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KCA Outfits and Looks

Kalani: I mean, it’s nothing special. The dress looks like Sherri Hill but it also looks like a knockoff Sherri Hill and I don’t think it suits her personally. But she still looks gorgeous.

Nia: I don’t personally like it but I think Nia rocks it. She looks absolutely fierce.

Maddie: Maddie looks absolutely stunning as usual. However her dress looks like it was made out of that cheap plastic glitter shoe material and I’m not a fan.

Kendall: Okay so I actually love Kendall’s outfit. It’s all asymmetrical and funky and it looks so different and cool. She looks so much like Charlotte too (like completely grown up and stuff). Beautiful.

Jojo: I can’t really figure out what’s going on with her outfit… Like I don’t really know what it is, and maybe just the pictures of it haven’t been that great. I think I like the polka dot outfit she wore the other day more, but I still think her outfit is cute. It’s very bright and her, ya know?

Mackenzie: Mackenzie looks absolutely darling. Probably my favorite dress out of all of them. It’s so summer and cute and it’s something that she can wear more than once, like she can wear that just any old day in the spring/summer. Yet at the same time I think it makes her look sophisticated while staying age appropriate.

Chloe: Chloe just looks like an absolute perfect young and dignified and sophisticated young lady. She looks so mature and grown up and it makes me so proud of her. Her dress is so pretty, and looks fabulous on her, and she could definitely walk the red carpet in it. Also a favorite of mine.