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People never give Kendall credit where it’s due. She was the bigger person here and people are actually hating on her for this comment? What?

So here goes: Good job Kendall. Way to be a good sport towards someone that made a rude comment about you seconds earlier that you were aware of. Way to be a good person and friend and just try to move on and be so happy and at peace with your decision to leave that you can genuinely tell someone good job and mean it. Way to be the bigger person.

So in a previous interview Nia already mentioned she would be in a movie called “Dancer”. But I think she didn’t know what role she would be playing yet. So as you see the casting director went to the competition to tell her the good news. (Probably also for some DM drama shananigans)
As you see Willdabeast will be either in the movie as well or will be a choreographer for the movie. Other people involved are “Jordan Fisher” and “Janelle Ginestra”

We want somebody who’s gonna wanna work with us and make us a better dancer. Because, in all reality, we’re getting older and if we wanna be in this industry, part of it is having to do things like we did today. Like, dancing like that, that’s like what we’re going to have to do in the real world industry. So we have to learn someday and some how. So I think that with all these different choreographers we’ve been having, it’s really good for us because we are learning are things… We wanted to do something different and something that we were going to learn from.
Kendall instagram live stream

So a few minutes ago Kendall did a livestream on instagram and someone asked if they left aldc and why for the last competition this past weekend. She said that Abby came back from a 3 week break and basically told them she didn’t want to work with them anymore and her usual whining i guess. So they left and from now on they gonna use a different choreographer every week to learn more and gain real experience. Kendall and Kalani both stated that they aren’t mad about Brynn staying at ALDC. Which I think is weird because of Brynns kinda shady # on her “victory dinner” post🤔
Also they went for ice cream with Nia because apparently shes working on something interesting and I’m really curious about that😍
It was mentioned that Camryn and Chloe live kinda far away and they all just seemed so happy and goofy and relieved and they deserve it so much💪🏻 in your face Abby🙌🏼

Kendall just got off live but she talked a little about today

They addressed the “hooker” comments and I think Kalani was getting a little upset about it. They worked with a choreographer who has danced with Prince and Beyonce. They wanted to do something different.

They didn’t chose to leave, Abby came back and said she didn’t want to work with them so they left.

Kendall said they were never going back to ALDC, but Kalani and Nia said “never said never.” Kendall seemed really adamant about never going back to ALDC

Nia has some special news! It’s a surprise so they didn’t say.

They have no hard feelings against Brynn. Brynn ORIGINALLY left with the team (hence all the new beginning posts), but the next week Brynn said she wanted her last dance to be at ALDC/with Gianna so she went back. Kalani said it was not big deal because she grew up with Brynn so she doesn’t mind.

They don’t know if the show is ending. They are still filming after this episode, and they will work with different choreographers.