dance of the bellossom

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Bellossom is born as a raddish, grows into a derpy drooling bud, and then blossoms into a beautiful dancing flower. For such a simple elegant pokémon, Bellossom has a lot of cool pokédex entries, so let’s talk about some plants!

Bellossom’s official title is the Flower Pokémon, so let’s start by discussing exactly what a flower is. A flower is the reproductive organs of plants, where pollen can mix with ovules to create seeds and pass on genes to new generations of flowers.

Petals primarily serve to attract bees and other animals to the flower, which can help distribute pollen, which is why they are so bright and colorful. Also why they come in so many shapes and sizes; hummingbirds, for example, can more easily reach into long bell-shaped petals, giving the plant some control over choosing their pollinators.

Bellossom clearly has two flowers on her head, and a skirt made of yellow and green leaves. It’s flowers are said to change color when exposed to sunlight: and this does happen in real life to many flowers for a variety of reasons. This, for example, is called a Hibiscus mutabilis: it is white in the morning and changes color over the course of the day.

They don’t turn nearly as vibrant from indoor lights, and they don’t change color at all if kept in the refrigerator. Just like Bellossom, these flowers change color from exposure to sunlight. Specifically, an anthocyanin pigment is created in the petals through a chemical reaction. A reaction which, like photosynthesis, requires sunlight to happen.

Bellossom’s petals create pigments through a chemical reaction, which makes the flowers turn more vibrant in color when exposed to sunlight.

When Bellossom dances, she brings her own music. The pokédex tells us that her petals rub together to create a pleasant ringing sound. This could happen if her petals are very hard and rigid, clinging together to make sounds like a bell. Or maybe, it’s less like that and more like a real bell: If Bellossom has a loosened seed (which some plants do), it could rattle around inside of its pod and create a ringing sound that way. Her name is Bell-ossom after all.

I know I decided I don’t like Alolan variants, but I would be okay with Bellossom getting an Alolan Form in Ultra Sun/Moon that’s the Grass/Fire type with Serene Grace and Fiery Dance.  I just…really would love to have any setup where a Grass type gets a Fire-type added and has access to Quiver Dance and Fiery Dance.  Just stop being cowards.  Pick Lilligant or Bellossom and make this dream reality, cowards.

Alolan Jynx! Grass/Psychic type

After Jynx migrated into the Alola region, many of them retreated to the snowy mountains on the Southern Island. The Jynx that couldn’t travel back to the cold regions adapted to the Alolan lifestyle, partaking in traditional dances alongside Bellossom and getting used to the tropical heat of the region.
Jynx have become a big part of the Alolan culture and many tourists visit the region to see the Jynx dance.

Stat distribution would likely stay the same since regular Jynx already have a high speed and special attack, and this version isn’t defensive.

When Bellossom gets exposed to plenty of sunlight, the leaves ringing its body begin to spin around. This Pokémon’s dancing is renowned in the southern lands.

Bellossom doodle because I’m feeling good vibes today! I got my first few followers now I’m so happy I really appreciate you guys! ;v;

Bellossom has been one of my favourite pokemon for ages. She’s just an adorable flower girl and I love her so much!!! My datefriend got me a plushie of her for Christmas and I sleep with her on my bed every night ;v; She’s a great pokemon and I love her lots <3

Sometimes I wonder about romance in the Pokemon world.

What sorts of things would people do?

Give each other Luvdisc to show their love.

Go to Lumiose city for a fancy romantic evening in one of the cafes. If you’re lucky, go attend one of the fancy restaurants.

Have a bunch of flower Pokemon delivered at a loved one’s door (especially if they can sing/dance - imagine how cute it would be to have Bellossom at your door).

Breed a special shiny Pokemon or catch something rare for someone you love.

Surprising someone with a beautiful ride atop of Flying Pokemon or swimming on the back of a Lapras (maybe with a sweet little picnic).

Or maybe even have a really beautiful Contest performance to impress your loved one (or even propose)!

I want someone to be romantic to me in the Pokemon world, gosh.