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“ remember, all you need to do is close your eyes and feel the flow of the air around you. “

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Failed the Random Play Dance but nailed the 2x Faster Ver. of Sorry Sorry. 😂 Dude, this ain’t easy. They have to cover for other members’ parts which is twice their number and dance 2x faster with such precision and grace to do justice to their dance moves. That’s tiring considering their average age is 33 😂😂😂 I’m so proud of my boys. The dance line tho: Shindong, Eunhyuk & Donghae 🔥🔥🔥 On point af.

Since I’ve just watched the member fancams for Black Suit on MCD, have my (completely uneducated) thoughts on the guys’ dance styles~

Eunhyuk: Our dancing machine as expected! Eunhyuk dancing is very sharp and powerful, and you can tell that he’s paying a lot of attention, and putting in effort for that power, while still making it look effortless. I’m pretty sure he can out dance most of his hoobaes.

Shindong: Shindong is seriously such a good dancer and it tells. His dancing is just as on point as Eunhyuk’s is, but more relaxed and smooth. Watching Shindong dance you can tell that he’s very comfortable, like he could do the dance in his sleep.

Donghae: Donghae also is very on point, and somewhere between Shindong and Eunhyuk in power. I’m not sure if this is just me, but it seems like he goes on autopilot for a some parts, and then suddenly releases that he’s performing? and like his movements have a sort of franticness? for a while before he gets back in the zone? idk its just something I saw.

 Leeteuk: Leeteuk dances like he’s focusing every single cell in his body on the moves. I don’t think he has the natural control over his body that Eunhyuk or Shindong do, and you can tell that he’s concentrating real hard. It makes his stare veeery strong when he’s performing. Of course he still nails every move.

Yesung: I don’t think Yesung is a natural dancer either, but he still somehow manages to look relaxed while dancing. Also nails every move. I also noticed that Yesung has this Aura while dancing. It might be something to do with his completely blank face until he does this small smirk and then goes blank again lol. He dances like a performer.

Heechul: Its probably not a surprise, but Heechul dances with determination. He makes up in energy what he doesn’t naturally have with dance skills. It shows less than when he does other groups dances, but especially with the faster parts, you can see he’s sort of throwing his limbs into the moves. He does every move like he’s got something to prove, which I guess he thinks he does. 

?sexy? dance time by NCT 127 (older line)

❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 1,5k+

Genre: Comedy, slight smut

For anon, I hope you like it! 


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‘Do I have to go?’ You whined, ‘I don’t even know anyone !’

‘Well you know Teukie?’ Your best friend chuckled.

You rolled your eyes at her, ‘Because he is your boyfriend not because he is my friend.’

‘Stop being a spoilt sport,’ She scolded, ‘It’s a party. There will be other people there and you know the members so why are you complaining?’

‘Greeaaattt, another long night with Yesung’s turtle talk, Shindong going off about food and Heechul being obnoxious.’ You faked enthusiasm.

‘SEE! You do know some people and plus you like them anyway.’ She stifled a little laugh, ‘Come on, lets get going.’

Tonight was Leeteuk’s birthday and you were invited. You didn’t know if you were invited as a guest or over the fact that your best friend was dating him. Getting in the car, you both drove to the club that was hosting this grand party. Their was music blaring out as security allowed people in who were meant to be their and chased away those who weren’t. Smiling at the large gentleman, you both walked in.

‘I’m gonna find Teuk.’ You heard Hyerim scream in your ear, just nodding you walked to the bar and ordered a light drink.

‘I never knew you drank?’ A voice asked.

‘Well now you do,’ You stated, ‘Hey Heechul.’

‘A whiskey neat please.’ The elder asked the bartender.

‘Oooo manly drink.’ You teased.

‘The music is giving me a headache,’ He was handed the drink before gesturing to it, ‘This helps drown out the pain. Cheers.’

‘Cheers.’ You both clinked your glasses and took a sip of your poisons.

‘OPPA!’ A shout came and Taeyeon came bouncing in, ‘Come dance with me!’

‘I’m bus-’ Before he could finish the sentence, he was whisked away.

Shaking your head with a laugh, you grabbed your glass and went to find Hyerim. Walking up and flight of stairs, you entered a lounge that over looked the entire dance floor and seemed to block off the music to a bearable thump. Leeteuk sat on the couch surrounded with friends and Hyerim under his arm.

‘I was wondering where you were.’ Leeteuk smiled, ‘You drink?’

‘Do you and Heechul practice the same lines or something?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘And happy birthday by the way.’

‘Thank you Y/N-ah. Where is Chul anyway?’

‘Taeyeon took him to dance.’

‘Heechul hyung is dancing?!’ Shindong looked over the railing, ‘I gotta see this! Let’s go Yesung!’

