as best as we can. That as hard as it may be not to want to take on other’s blurry’s or issues, sometimes we have to let them work through it. Each one of us is capable of defeating our demons at times and it may involve just us and them. 

12: Hometown

Favorite lyrics: “Be the one, be the one, to take me home and show me the sun”

Commentary: This song is incredibly special to me, as many of you know I have the coordinates to Columbus tattooed on me. That is because Tyler and Josh are home to me and always will be. Those two started in Columbus with no plan B and have come so far. I could not be prouder and I feel like this song represents so much. It shows where their blurry’s were started, but also who has guided them along the way and where they will return too. No matter how big or how well known these two men become, they will always be the two happy boys from Ohio. Family, friends, and the entire clique are so proud of how far they have come. 

13: Not Today

Favorite lyrics: “Oh, don’t you test me, no just because I play the piano doesn’t mean not I’m not willing to take you down, I’m sorry” 

Commentary: This song stands alone on the album as it is right before the cinematic end of this emotional album. It never was sang live, it was never a song that I think was talked about much. I like it because as Tyler shares, do not be fooled by the beat because the song has powerful words. We also get to hear Josh place the trumpet and that is pretty amazing. I feel like everyone should listen to this song and find a special meaning for it. I like that it comes right before the song that puts the blurryface album to a question mark. I also love the lyrics I picked because it just makes me smile when Tyler says it.

14: Goner

Favorite lyrics: “I wanna be known by you”

Commentary: The end. What a perfect song to the supposed end of the blurryface album. I do not think this song ends blurry for Tyler or Josh, but rather leads us to the next era that they are preparing for. Tyler and his piano take over in this song, soft and broken. Josh’s drumming picks the pace up and before you know it we are at full volume. Whispers turn to screams that turn into whispers and the infamous last line that I love. This album takes you from start to finish on the journey these two men have taken and continue. Letting so many of us come to terms with our own issues and demons. I cannot wait to see how they incorporate blurry into the next era or take us to something completely new.

Thank you for recommending me to do this album! It took some time, but it was very much enjoyable!


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22 “I know this song.” w/ Cap <3

22. “I know this song.”- Steve Rogers

“Y/N! My faviroute Avenger!” Tony greeted as you walked into the party, “Well… besides myself of course. And maybe Bruce… oh and Rhodey now too as well I guess.” He grinned, slinging an arm around your shoulders. “Hello Tony.” You smiled, rolling your eyes at his faux ostentatious behaviour. “Where’s our beloved American hero, I thought you two were joined at the hip or something?” Tony winked, causing you to playfully bump him with your hip. “We’re just friends Iron Ass.” You scoffed, trying to keep your gaze from searching the blond super soldier out. “Oh sure, you two are as platonic as… well… you’re hunky Captain and his metal armed boy toy.” Tony smirked, earning him an elbow to the stomach. “Do you bug all your friends like this or am I just special?” You smiled sweetly, batting your eyelashes as you ducked out of his embrace. “N’aww, don’t be like that, you know it’s a loving gesture.” He chuckled, attention getting drawn away by Bruce entering the room, “Oooh if it isn’t my science bro!” Tony exclaimed, immediately heading in the doctors direction. Shaking your head you went in search for your best friend.

Walking up the tall blond at the bar, you threw your arms around their neck and hooked your chin over their shoulder. “Well hello to you too.” Their deep voice chuckled, turning in his stool to face you as your arms dropped back to your sides. “Come here often Stevie?” You grinned with a wiggle of your eyebrows. “We live here you dork.” He laughed, eyes sparkling under the party lights. With a roll of your eyes and a smile, you slid into the stool next to him. Just as you beckoned the bartender over, a slower song that you didn’t recognise turned on. “I know this song.” Steve smiled a wistful look dancing across his features. “Oh yeah?” You asked, smiling fondly at the Captain. “Mhhm.” He hummed, fingers tapping the beat onto the bar surface. “Well then, let’s dance hot stuff!” You grinned, entwining your finger with his and dragging him into the crowd.

Wrapping your arms around his neck, you felt his large hands tentatively wrap around your waist. Laying your head on his chest you could feel his heartbeat drumming against his chest, the two of you swaying gently as the music played softly in the background. “You know…” Steve whispered, “I was real lucky to have you fall into my life.” He murmured softly, his breath against your neck. “Sap.” You whispered with a smile tugging at your lips. “For you, yeah.” Steve chuckled, pulling you even closer as the two of you swayed.

