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i know people think shows like bake off and strictly are just shallow reality shows but they are so much more than that…like the gbbo contestants are all talented and all deserve to be there, and they all support each other and help each other! mel and sue protect the contestants when they get upset, they set the tone for this show.

and strictly, oh god. the amount of work and time that goes into it, the sadness when other people go instead of you. ore has been crying the entire way through this season, gene kelly’s wife said gene would have been proud of his dance to singing in the rain. kevin and joanne were crying because they both got through to the final (they’re sibs btw) and…its just this profound sense of love and joy and you can see it every week. i think people really underestimate these kind of shows atm. whilst there are shows killing their characters or hurting them, there are shows like these that really want to spread happiness and they really bring people together? pls don’t shit on these kind of shows ok!!

i’m so sorry. I was just figure drawing i swear it even started as an oc but even when I’m trying NOT to draw Voltron this just??? happens????

Heavily influenced by the dance au i’m sure everybody’s read by now and pose reference taken from here (at 51 seconds in if you’re curious)

Correct me if I’m wrong but

This phone has a piroshki background and who is fond of piroshki the most in YoI?

Exhibition #2: Yurio’s photo (probably selfie) in the GPF album in the corner 


does that means most of Victuuri’s photos from the banquet is taken by Yurio himself the angry Russian kitten who secretly ships his parents for ages while being angsty about it!!!

This is just so adorable idk what to think :’(


It’s lit

Was watching Up10Tion’s dance practice and questioned where I knew the dance practice room.

Ahh. This is why

And now I’m reminded of the times when B.A.P said they were close to MYNAME because they share(d) the same dance practice space long ago. 

pizza (blurb)

but just imagine you and shawn waiting for pizza, when you turn and see a few paps taking photos of the two of you. you’d mumble his name, nodding towards the people outside and then he’d look down at you and grin. he’d say something like "let’s give them something to write about" and then wrap his arms around your back and pull you in for a kiss. you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing as he pulls you close to him, and starts to dance with you in the deserted pizza shop. you’d tell him you love him and then he’d melt your fucking heart by replying with "i love you too, lil pizza buddy" before kissing your nose. and then the next morning there would be photos of the two of you plastered over social media, dancing in a pizza shop, making the world go into complete meltdown mode at how cute you both are AWH MY GAWD I WANT THIS SO BAD MEHH


Dance with Dora