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Last night I had a dream that someone on Tumblr had created a thread that was just mistranslated punny musical terms. They had started it with 


So I reblogged it with


I woke up when someone yelled at me THROUGH MY COMPUTER SCREEN that those are dance terms and not musical terms. 

So, all in all, an accurate Tumblr experience and a decent portrayal of the inside of my brain, thanks, subconscious.

  • Hufflepuff: (holding up hairbrush) You COMBplete me!
  • Ravenclaw: (holds up handeld mirror) You're MAGNIFYcent!
  • Hufflepuff: (holding pebbles) You ROCK my world!
  • Ravenclaw: (throws a cart of eggs) You're too EGGcelent!
  • Hufflepuff: (throws a full tea kettle) You're qualiTEA!!
  • Ravenclaw: (attempting to unhinge a door) YOU'RE ADOORABLE!
  • Slytherin in the background: they've been going at this for nearly five hours and I think i've lost all sanity

Need a hand Georgie?

My work from the stream! 3 hours and 45 minutes and it was really fun! Thanks to everyone who came and chatted with me <3

I just really wanted a terrible pun to make @aspergerasparagus​ suffer. :3c

I even included the “I <3 Derry” on the balloons this time…

Please do NOT remove my caption/signature thanks <3

Are we just gonna lowkey ignore the fact that Icicle just maybe admitted to murder to his son and they had this awkward laugh scene that last like two seconds to long and then a cute story about the mom

A Lovely Night - One Shot

After a long and tiring day of job hunting, Marinette is comforted by Chat Noir. He wasn’t exactly the person she wanted to see at first, but there was something in the night sky and things sparked between them. 

La La Land AU - A Lovely Night

Rating: General

Author’s Note: Wellp. I wrote this and I actually love it. I adore this movie and I just had to make a Miraculous Ladybug AU with it! Marichat fit so perfectly. I changed many things to sort of give it my own twist, but yeah, mostly based off La La Land. Definitely my favourite scene in the movie.

I hope you guys like it :) <3

Here is the song and a clip of the scene for those who didn’t see it:

A Lovely Night


A Lovely Night

Marinette ran her fingers through her thick dark hair, allowing them to pull out the small knots, and let her hand drop to her side. She released a heavy sigh as she walked slowly on the sidewalk. Her arms swung slightly from side to side, her purse swaying from her actions in her hand. Her day had been incredibly long; she’s been up since six in the morning. The back of her shoes left a bubbled blister on her skin and it hurt with every step – well that, and the fact that her feet have been arched all day from her high heels.

The summer day was beautiful. The weather had been good for once and the sky was finally cleared from the gray dismal clouds to let the hot sun shine through. A cool evening breeze whipped around Marinette as the sky turned into a uniquely ombre gradient from a deep orange to a dark royal purple. Some stars had begun to light up and twinkle in the duskiest parts of the sky. The vibrant ginger colour shone behind the buildings, making them look like black construction paper cut-outs.

The roads were seemingly empty – everyone was enjoying the rare heat. The season hadn’t been that great for the city of Paris in terms of actually feeling like summer. Unfortunately, Marinette spent the day running around handing out her designs and resume, from a small fashion blog to Gabriel Agreste’s grand company. She believed going to these places in person would mark her as an eager candidate, applying online as well if it was required of her. She went everywhere - even if they weren’t interested; knowing full well that they would probably chuck out her hard work. But it was worth a shot. She was just desperate to start her career; she loved fashion with every fibre in her body, and was motivated to get the ball rolling, despite being fresh out of university.

However, the light in Marinette had dimmed throughout the day from the numerous dismissals and she was ready to head home. She was in need to recharge with a warm bath and a good long sleep before she headed to work the next day.

She turned onto Le Pont Alexandre III, her heels clicking on the pavement. Another gust of wind blew over a few strands of Marinette’s dark hair in front of her eyes. Too tired to bring her hand up, she puffed the hairs away.

Marinette suddenly heard a faint whistling that seemed to get louder. The familiar thud and clink of her partner’s baton landed in the groove between two posts on the side of the bridge. Chat Noir came flying up in the air and landed softly on the thick cement balustrade. The sun was setting behind him, making him nothing more than a dark silhouette from the young girl’s point of view.

He looked at Marinette and raised his eyebrows at her as he continued to whistle. Marinette, not being in the mood, rolled her eyes and continued walking.  He wasn’t exactly the person she wanted to see.

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