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I love Eunki and Jung Jung with all my heart, but I don’t think that they’re going to get through the next round of eliminations. I would love to see them get through because they’re both amazing dancers and put in 110% into everything they do. They’re so talented and I just wish other people could see how talented they are.

A Ghost-compiled summation of observed behaviors and activities over the course of one cycle in the company of a Risen Gunslinger.

[Entry 1.1] Guardian has been standing completely still in Tower plaza for approximately 3 hours. By my count, Guardian has not slept in 36 hours.

[Entry 1.2] Guardian spent fifteen minutes repeatedly jumping off of Tower. Hence, ten minutes of near-constant Ghost revival, punctuated only by a single visit to Eris Morn. Eris refused to dance with Guardian.

[Entry 1.3] Guardian spoke briefly with Cayde-6 while crouched on Vanguard table. I could offer him no explanation.

Guardian returned to orbit; set course for Mars.

[Entry 1.4] Guardian encountered another Gunslinger while on patrol. The two attempted some kind of synchronized handshake or greeting for the better part of five minutes without speaking. I do not believe they succeeded in their timing.

[Entry 1.5] Both Guardians spent one hour attempting to kills Vex Hydras with nothing but throwing knives. Succeeded. Admired each other’s cloaks.

Guardian returned to orbit alone; set course for Luna.

[Entry 1.6] Guardian spent one hour repeatedly trying to jump over the Hellmouth while riding Sparrow. Did not succeed. Guardian has not slept in 42 hours.

[Entry 1.7] Guardian received assassination bounty from Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. Danced upon receipt; shot several rockets into the sky while spinning in circles. 

[Entry 1.8] Guardian has grown strangely quiet. Has been transmatting various weapons and armor for several minutes.

[Entry 1.9] Guardian has equipped gauntlets crafted from the bones of an extinct creature. Spent 45 minutes adjusting color scheme of armor. Seems quite fond of appearance; asked me for several image-captures. Complimented her own cloak several times. 

[Entry 1.1.0] Guardian abruptly re-summoned Sparrow, rode Sparrow into depths of Hive temple. Did not dismount Sparrow. Sparrow destroyed due to repeated collisions with sentient and natural obstacles.

[Entry 1.1.1] Upon reaching Summoning Pits, Guardian attempted to kill Hive Abomination with sidearm. Failed.

[Entry 1.1.2] Upon Ghost revival, Guardian managed to single-handedly annihilate Hive Abomination with the combined power of the City’s finest weaponry.  Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.3] Guardian spent approximately one hour shooting walls of Hive tunnels, attempting to spell rude words.

Guardian returned to orbit, set course for Tower. 

[Entry 1.1.4] Guardian spent 5 hours attempting to persuade Commander Zavala to read lewd/inappropriate Fireteam names over Tower PA system. Guardian has not slept in 55 hours.

Guardian returned to Orbit. Set course for the Reef.

[Entry 1.1.5] Guardian spent seven minutes crouched behind Petra Venj, trying to hide from other Guardians. Obtained bounties from the regent. Leapt to her death in apparent celebration.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Venus.

[Entry 1.1.6] Guardian singlehandedly killed Stirok, Banner of Oryx. Proceeded to dance on corpse of eliminated foe. 

[Entry 1.1.7] Guardian lost consciousness [slept?] for ~30 seconds while dancing; jerked awake screaming, related a description of a “Giant, bottomless mouth” attempting to devour her.

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Taken Dreadnought. 

[Entry 1.1.8] Appears to be in a bad mood. Refused to speak with me. Spent duration of journey in silence, stroking bone gauntlets.

[Entry 1.1.9] Guardian descended into depths of Dreadnought. Grim of aspect. Has repeatedly refused comm contacts from Vanguard. Seems determined.  Guardian has not slept in 62 hours.

[Entry] Guardian has utterly destroyed legions of Hive thrall, several minor priests, and a Coven Mother.

[Entry] Guardian has discovered apparent target: Hive Priest.

[Entry] Guardian has dispatched said target using only her boot-knife. Did not cease stabbing corpse of creature until long after it had expired and her armor was covered in gore and ichor. Ignored my attempts to drag her away - too busy laughing. I returned to stasis in protest. 

Guardian returned to orbit. Set course for Tower. 

[Entry] Guardian repeatedly asking me “What I just said.” I have not said anything to her. She seems distracted. Has not slept in at least 68 hours. 

[Entry] Guardian spoke briefly to Hunter Vanguard while dancing on table. Returned to Tower plaza.

[Entry] Guardian has been staring into the sky without blinking for one hour. Guardian is muttering to someone who is not me.

[Entry] Guardian refuses to sleep.


A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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Hip hop as a culture has evolved with technology and now short films have replaced graffiti as the primary visual art form used by our generation to subvert and entertain. The DJ has evolved into the producer, the MC, the rapper, and the ubiquity of dance crazes eliminated the b-boy. There was a void left as graffiti was increasingly criminalized, and the cutting of art programs cut off a potential outlet. But now with everyone having literally ridiculous video recording and editing tech available to them we get to see this flourish of black expression. I just think it’s beautiful.

