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M’s Magick On the Dance Floor

I know there will be people who disagree with me but it is possible in the middle of a loud and crowded dance floor of a concert or a rave to be able to perform magick. Some of my recent experiences in getting back into the electronic music scene have brought this back to life for me. I am going to try and talk about different elements but I may have missed a subject so feel free to ask me questions.

For me, when I perform magick on the dance floor it is all about getting lost in the music and the dance. There are different parts to it that make it easier and or harder to get into that meditative trance state. I enjoy raves because they are events that are often hours long that allows for the raising of energy and the spell work.

So how do I first get into the trance state?

The first part of it is music. I am generally all about electronic music and raves so I have experienced great DJs and terrible DJs. One of the lessons I learned very early on is if the changes between the songs do not blend seamlessly or are very jarring it will easily disrupt the experience or the meditation. It can be incredibly jarring to be jolted from it. I recently also dealt with a DJ who did Psy music which in itself is not bad but it has a very repetitive beat and it did not change up at all. It made the experience drone on which may be alright for some but not for me. Excellent DJs or Artists know how to make a mix that blends seamlessly but also mixes high energy songs with low energy songs for breaks.

The other aspect of this whole process is movement. I have been able to do it with both a lot of room and very little room. I prefer having room to wiggle about or at least throwing my arms around without a care. It makes it much easier for me when I have the room because I am not worried about smacking someone else about. I can also close my eyes a bit and just simply, feel, be. I’ve also done it with not a lot of room but I am generally at the very front to where there are bars set up and security guards to make sure no one climbs over. I prefer being flush up to that fence due to being able to kind of “bow” but also throw your fist up or wave your arms about. This still allows a bit of freedom but there is a bit more conscious of this experience. Also, crowd surfing can be very incredible but be mindful of the rules and the kind of crowd it is. Some people will just drop you without a care. The amount of room can depend upon what you want and the same with the music too.

I prefer crowds because of the general ambient feel. I have done it at home as well where I could blast music. I am not a big fan of headphones because I have yet to find headphones that stay in my ears while I am being active. I am not saying it is impossible in any element but when getting into the trance state and doing the spellwork I don’t like to be distracted by any element. This includes my dogs.

All these elements make up the next equation, what are you doing for the magick?

There are two parts of this for me. The first is always visualization and the second is the dance movements themselves. The correspondences are important to the person performing the magick. As the visualization part can be beating around the bush as there are many people have talked about this, I am going to talk about movements.

I often go with the flow of the music and dancing to the beat is important. I still like to think of movements that I want to use before. If I have a downloaded mix I can easily prepare before hand. If I am at a concert or a rave it is obviously not easy to guess what songs will be played. You have to be very fluid with the planning of movements. Anyways, sometimes part of raising the energy is stomping or spinning about or even raising my hands (with the visualization). One could perform certain planned out movements for casting the circle and raising the energy. Certainly, each movement does not have to be ascribed to a certain meaning but it is your dance language. It is the language that you speak with your body, your heart, and your energy or spirit.

So things to consider are you looking up? Are you looking down? Tossing your head side to side? Are you moving your hair about? In glamor spells for me or healing spells the focus is touching the body, caressing it either all of it or a specific part of it. You can punch the air like a fist or you can raise your hand like a fist. I have done this as part of a spell for courage. Even moments where you pause in a certain position for a long time have meaning. If you are in a tradition that uses certain movements to mean something then by all means use it as well. Please be respectful of other cultures.

There are other things you can consider as well but I ask that you please consider safety. I am not here to encourage problematic behavior.

You can slip herbs into your shoes or other parts of your clothes. You can use essential oils for a smell or for its properties of the spell you are doing. You can also use fire and or incense. You could also wear jewelry with the elements that correspondences with your spell. I have also at times used color theory in my clothes. There is also the element if you use items like in the sample of fire poi or dancing with a tambourine or drum.

What helps but is also not necessarily advisable is dehydration, alcohol, and possibly hallucinogens. Please make sure that you if you mess with substances and you do it responsibly.

