dance of the drunken mantis


After the monumental success of “Dance of the Drunken Mantis”, director Yuen Woo Ping decided to piggyback on the audience’s reaction and direct a sequel. “Dance of the Drunken Mantis” is the official sequel to “Drunken Master” and not the Jackie Chan directed 1994 film.
While it’s a sequel, it’s more a sequel in spirit than anything else. Hwang Jang Lee returns as a the villain, albeit a different villain and Yuen Siu Tien (woo Ping’s father) returns as the drunken master but Jackie Chan had gone on to do his own thing and so Yuen Shun-yi (Woo Ping’s brother) was brought in as the lead.

Due to the popularity of his on screen depiction of drunken boxing, Woo Ping decided to switch it up a little for the sequel.
While it does feature its fair share of drinking and fighting, the lead character, Foggy, actually defeats his enemy by using what can only be described as “medicine boxing”.
While it’s an amazing fight, there’s a reason we never saw medicine boxing again. It just doesn’t have the same attraction of drunken fist.

Sadly, while “Drunken Master” has gained somewhat of a cult status, its sequel remains appreciate in kung fu cinema circles only. A shame really since the film is fantastic and a LOT like the original.