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My mind felt a little static-y tonight so I did some pose drawing from references to calm myself down. it turned into voltron, as it so often does.

tbh Molly is probably my favorite ‘80s actress

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i miss ace era so much :((

ok first of all I don’t know what’s an “””””ace era””””” I’ve only ever heard of The Most Iconic Taemin Era To Ever Happen

second of all……..ace era gave us everything. it gave us the danger mv, on which I’ve babbled too much already, and u can deny all u want but no one had ever been either blond or half-naked before these came around

but these, these teasers are the best. these went beyond your typical and boring teasers, they speak to me on a whole different level. I look at this and feel Iike he inhaled 5 and a half bags of gummy worms at a party and passed out on someone’s garden under the impression that he’d astral projected into the nexus. the baseball bat isn’t even his. what is it doing there. did he kill someone last night

and if you thought he was done with the blond - he leveled up and turned into an actual fcukgin angel

don’t forget the iconic worn off nail polish look that set the bar so high none of your faves dared to try and copy him. king tbh!


just like those cute suspenders 

that quickly evolved into Sin Outfits like this one

notice the leopard print in the shoes? they were everywhere throughout this era because taemin is a Classy Bitch

this smooth choreo???????? arrochando and cocking those tiny hips away like u GO and set that stage on fire boy

more mesh

and the HAIRSTYLES man this is what the essence of life looks like in a physical plane

if I could choose anywhere to live in I’d live in the following gif - it has all I need to survive from the thigh strap to the middle-part, the mesh shirt and overall outfit and the fact that he’s dancing to pretty boy because pretty boy is extremely important to the social, political, cultural and economic structure we currently live under and here’s why

ace era allowed my beautiful child to bring out his dark fairy prince nature in full strength. we could not have been more blessed

don’t deprive yourself from all this glory. appreciate ace era and it will bring immeasurable joy to your life thank you and have a good night

Give me a Haikyuu!! dance crew!AU where the setters are the choreographers I MEAN:

  • Kageyama’s old crew disbanded bc the sets he made for them were too fast and nobody could nail them
  • And then he joins Karasuno and this little ball of lightning called Hinata has apparently watched Kageyama’s choreo and nails all of them “what like it’s hard?”
  • After Kageyama joins, Karasuno has 2 choreographers. Kageyama is the genius who thinks of all the amazing, near-impossible sets that are starting to make Karasuno infamous, and Suga is the one who ties all the choreography together into one cohesive unit.
  • Kenma doesn’t dance in actual performances but he knows production value. He takes care of everything from music to choreo to blocking and Nekoma’s performances always end up so fucking smooth like A+ work Kenma
  • Seijou is so fucking synchronized and on point with EVERYTHING and it’s all thanks to Oikawa who plays on all of his crew members’ strengths.
  • Fukurodani is all about power and chaos. Any one performance is a mix of quick, hard-hitting sets and slow-motion steps, angry and overjoyed, serious and comedic, and Akaashi is a master of making the transitions between the moods work.

This started out with me wanting to watch Iwa-chan dance but it blew up I’m not sorry

the outsiders will always be one of my favorite ‘80s movies. It was one of the first ones I ever watched 💛

I just spent too long making my new background but I’m kind of in love with it

What a cutie ❤️❤️❤️