The turtle man and food lover ran down the stairs to see their friend move to the loud music. Heechul was a great dancer, the only down fall was his injury that caused him to not be as active as the others. Practice made perfect, but to much practice caused him more pain then good. You sat next to Hyerim as you sipped your drink out of boredom. Another and another was added to the count, before you wanted something new to drink. Some guys spoke to you but you weren’t interested. You recognised them to be idols as well but their conversations lacked in entertainment.  Standing up, you steadied yourself.

‘Anyone want another drink?’ You asked, but got no reply ‘No one? Okay then.’

‘Slow down and take it easy, okay?’ Hyerim asked, ‘You know you get drunk quick.’

‘Aish,’ You threw off her hold, ‘You just have fun here with your boyfriend and not worry about me Rim-ah.’

Holding the railings, you walked down the stairs. Pushing through the crowds, you eventually got to the bar and took a seat. The bartender took your order as you rested your elbows on the counter and your chin atop your open palms. Your head was slightly dizzy but you enjoyed the feeling for some odd reason. A person plopped next to you and you smiled.

‘Enjoying your dance?’ You asked, taking the drink from the bartender.

‘Whiskey neat, sir?’ The man asked.

‘And make it a double.’ Heechul instructed.

‘Taeyeon that tiring?’ You chuckled.

‘Exhausting. She has so much energy and this is like my fifth neat.’ He sighed.

‘Or you just old and probably drunk.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny.’


‘Fuck, dance with me!’

Before you knew what was happening, Heechul pulled you by the wrist and into the crowd of people that took up residence on the large open space. The floor was large but the number of people made it look and feel small and you squish against his chest and he looked down at you, hand still holding your wrist.

‘Dance before she finds me.’ He pleaded.

‘I’m not much of a dance-’


Rolling your eyes you began to sway your hips from side to side. You were right, you weren’t much much of a dancer but you did have some pretty good rhyme to help you along the beats. Heechul looked at you in shock but placed his hands on your hips. Your head was a fuzzy as the music that was blaring out the large speakers that you didn’t notice how close you were to Kim Heechul. People around you jumped and bumped you, that you were practically against him.

He himself seemed drunk from the number of drinks he had downs. He wore a pair of black fitting pants with a white t-shirt and black blazer to give it a formal sort of look. His hair was tied up in a loose bun and a few stands lingered around his alluring face. You would be lying if you didn’t find Heechul attractive. His face was just so different to all the men you had seen out their. He had a quality that was enticing but something you would never admit to. You felt his grip on your waist tighten as your hands snaked up to rest around his neck.

‘You are a liar.’ You felt his hot breath in you ear.

‘Why?’ You shuddered.

‘You say you can’t dance but your body states otherwise.’ He purred.

‘Well I am drunk.’ You giggle.

‘Really?’ You nodded, ‘Great, cause so am I!’

You turned around with his body pressed against your back as you both rocked to the music. Your head spun around in circles in the same rhythm as your hips moved against his lower body. Heechul placed his head in the crook of your neck as your hands snaked up and stroked the hair at the nape of his neck. You felt him place soft kissed on the side of your neck as your eyes closed slowly. Alcohol pulsed through both of your veins as he turned you around and placed a plush kiss on your lips. Logic would tell you to break apart but the alcohol spoke otherwise. The large wave of people hide you both from the scanning eye. Pulling apart, you both looked at each other.

You gently took his face in your hands as his one arm wrapped around your waist tighter. Inching close, you rubbed your noses together before placing a sweet peck on his lips to have him pull your lips back with a firm hand behind your head. Slowly yours lips moulded together, heads tilted to the side as his tongue brushed over your lower lip asking for entrance. Smiling against his perfect lips, you opened your mouth and allowed his strong muscle to slip in. Sensually your tongues fell into a rhythmic dance.

‘Wanna get outta here?’ He whispered.

‘I thought you would never ask’ You teased as he took a hold of your hand and pulled you through the mob of people.

Your head spun as you both entered a bathroom and locked the door. Public low clubs had grimy bathroom with profanities sprayed all over the wall and a intoxicated girl throwing up in the nearest toilet. But this club was high class with clean bathrooms that shimmered. Heechul slammed you into the nearest wall and claimed your swollen lips once again. He lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist, causing you dress to rise up slightly. Your body was supported against the wall as you fingers tangled in Heechul’s locks.

Rubbing your thumb over his cheek bone, your lips left his lips and kissed the corner of his mouth. Next you peppered kiss on his jawline before eventually falling on his tender neck. Softly you nipped and kissed the soft flesh as he threw his head back and released an open mouth groan. Caught up in the moment, you sucked harder as a disgruntle moan left his lips. You felt him getting hard against you as your hips grinded against him. Pulling you head up, he pulled you in for another deep kiss before tilting your head dup and ravishing your throat with hot kiss and hard nips and sucks. Kissing up your jawline, he held the side of your face with one hand while the other had a secure hold on you body.

‘Do you want to go to my place?’


171109 SUPER JUNIOR - ‘Black Suit’ Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN (MPD Fancam ver)