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From the entrance they went down a metal staircase and came face-to-face with what looked like an alter. A large gargoyle sat in the middle surrounded by candles and vines, with two urns on either side and a shiver ran up Ryleigh’s spine as she wondered if they were real, were there actual people’s ashes in there?

“This is a crypt!” she exclaimed, turning to narrow her eyes at Quinn.

“Well technically it is, yes,” Quinn nodded, eyeing the alter for a second before pushing through their group towards the door on their right. “But trust me when I say that’s not all it is. Come on!”

As soon as Quinn pushed the double doors open, they were hit by a wave of sound. Music blasted from inside mixed with the faint sound of people yelling to be heard over the music, an glasses clinking. Ryleigh stared around in surprise as she stepped through the door; it really was a club.

She found herself wondering for a second who in their right mind would have thought to start a nightclub in a crypt before her eyes were drawn to the room through the archways. A DJ was playing while people moved around the lit dance floor underneath a massive chandelier. The whole place was a strange mix of old gothic and modern styles.

“Told you so,” Quinn shouted over the music, laughing. “You guys grab some seats while I grab us drinks.”


“Dark Paradise” - Tate McRae, YYC Dance Project, teen contemporary solo, 1st overall, Radix Las Vegas, April 2017
★ Choreography by Michelle Dawley
Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix) ~ Massive Attack ft. Hope Sandoval
⛔ due to music copyrights, may not be available on mobile devices

[ HD with high-fidelity stereo soundtrack 😀 turn it up! ] 

Overwatch Lúcio x Reader

Let me be cliché for one second lol. First Overwatch prompt!

“Let’s pump it up!”

Lúcio shouted as the crowd went wild. You smiled at him as one of his world-famous songs played through the speakers. You were in crowd of your best friend’s concert in Rio de Janeiro. You were there for support, surprising him with your visit. Lúcio invited you to one of his concerts tonight, and of course you went. Here you are now, wanting to be there for him always. Lúcio deserves it all, and you’re here to support him as his best friend.

Friend… That’s all I am.

You thought in your head as you looked up to him on the rooftop he was performing on. You were seen only as his best friend, nothing more. Though, you wouldn’t deny it if someone were to say you had feelings for him. Afraid of being rejected and ending your friendship forever, you kept your mouth shut. All you could do was be there for him…

Even up on that rooftop stage, he could definitely spot you in the crowd. You stood out to him; not in a bad way, but the very opposite. You stood out to him in magnificence.

They say when you see the one, it’ll seem like there is only the two of you. And that’s what Lúcio felt with you the first time be laid eyes on you. And he couldn’t stop looking since. Unfortunately afraid to tell you his feelings, he’s kept quiet for so long; not wanting to jeopardize the closeness you both shared.

You saw his eyes meet yours from all the way up top the balcony. Oh, you know those lovely eyes too well knowing they were looking at yours.

Lúcio smiled brightly at you. You returned the same. He then looked forward, toward the massive crowd dancing.

“Oh let’s break it down!”

Two hours later the concert finally was over. The masses of people went their separate ways, but you remained there. You walked to the building Lúcio was in.

The bodyguard stopped in front of you, blocking the gate. You showed him your ID and the man knew exactly who you were. Most of Lúcio’s security knew you were the international DJ’s closest friend.

“Been too long..” You put a hand on the man’s shoulder. “Yup. Lúcio’s on the fourth floor.” He smiled softly as he pointed toward inside the building. He radioed you in.

You thanked him and walked through the gate. You arrived at a fancy-looking elevator door. You quickly pressed the 8th floor button.

In a flash, you arrived and the metal doors opened. The security to the side of the elevator already stepped out of your way. You walked past various people in formal attire, not even soaring a glance at you.

At the middle of the hallway, you see Lúcio…with two overly excited girls on either side of him.

At this point, you were used to fan girls touching him.

“You’re so cool!” The girl on his left shouts.

The other girl on his right asked for his autograph.

“Yes of course!” Lúcio replies in Portuguese, flashing his signature smile.

You smile as he signs the paper and gives it to the practically squealing girl. They thank him and walk off excitedly past you.

“(F/n)!” Lúcio yells out to you. You both run and hug each other. I mean, it’s only been a day since you saw each other but why not?

“God, you were great out there!” You hug him tightly. “Daww thanks!” He smiles cheekily. "Hey listen, I got something to show you right now! It’s really important!“ Lúcio grabbed your hand and you two got into the elevator.