DWTS S24 Week 6 (Boy Bands vs Girl Groups) Recap / Review

DWTS S24 Week 6 Boybands vs. Girl Groups

Recaps [Here]

  • Nick Carter filling in for Julianne Hough. HIs score is 2nd, between Carrie Ann (1) & Len (3), Bruno last (4).
  • Maks is back with Heather
  • Team Dances (albeit quite early)

1. Simone Biles & Sasha Farber - Samba [Destiny’s Child: Survivor] (9+8+9+9=35) This was a fun dance to open the show but I have to be honest & say it wasn’t nearly their best. The timing was off at times & it was quite rushed. The turns came & went so fast, there was no time hit the bounce. I also wonder if the combat boots affected the bounce as well. I’m nervous that Simone is losing her grip on what should be a Top 2 or 3 finish. It’s definitely not for lack of talent. Hopefully she can really hit a stride soon. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but Nick actually had the right score for this dance (8).

2. Bonner Bolton & Sharna Burgess - Rumba [Backstreet Boys: I Want It That Way] (8+8+7+7=30) No fire, no desire. This guy is wet cardboard. I have nothing really to say. All that chemistry the judges foamed at the mouth in the first 2 weeks, I’m still not seeing any.

3. Nancy Kerrigan & Artem Chigventsev - Paso Doble [En Vogue: Free Your Mind] (9+8+8+8=33) Yessss, Nancy, yesss. She was giving stank face, power, aggression. I’m so glad she’s seemingly come out of her shell. I was nervous in the beginning if she could do this song justice but by the end she sold me. I agree with Len the cage part was a touch too long & caused her not to start her first steps strong but the longer the dance went the better & better she got.

4. Nick Viall & Peta Murgatroyd - Jive [The Beach Boys: Fun, Fun, Fun] (7+7+7+7=28) Underscored, underappreciated, over criticized. This jive was not nearly as bad as the judges made it seem. I thought his footwork, kicks & flicks for pretty good. He does need more polish, he can get sloppy sometimes, but I love that he really uses his whole body in the dance. Compared to Week 1 he’s really improved, his performances, more energy, more rehearsed. 

I don’t get why the judges are seemingly so much harder on Nick than Bonner. Nick has consistently proven that he shows more energy & promise & is actually improving, it’s like they nitpick him to death vs. them over-blowing how good Bonner is each week.

5. Normani Kordei & Val Chmerkovskiy - Salsa [The Pussycat Dolls: When I Grow Up] (10+10+8+10=38) Finally a true showstopper routine. This girl just needs to drop Fifth Harmony & Val and go solo right now. Val is really playing it smart with his choreography, playing up to Normani’s strength’s & core fan base. Even more than Zendaya, I think Normani is really poised to become a big star post this season. I agree with Len about the lack of “obvious” salsa content but what she did do was spot on. The hip hop solo section was very indulgent of her pop start talents but genius strategy. Yeah it’ll piss of Len but it makes her look wildly better than the other celebs. Dream team.

Len’s 8 was crazy, a 9 sure but 8, nah son. 

6. David Ross & Lindsay Arnold - Argentine Tango [*NSYNC: I Want You Back] (7+8+7+7=29) David finally hit his brick wall that very celeb at some point hits. It kind of shows in these last 2 weeks. I agree with Carrie Ann, that something feels different about him. His energy isn’t the same. The AT was ok, it wasn’t the best he’s done & it’s not particularity memorable. I’m worried he might be danger soon. He looked really unsure of himself & unstable more than I’ve seen him in while. He’s gonna need a big breakthrough soon.

7. Rashad Jennings & Emma Slater - Tango [The  Four Tops: Reach Out I’ll Be There] (9+10+9+9=37) I love NFL guys like Rashad, who aren’t afraid to embrace this show & all it’s glitter & characters. Very poised focused, tango. Rashad never looks lost or confused, he’s incredibly confident & sure of himself & his chemistry with Emma. At times it was a little hectic (Hi Len!) and his frame was lost but nothing major. 

8. Heather Morris & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Rumba [TLC: Waterfalls] (10+10+10+10=40) Killer, killer routine. Heather nailed the character & the technique. Her chemistry with Maks was scorching.  She had the hip action, the fludity & the lines. I stand by the fact that having Alan was great for Heather’s dancing to gain confidence & stage presence without Maks. Now she’s holding her own with him & I’m looking at her not him, which wasn’t the case Week 1. Hands down best dance of the night & probably of the season.

Team Boyband: Rashad & Emma, Bonner & Sharna, David & Lindsay, Nick & Peta] - SAFE (8+9+8+8=33)

I’ve always said these are hard to judge, it’s so much going on. Naturally it’s going to be messy but it was fun. I was surprised there was as much sync as there was. It was the best Bonner has looked in terms of energy, I have to say. But It really shows that all the weak links are the one guys teams, save for Rashad.