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your post on hawaiian culture is really cool. i never realised how similar it is to singaporean culture. aw give me all the hawaiian!hunk headcanons u have pls!!

So i’ve made a bunch of headcanon posts and they all feature hawaiian!hunk but here’s so more for funsies! this totally isn’t me projecting

-after being in the castle for a while and everyone gets used to each other hunk just starts walking around shirtless?? And the first few times it happens the others are like?? what??? but they don’t comment on it because hey everyone has their own thing. except for keith and lance because they are both so gay they are a mess  Finally someone (shiro) asks what’s up and he’s just like, bruh, do you know how many layers I had to wear in the garrison? Too Many. We are on a temperature control ship! I don’t have to like three layers of shirts and shoes and all that ridiculousness!! This leads to the others becoming a lot more comfortable with each others bodies, not in a sexual way, but in a hey dress how you want it’s your body sort of way.

-One time he’s barred from the kitchen for the day and is like, what the hell guys, only to find out it’s his birthday and lance had spent the whole day trying to make the goo taste like spam… he vaguely succeeded. Hunk cries… a lot.

-he just walks around barefoot and shirtless all the time. the only time he wears more is when they are in the paladin suits or doing something diplomatic

-he’s also like a furnace so when pidge gets cold they kinda just… flop on hunk in a silent demand that he warms her up.

-he gives the best hugs and whenever someone is having a rough time they go get a hug from hunk. Everyone from coran to keith to the mice will go get hugs from hunk. And when hunk is having a hard time literally everyone will drop what they are doing and give him a hug.

-One time when he and lance were feeling homesick they decided to land on a planet that was supposed to be similar to earth, but it’s just too different, the air doesn’t smell right, there’s two suns in the sky, and the trees are various shades of purple. Lance goes back into the ship to kinda just grieve silently, but hunk decides to stay outside and just try to enjoy the outdoors, but oh no the fire nation Galra attack. And they’re all like PERFECT! a lone paladin! We will take him hostage! Hunk is like, pissed. He basically screams and defeats half of the force before the other paladins even realize the galra are there. Then he kinda just breaks down crying like, can’t i just have some time? and the galra are like what… what just happened do we attack? He looks so sad… should we hug him? Do we run? And one of more brave and kind galra goes up to him and is like, war is hard and you’re very young. And goes to like pat hunk on the shoulder, and hunk just grabs them and hugs them while crying. The other galra are all just like ???????? wat. And determine that it would be better to retreat considering he just took out half of their forces on his own. They’re all run away thanking the other for sacrificing themself because they’re pretty sure hunk is gonna kill the galra etc etc. The other paladins just find the galra and hunk in the middle of a field, surrounded by broken droids, and that’s how they get their first galra ally that they know of

-I said this before, but imma say it again, my boy can sing, dance, and play ukulele. He and lance scream when they find a stringed instrument in a marketplace one day. Allura thought there was an attack… especially when she saw their determined faces running at her. Soon every night in the common room there’s a jam sesh with lance and hunk playing and singing songs they remember and teaching the other how to play certain ones so they can dance and everyone is just so mesmerized by how graceful they both are. How their fingers dance across the strings and how they can harmonize. One time a local planet comes to their rescue and agrees to harbor the castle while it recharges. As a thank you hunk and lance agree to give a performance. The others were like oh yeah this will be cool. What they were not expected was hunk to come out IN A MALO with a HAKU LEI and what looked like kukui nuts around his wrists and ankles. My beautiful son does a beautiful kahiko number where he chants the whole goddamn thing and lance is just playing the beat on a makeshift drum. After his performance everyone is a little bit in love with him. The royal family actually proposes that he marry their child right then and there. He politely declines like the gentleman he is. And then he spends the next day teaching basic hula steps to any of the locals who want to learn. Spoiler alert, it’s everyone.

-He’s extremely kind, soft, and gentle. He’s amazing with animals and children. In the same way pidge collects abandoned robots, hunk has a sort of 6th sense and can tell when there’s a scared child or animal nearby. If the parents cannot be found then he, lance, and coran all take care of the child until they can get them to a safe place where someone will care for them.

i just have a lot of love for hunk, and the rest of team voltron, and i could go on for hours about my headcanons for voltron but I’m gonna stop here.