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Dance Party Headcanon:

The gang are all at a wedding or something and everyone is having a good time. They are dancing in a circle. Lance is shoving people into the middle and challenging them to a dance off:

Shiro break dances. Wicked one arm push-ups and the whole she-bang.

Coran does some fancy tap dance foot work.

Hunk does that mime shoulder thing and dusts off his shoulder when he is done.

Allura pulls Pidge in with her and they continue the silly dance actions with the sprinkler, fishing and ladder.

Lance does the worm and break dances.

When he is breathed, he gives Keith a come hither finger waggle so Keith knows he is next.

Keith shakes his head no.

“I don’t dance.”

Pidge and Hunk push him in the middle anyways.

Keith sighs. Pulls his gloves tighter and moonwalks like a pro.

“Are you all happy now?”

Everyone is astonished. Lance is left doing that same face he made when he found out Pidge was a girl.

Edit: I drew the thing

Watching Harry and David dance literally made my day.

That is the kinda I want to see in Shadowhunters Season 3! A Magnus and Raphael dance showdown!

Or a Downworlders vs Shadowhunters Dance showdown with Magnus leading the Downworlders and Isabelle leading the shadowhunters. And poor Alec, trying his best to impress Magnus with his clumsy footings


One day while on set, Lee suggested that they have a dance off with the Volturi actors behind the directors and the other actors backs. The Cullen Clan vs. The Volturi. 

However it needed planning and they had all practiced the choreography right under their noses.

Finally when the time had arrived, they had the audio crew set up the music to start at the right time and the camera crew to signal them once the two sides were in full frame.

Once the music starts, Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle starts by yelling “Perhaps we should settle this with a dance off!"  They do their dance and the Volturi are at first shocked but then eventually everyone just starts freestyling. 

Dance Off--DTL Edition

Kondo: Nae Nae’ing in every corner.

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Hijikata, Saito, Kyo: Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena… 

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Yamazaki, Okita: Dab it like it’s hot. 

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Yuki and Haru: Twerk Queens.

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Keiki: He’s doing his own thing. 

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Sakamoto: Trying to fit in like… 

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Katsura: He’s more the artistic type. 

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Takasugi: Of course, he has to be more dramatic than Katsura.

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Okubo: “The Mating Dance of the Jungle”. He read about it somewhere. 

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