Team Girl Group: Normani & Val, Simone & Sasha, Nancy & Artem, Heather & Maks - IN JEOPARDY (8+9+8+9=34) All this dance proved is that these girls could be Top 4 right now. It didn’t have the flash of the boys, but they didn’t need it because the dancing was so tight.


It’s really a shame any of these girls are in jeopardy, they are all Top 4 material, save for Rashad taking a spot.

Simone & Sasha - SAFE

Normani & Val - SAFE

Heather & Maks -  ELIMINATED, I don’t get it. Did Heather not connect w/ viewers, did not she have a big enough fan base, did Maks’ fans not vote while he was out? I’m guessing all of the above? Welp, Sabrina Bryan & (Elizabeth Berkley, quite frankly) you have officially been dethroned of the Most Wrongful Early Elimination on DWTS. 

Nancy & Artem - SAFE

Recaps [Here]

NEXT WEEK : A Night At The Movies

What did you think of that SHOCKING ELIMINATION?


You seem happy, had a good dance there?


Hmm anyway..

Elimination is tomorrow blah blah blah

Well okay you got it..Just you know don’t be such a brat about it. But i will let it slide for now. Have a good night and see you tomorrow. And think about who will be the next to leave the house,


Watching episode 19 of the Toei anime. Tristan wanted to increase funding for the beautification society, but the vice-president was more interested in school beauty Kaoruko Himekoji, so they decided to hold a popularity contest, with the prize being tickets to “Beauty and the Beast”. Miho wasn’t interested at first until she and Yugi ran into Ryou Bakura; Miho was attracted by how handsome he was. Tea, Kaoruko, Miho, and Joey participated, with Joey cross-dressing and getting disqualified for leaping off the stage. 

Meanwhile, Kaoruko and her team sabotaged the dance and bikini contests, eliminating Tea, and when it looked like Miho was going to win anyway she drugged her and ripped her dress apart. Yugi found her, but Kaoruko was already winning round three. Yami Yugi then challenged her to a shadow game involving picking flowers. When Kaoruko lost, he gave her a penalty game where she saw herself as old and ugly, with snakes wrapping around her wrists.

Kaoruko disqualified herself, and since Miho never showed up for the last contest it doesn’t seem like anyone won. But Yugi was more concerned about his Puzzle acting weird around Ryou anyway. XD

‘perks’ of being a trans guy in theatre: binding, even safely, lowers your lung capacity permanently so singing and dancing easily are basically eliminated from your future. also who knows how your voice is going to drop! who knows if you will even be able to train your voice or sing anymore! who knows if your voice coach is transphobic or not! literally no one has any info on any of this. it’s a grand ol time.

I had plans and things I needed to do today! Packing the most important because I’m leaving to drive back up to my home in northern California on Saturday! But alas… no packing.

I’ve got myself all excited about Another Ride again! I planned out the rest of their dances and the eliminations for the rest of the season and it made me realize how desperately I need a real all star season… 

Twice: Elle Korea Feature


Tzuyu, the maknae along with Chaeyoung, would rather be complimented on her skills rather than her looks. Loving to dance and sing, she caught the opportunity and bravely made her way to Korea all the way from Taiwan. “It’s been about three years since I arrived in Korea. JYP [scouts] found their way to the dance academy I was learning at. It was amusing at first because these things only happened on television. It was tough for me because I came to Korea not knowing any Korean. I felt especially lonely when I missed my family or I came across a hard situation that I had to deal with alone. There was one time when I felt sad when the company presidents scolded me because I couldn’t order chicken and beef properly due to my accent! But, now that I debuted after so much waiting, the only thing I have in mind is to show people what Twice really is. All I wish for is to be able to constantly show better performances.


Momo was always the last one to turn off the lights in the practice studio late at night. Also known as the “practice freak”, she constantly practiced her dancing and singing, unaware of her surroundings. The YouTube video of her dancing with her sister was soon discovered, and she was casted to JYP and then as a member and main dancer of Twice. “I used to beg to dance ever since I was three. I cried and begged [my parents] for them to send me to the same dance academy that my sister went to.. just like how other children beg their parents to buy them a trainer’s bicycle. So that’s why I have confidence in dance. I was eliminated from Twice. I was beginning to worry about what to do [with my life], what I should be doing, but at the last broadcast, I was so surprised when JYP PDnim added me as the last member. I felt like I was walking through my dreams. I think [JYP] noticed how debuting was the only thing in mind and how hard I was working. My goal is to be like Rain or Lee Hyori sunbaenims.”

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'Dancing with the Stars' -- Sharna Burgess Bowing Out ... Shreds Knee in Practice (VIDEO)
'DWTS' front-runners Sharna Burgess and Indycar driver James Hinchcliffe got the highest score on last week's episode, but it might've been their swan…

Our ‘DWTS’ sources tell us Sharna went down hard during last Monday’s dress rehearsal, tumbling on an already banged up knee. She danced with a brace on, but now doctors want her off of the joint for 3-6 weeks. There are only 3 weeks left. Dance pro Jenna Johnson, eliminated in week 2, will be steppin’ in for her.


So much love for Japonism solos and synchronized penlights! 

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