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Reasons Why Beauty and the Beast was Amazing


•Prince Adam’s makeup tho

•in the prologue, Prince Adam is dancing with every woman in the room, but at the end of the movie he is only dancing with Belle and can’t even take his eyes off her

•"A certain je ne sais quoi" “I don’t know what that means” Gaston, you’re French!

•The Bimbettes

•"It’s never gonna happen ladies"

•Belle invents the washing machine

•Maurice freaking out over Chip

•Plumette and Lumiere’s love for each other

•Belle doesn’t even get to eat any of the food

•When she goes in the West Wing and looks at the painting, the Beast has clawed over his father’s and his own face, but left his mother’s in tact *my heart*

•The entire Gaston song


•"it’s just occurring to me that I’m illiterate, and never actually spelled it out loud beforeeeee"

•"I had an expensive education”

•"Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play" *DRAMATIC EYE ROLL AND SCOFFS*

•"Go back to the war. The guns, explosions. The widows!“

•The Beast just pelting a massive snowball at Belle’s face

•"You’re village sounds awful”

•The yellow dress

•"Can someone be happy when they aren’t truly free"


•"There’s a beast running wild there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released"

•"Mr. Potts" omg

•Mrs Potts totally supports LaFou and his conflicting thoughts on Gaston’s behavior

•Belle came back for the Beast!!!!

•Agatha was the Enchantress what?!

•The entire transformation!

•Belle looks into the Prince’s eyes and still sees him and just kNOWS

•Lumiere and Plumette reuniting

•"Turn back into a clock"

•LaFou and Stanley dance together at the end and my little gay shipper heart jumps for joy

•the growl™

anonymous asked:

if cophine was shown having pre-sex or after-sex scene in season 1 or 2 would that make a difference? or what if their kiss in 308 turned out an explicit sex scene showing some "gratious" stuff would that also stir anger/dissapointment/disgust among cophine shippers?

Let me try to answer this in chunks.

1. If Cophine was shown having pre-sex or after-sex scene in season 1 or 2 would that make a difference?

As in, would it make a difference to whether I would feel better about Shay and Cosima’s scenes? Absolutely not, the difference being that I am invested in Cosima and Delphine through the storyline that built up to their union over the course of all the seasons.

As in, would it change the fact I’m confused that Tatiana said the writers didn’t display Cophine’s intimate/sexual relationship to avoid the male gaze and not exploit this f/f relationship’s sexuality, but then those same writers gave us Shay/Cosima blatant sexual scenes right off the bat? Nope. It would not change that, either.

As in, would I be offended if Cophine were shown in a scene like this? Once again, no, because there is storyline for this couple beyond that and building up to that, and this would have been something to show a facet of their relationship, not the main introduction to their relationship or present in almost every episode they have had together, which is the case with Shay/Cosima. I could only hope that in those 3 seasons of Cophine, we could have had a fraction of what Shay/Cosima had in five episodes.

2. What if their kiss in 308 turned out an explicit sex scene showing some “gratious” stuff?

I could only hope, that after 3 years of gentle caresses and metaphors for the intimacy within their relationship, that Cophine could have something more explicit and gratuitous. But if 3x08 had turned into an explicit sex scene I honestly would have been very confused, because it would not have made sense after the 3 episodes of blatant Shay/Cosima. It would not have made storyline sense. Which is a big reason why I think the Shay/Cosima “gratious” stuff you are referring to bothers me. In my opinion, there is no story, no build-up, no anticipation across seasons, no pay off. Just, “here you go, some naked ladies. Here you go again! And here, again!”. I am not invested in them at all, and certainly wasn’t after half an episode, so why is so much time at the beginning of Shay’s introduction to the show spent on showing these kinds of scenes to an audience who largely couldn’t give any less of a shit?

3. Would that also stir anger/dissapointment/disgust among cophine shippers?

I can’t speak for “cophine shippers”, I can only speak for myself as a Cophine shipper,  but would it stir my anger/disappointment/disgust? Had Delphine been introduced and popped into Cosima’s bed in a hot second like Shay was, yes, I would be disappointed.

Had Tatiana said what she did about the writers wanting to keep Cophine’s intimacy off-screen so as not to exploit their sexuality and then it was followed up with Delphine’s face in Cosima’s crotch, then yes, I would have been disappointed (as much as the shipper in me would have danced for joy at the gif opportunity that has only been afforded to Shay/Cosima).

Had Delphine and Cosima’s only raison-d’etre been to fill in the space left by shit writing that caused an OOC break-up of a major ship and non-sensical “i’m not talking to you” season-long plot, then yes, I would have been disappointed - because I wouldn’t have given a shit about the couple, as is the case with Shay/Cosima.

Yes, I don’t give a shit about Shay/Cosima. They are a shittily-written plot with yes, gratuitous scenes that don’t make sense with previous actor and show-runner comments about Cophine’s portrayal, and whose existence required the writers to dump on their own seasons-long star-crossed-lovers plot for Cophine and make the characters do ridiculous things in order to make the plot work (it still didn’t work).

Let me be clear - the sex scenes are not the issue. The context of the sex scenes is the issue. The writing is the issue. When you don’t give your largest ship (yes, Cophine is the ship with the largest fan base) the kinds of scenes that affirm their love, tenderness and intimacy, but slap them onto a couple that has existed for half an episode and expect people to give a shit, there is an issue with the writing.

That’s my opinion.

Any further questions?

Here’s baby with the bubbles again, as I’m assuming you’re the same anon because you spelled gratuitous the same way. Let’s look at and appreciate this baby gif together.