The most important thing is being comfortable. Be comfortable with yourself and with your surroundings and it leads to the most success.

some twisted paradoxical state of simultaneous ascension to godhood and descent into nothingness

Houses Freetime Headcanons


  • Ravenclaws who smuggle gaming systems into Hogwarts in their trunks hosting gaming competitions
  • Ravenclaws having board game nights
  • Monopoly and Risk become the deciding factor for arguments
  • Ravenclaws who play cops and robbers on the weekends
  • Ravenclaws hosting scavenger hunts around the holidays to give presents out
  • Ravenclaws having study groups for their struggling housemates
  • Ravenclaws watching movies and doing drinking games based off what is said in the movie


  • Hufflepuffs cooking up a storm in the kitchen
  • Hufflepuffs listening to music and dancing around their common room
  • Having cook offs and baking competitions
  • Hufflepuffs setting up an “Iron Kitchen” setup on the weekends to entertain people
  • Hufflepuffs throwing the best parties because they always knows what people love
  • Hufflepuffs playing truth or dare and 2 truths and a lie to get to know each other
  • Hufflepuffs playing hide and seek or red rover
  • Hufflepuffs hosting organizations like To Write Love on Her Arms and LGBTQA+ groups
  • Hufflepuffs stationing themselves through out Hogwarts with free hugs signs


  • Gryffindors who play fight and wrestle
  • Gryffindors who play truth or dare (heavy on the dare)
  • Gryffindors who challenge each other to eating contests
  • Gryffindors who supply the prank wars 
  • Gryffindors who have competitions to come up with the cheesiest pickup lines
  • Gryffindors who turn EVERYTHING into a competition
  • Gryffindors who root for their friends in other houses when they aren’t in a quidditch game that day
  • Gryffindors helping other houses train to become stronger
  • Gryffindors who run a committee to help decorate the school for holidays


  • Slytherins who paint and draw all the things they see in the windows in the common room
  • Slytherins who write whole novels for shits and giggles and to rub it in their Ravenclaw friends faces
  • Slytherins helping first years learn how to cope with all the shit people will say about them
  • Slytherins opening up their common room a couple times a year for art shows
  • Slytherins modeling for their housemates paintings
  • Slytherins who always carry a camera because good moments are precious to them and they never want to miss one
  • Slytherins that write tongue twisters and riddles
  • Slytherins who are fantastic dancers and end up having dance contests

All Houses

  • Gathering in parts of the building to have jam sessions
  • Holding a talent show twice a year so everyone can be recognized
  • Always being ready for a good party
  • A group of people in each of the houses belonging to a unity squad that helps promote understanding and caring between the houses to end the rivalries 
  • A student government where the President gets a weekly hour to talk to the Headmaster/Mistress directly about what’s happening in the school and what needs to change
  • Fundraisers for different charities to help support people after the wars
  • Costume parties around Halloween
  • Groups hosting secret club nights where everyone dresses however they want and dances to loud music and neon lights
  • People in the different houses who make a living off of smuggling things into Hogwarts like gaming systems, tvs, computers, pens, etc 
Cori’s DP Headcanons: 1

Sometimes people point out to me the stupid things about this phandom and I can’t help but try to solve them…

Why would Danny go out of character to ‘take away’ his powers during Phantom Planet?


I always knew where the Portal was.  It was like a distant noise that drummed against my senses.  A mindless drone that was both entrancing and completely mindnumbing.

I remember, back when I first got these powers, that I would spend nights sitting up and staring at the Portal.  That empty hole, with the swirling green mist, and the sparkles of light, and that quiet, vast hum that seemed the fill the entire universe.  The energy curling from the Portal would waft across the lab and caress my skin, soothing and welcoming.  When I’d fall asleep in class the next day and Sam or Tucker would ask, I’d always blame it on a ghost chasing me around town.  

The Portal and the song it sang - that was my secret.  I didn’t want to tell anyone, and I never did.  Not Sam, or Tucker, or Jazz, or even the ghosts.  Although the ghosts would understand better than any human could, they wouldn’t ever understand what it’s like being half-and-half; how my human side and my ghost side interact.  

I always figured that the Portal and my ghost were one and the same, in a way.  Connected, like some odd sort of twins.  As long as the Portal was up and running, my brain was working, my ghost was happy, and the world spun neatly on its axis.

We made a whole, in a way, the Portal and I.

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Everything begins with a seed. The ancient yoga texts describe this seed, or bija, as musical in origin. They paint mystical pictures of a primordial sound from which the entire cosmos sprung. They see planets, stars and galaxies magically strung together by sonic frequencies. Even quantum physics has now discovered this unified and underlying field of dynamic vibrations upon which all life floats. The Chandogya Upanishad describes all music, all songs, all speech and all sounds, as being held together by pranava Omkara, just as leaves are held together on a branch.

Our physical universe thus has an intrinsic musical quality to it. At an atomic level, everything is dancing and making it’s own “music,” vibrating at different sonic frequencies. There are sounds that either further our entrapment in the transitory world, or sounds that liberate us from it. In Yoga we attune ourselves to the liberating, or divine frequencies in the universe. And through our Yoga practice we can play our part in the symphony of sacred sounds.

