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In honour of my little cat, have some of the mods’ favourite fictional kitties, big and small:

The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home)

Officer Clawhauser (Zootopia)

The black cat (Coraline)

Sawyer (Cats Don’t Dance)

Black Pete

Mewsette (Gay Purr-ee)

Hello Kitty

Luna (Sailor Moon)

Master Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)

Meowth (Pokemon)

Jiji and his family (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

The Baron and Louise (Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns)

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and your pets stay happy and healthy for a long time to come. ❤️



EVERYONE: Mulla, Mulla Mulla!*

ELIAS: What’s up, folks. Welcome back to the squad, as usual you look just as good. We’re actually out of ideas.

MIKAEL: We have some ideas from our audience.

ELIAS: They do?

MIKAEL: Yeah, it says they want us to syng.

ADAM: That’s not happening.

ELIAS: Yeah, that’s not happening. No singing, no singing.

ADAM: But what’s also important is that we’re out of ideas, so leave comments with suggestions. But singing isn’t happening.

ELIAS: But what we can do? What we can do instead is we can hum. Yeah, what we’ll do is that one of us has a phone and we’ll put in earphones and listen to the song and try to hum along with the song, and then the rest of us will -

ELIAS/YOUSEF: guess what song it is.

ADAM: Okay, I have a song for Yousef.

MUTASIM: Should we close our eyes?

ADAM: Close your eyes. Wait a bit.. Wait. Okay. Put in the earbuds, Yousef.

YOUSEF: Yeah, give them to me.

ADAM: This is one of my favorites.

ELIAS: Are you looking?


ELIAS: Did you look?

ELIAS: He tried to sneak a peak. Stop! Don’t try looking, man!

ADAM: You’re not allowed to guess now.

ELIAS: 50 Cent In da Club!!

ADAM: The artist is right, but a different song.

MUTTA: Is it Candy Shop?


EVERYONE: [sings along to Candy Shop]

ELIAS: No singing, no singing.

YOUSEF: That was one point for Mutta and so now I’ve thought of a song for him.

ADAM: Close your mouth when you hum.

MIKAEL: Is it that one, “Baby, I like your style”… Yes, it is, it is! What -

ADAM: Controlla, Controlla!

MIKAEL: Is it Controlla?

ADAM: No, it’s One Dance.

ELIAS: No singing, no singing.

EVERYONE: [Just like dancing around to Panda by Desiigner and making sounds]

ELIAS: Okay guys, now - we can’t hum more, my mom and sister are back. Thanks for watching

ADAM: Leave a thumbs up!

ELIAS: See you!

*Song lyrics, Karpe Diem’s “Lett å være rebell i kjellerleiligheten din”

Fave slash pairings

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And there’s more, if I can think of any more. .3.

tumblr: wow Sidon’s gonna be the new Onceler/Komaeda/Sans/Junkrat already you people are desperate and thirsty can’t wait to see what nightmare this turns into lmao

me: oh my god can you people all just shut up. jfc, I have to see this every time a new piece of popular media springs up and every time it doesn’t change the fact that people having favorite characters and fixating on them is a thing that happens, and to act like it isn’t or that you’re higher above it is completely tiring and annoying to see. cringe culture isn’t real my guy. you know it. I know it. look we’re all gonna die someday and acting like a holier-than-thou twat that only receives pleasure out of taking a steaming dump on people’s parades isn’t gonna get you there any faster or slower. unless somebody’s being specifically douchey about their liking a thing or the thing in question is inherently problematic just let people enjoy media as they want to and mind your own business it is literally That Simple™

ID #34108

Name: Vi
Age: 16
Country: United States

I’m looking for a pen pal from another country who I can talk to. About anything really.
I love to draw and paint, I listen to almost all music, I wish I knew how to dance, I love chocolate, Netflix is amazing, rain is magical, I love to read, my favorite color is purple, red pandas are adorable, and I am an INFJ.
So those are some interesting things about me, and I hope you’ll want to know more and be my pen pal!

Someone from another country, preferably
Between the ages of 14-18