dance tilt


Author - Admin L

Pairing - Reader x Ravi(VIXX)

Genre - very mild smut / mild angst

Synopsis - you couldn’t could you, but you worked for him, and the consequences you couldn’t risk you only job…

~~ ( y/sn - your surname) ~~

You once again finished another hard day at work as you started to make your way to the exit a gentle voice called you, “Ms (y/sn)” you turned to see the manager looking at you with half hooded eyes, you could tell he was tired, forever trying to promote his boy group for whom you now worked for. “Ms (y/sn), I’m sorry for requesting this but would you mind staying a little longer and monitor the boys’ dance practice?” You tilted your head in confusion eyes wide open “w-what?” You stuttered. “I know it’s not your speciality but you wouldn’t have to do much jut make sure that they don’t fool around, the dance teacher should be back soon” you stood in silence. “I understan-” you starting speaking gently but you couldn’t help but agree “it would be my pleasure manager!” You spoke in an uplifting tone, a smile printed across your face. You couldn’t let him stay, he looked shattered, anyway what harm could happen in 1 hour, or else you thought.
The boys were currently preparing for their upcoming concert “Fantasia” you made your way to the dance room and heard whispers “ya! You can’t have a crush on her! She’s mine” you could tell by the deepness of his voice it was main rapper Ravi, you smirked at him having a crush on someone “but hyung~~ stage noona likes me he he” your smirk became a smile when you get the maknaes cheerful voice, “what what?” You almost shouted “is anyone there?” N shouted out you kept quiet not wanting to get caught, you were ears dropping. Stage noona? That can’t be right, you were the only woman who decided on the stages and where the boys would perform…were they perhaps talking about you? You mind had been lost in various thoughts until the door you had been leaning on flung open, you lost balance and flew forward almost landing flat on your face. A strong firm hand was gripped around your waist holding you up, your eyes flickered as your gaze turned upwards. Leo looked down at you, his poker face in tact. “I’m I’m sorry” you spoke, he instantly let go of you and walked out, all eyes were now on you.
“I’m here to monitor you” you said in a serious voice, but instantly regretting your word choice. “Woahhh~~ stage-noona is monitoring our dance? Noona are you good at dance” Hyuk instantly put you on the spot, that god damn maknae “ya Hyuk-ah stop pestering her and get in position” Ravi looked at you now and spoke “let’s give her what she came for” he finished with a wink. You widened your eyes, Ravi winked at you? What even- you suddenly lost balance and tripped. You scratched you head once landed on the floor, “hyung you could be more careful” hongbin spoke to a death staring eyed Leo, peering down at you, he didn’t apologise but got ready to perform.
“MUSIC QUE-” N directed
They really were a talented bunch, N a great leader who corrected mistakes made by the members dance, all you had to do was sit and watch, hongbin who supported Hyuk with moves that were impossible in his words to him. Ken who pestered Leo with every dance and Ravi…ravi..who only seemed to only look directly at you from the reflection on the mirror, or you thought he did. You managed to smile at him a couple of times and give a thumbs up, however whenever you did do that his facial expression would go blank almost disappointed. practice had ended sooner than what you’d imagined you got up and went in front of the boys, who were now packing their dance bags “well, you all did really well! Well done! I’ll pass good reviews onto manager-nim okay?!” You spoke cheerfully but only received halfhearted smiles. “Hyuk jumped up “THANK YOU STAGE NOONA!” He wrapped his arms around you and squeezed you tightly, you couldn’t help but laugh and hug him back, Ravi stared at you his eyes filled with annoyance. You gently pulled away from Hyuk and spoke “Hyuk-ah you could just call me (y/n)-noona instead of stage noona ya know” he smirked and look back at Ravi “but hyung wouldn’t like it (y/n) noona” “hmm? What?” You questioned…. ~~~~~ part 2 will be posted tomorrow ^^

  • *the Great Hall*
  • Sherlock: *playing with his food*
  • John: *reading, sniggering* Molly, oh, Molly, you make my heart feel jolly. Please answer my call, wanna go to the Yule Ball? *laughing hysterically*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Where did you get that?
  • John: *wiping tears* A really confused house-elf. Apparently, some students have been secretly sending out anonymous invites to test out their 'game'. I almost feel sorry for this poor sod *waves the paper*
  • Sherlock: *scowls* 'Mary, Mary, yellow canary-'
  • John: *blushes* Alright, alright *hands him the paper* Who do you reckon it is?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Moriarty. He's fond of her.
  • John: *nods* Maybe. Doesn't explain the drafts I found in our dormitory, though *smug*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *blushes* Shut up, she said yes *gets up and walks away*
  • John: *smirks*