—  Catherine Ghosh, “Music of the Universe: Our Relationship With Sacred Sound” published by Integral Yoga Magazine, Winter Issue 2008

anonymous asked:

Have you ever been in a situation where you almost felt as though the universe was testing you? If so, how did you handle it? My recent bad moods have attracted some annoying situations into my life where I know the only way to make them either go away or take a positive turn is by forcing myself to be happy. It's as though the universe is saying, "This is happening because I want you to get happy and stay happy once and for all. Realize that this is all happening to teach you."

The universe is never testing you. It’s not trying to teach you anything as much as it is trying to remind you of who you are. You are pure positive energy. You are love beyond measure and you are powerful. 

Meditation will help you connect to the part of you that knows this but again, it’s not a test or a lesson. What you’re describing is LOA just being LOA. It’s mirroring back to you what you’re sending out to it. Plain and simple. It does this all day every day for all of us. It’s just how it works.

NOTE: You cannot FORCE yourself to be happy. You really can’t truly force yourself to be anything. So you need to find ways to truly be happy and then your world will change. 

The Universe doesn’t hear what you say it hears what you mean, so you can fake being happy all day long, but you can’t fool the Universe, it will mirror back to you who you really are all day long.

Most of the time when we are constantly in a bad mood it’s because we just keep replaying the shit that made us mad in the first place. We are rarely mad at what is in our face at this moment, instead we are mad at the shit we’re thinking about over and over in our head.

I’ve learned (the hard way) that we’ll stay mad until we’re sick of it. Then when we’re truly sick of feeling like shit, it’s pretty easy for us to change. 

When you’ve had enough, you’ll put on your ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and you’ll refuse to be concerned what others think, you’ll refuse to think crap that makes you feel crappy. You’ll refuse to hang around people that want to keep talking about the same crap all day long. You’ll refuse to listen to things that irritate you. 

When you refuse to feel like crap, life will go out of it’s way to send you people, places and things that allow you feel awesome, allow you feel appreciated and loved.

The bad news is that you are in control of your situation. The good news is that you are in control of your situation.

So feeling better isn’t a matter of forcing yourself to be happy, it’s about deliberately choosing the thoughts you think. It’s about deliberately choosing what you focus on. It’s about deliberately choosing who you hang around and what you talk about and deliberately choosing all those things that make you feel a little bit better than you do now, and then a little bit better again, etc…

You’re deliberately choosing all those things now, but you’re choosing them in such a manner that makes you feel like crap. Feeling better is a matter of deliberately choosing all those things in a manner that allows you to feel better.

Your choice. Your life. 

You’re obviously ready for this change, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Know I love you dearly, I’ve been where you are and I know you can do this!

Now go find something funny on youtube to watch that makes you laugh. Listen to music that makes you want to dance. In order to get a different result, you MUST think a different thought.


Hey guys!  

So, I was thinking this morning about more ways that I can help my followers become more well-rounded performers, and how I can help you with your careers, or just give you more ways to love theatre!  

Here’s what I was thinking: I constantly get questions about how people can learn more rep, find more musicals, know more about the theatre industry, and I wholeheartedly believe that having a wide knowledge of musicals over the years is one of the biggest things that can help your career!  You will know more composers, more styles, start to see patterns, find what you like, what you don’t like, and lots more!  So, my goal is to help you all find musicals you’ve never heard, watch musicals you’ve heard of that you didn’t know how to find, and altogether widen your knowledge of the musical theatre world!  

So here’s how it works:

Every Friday, I’m going to pick a new musical for us to watch/listen to.  I’ll give a bit of history on it, perhaps the original cast, why it’s important, why I chose it, and then a link to the recording and perhaps a video (or a set of clips, if that’s all I can find.)  Then, throughout the week, you can listen to it, watch it, enjoy it, and then post on your findings!  Things I’d love to see from you guys:

  • Did you like the musical or not? Why?  
  • Favorite songs?  Favorite lines?  Least favorite songs?
  • Are there any roles for you?
  • Potential audition songs?
  • How much would you LOVE to see it revived?
  • Have you seen it before?
  • Perhaps you want to link a recording from another actor you love performing in the show.
  • What do you think of the composer?
  • And whatever else you may find interesting about it!

Please tag all your posts with #wwmmusicals so that we can all see your thoughts and be able to have some great chats about musicals!  You’ll leave each week knowing the show’s major roles, audition songs, more about the composer and the time period in musical theatre history, and have a new show under your belt.  You might also find a new favorite or two!  (More under cut)

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