The two of you made it all the way to the roof of the building. You looked up at the night sky, the stars seemed so close to the two of you. You stared in amazement.

“Over here!” He called you to the other side of the rooftop, toward the railing. You walked up to him and saw the DJ-ing station he performed with. The speakers were unplugged so the two of you were the only ones who could hear it.

“I made a new song. I’ve been working on it, but I hope you can tell me what you think.” He smiled at you and worked up his station.

Lúcio started up the song. It was a nice and soft melody at first. You subtly moved your body to the rhythm. Then, the music grew louder, and had a more upbeat tempo making it’s way through. Your tapped your feet to the beat. Soon enough, you started to full-on dance to the song.

He looked back at you as the music continued to play. He loves the way you dance, especially to his songs. Lúcio watched as your body moved swiftly and gracefully to the song. Your eyes closed, letting yourself get lost in his music in his beat, with the sonic pulses empowering you.


The song reached an abrupt end. And your moves faded slowly. You opened your eyes, only to see Lúcio staring back at you with a wide smile.

Had he been staring the whole time? “N…nice song, Lúcio!” You were a little embarrassed at the fact that he watched you make some weird moves. You don’t really dance in front of people; let alone have Lúcio see you.

Suddenly, he walked up and hugged you tightly.

“Man, I can’t believe I’ve never seen you dance before! That was amazing!” He fanboyed excitedly. You let out an embarrassed chuckle. “Ha. Thanks…”

“God, I can just kiss you right now!”

“Woah w-what?” You moved back a little.

“Oh, well…” Lúcio moved back from you. He rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled a little, his cheeks dusted with a bright pink. “I sorta…well. I like you…a lot, (f/n). Like, a LOT.” He said, looking at you straight in the eye.

“Is this a confession?” You ask. “Y-yes.” He replied. “Look, I-I understand if you don’t wanna be with me. It’s just I-” You cut him off by quickly grabbing his chin and kissing him.

He froze mid sentence and immediately kissed back. Lúcio held your waist as you moved your hands to his neck.

The two of you pulled apart and leaned your foreheads together. “Best day ever.” He smiled.

“Can’t get better than this!”

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A/N: Takes place two years before the events in ‘Crash Course’, so you don’t have to read it to understand what’s going on.  I tried to interlace some plot points revealed in CC and it’s sequel, Infinite, but again, you don’t have to read them to understand what’s going on.

Song: ‘Partition’ by Queen B

Pairing: Rucas with brief mentions of J/M and F/S

Rated: M

Word Count: 14,221 (I still don’t know HOW it ended up this long)

Totally dedicating this one to @jenn0bi bc without her calling me out on not using this song (after I promised), this would never have been written. I *really* hope you like it, Jenn. <3

Maya groaned as she cradled her phone between her ear and her shoulder.  She hated it when he made sense.  The most annoying part of it was that her boyfriend always made sense—especially when it came to the subject of his niece.  “It’s been two years,” she reasoned as she reached for her concealer.

“Yeah, but we both know that she’s different now.  She’s not the same person she was in high school.  She’s not the same person she was since they broke up.”

Maya cringed.  She hated it when he used her words against her.  “But it’s Farkle’s birthday.”

“I know.  And I know she’ll be there and try to not let it affect her, but Maya, we still don’t know the whole story.  We don’t know who broke up with who.”

“There are going to be a ton of people there,” she reasoned.  “Maybe they won’t even cross paths?  Maybe she’s doing better than we think she is?  Maybe…maybe she is over it?”  She looked down at the counter as she quickly debated on which eye shadow to use.  “She has been dating around…and has gone on like four dates with this new guy.”

Josh frowned.  “Really?  Who is he?”

She frowned.  Nothing she had was going to work with her dress.  “Uhhh…Caleb, I think?  I only met him once.”

“Is he coming tonight?”

She sighed.  The good thing about living with her best friend was that she was welcome to borrow her things—including her makeup.  “I think so.  He’s friends with Farkle too.  That’s how she met him.”

“Then maybe we only need to worry about Lucas?”

Maya scoffed.  “You can worry about Lucas.”

“Come on, Maya.  I know you still talk to him.”

“Maybe I do, but when it comes to break ups, us girls have to stick together.”

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My Worlds recap

Here I was, on March 30th, in my hometown Riga with bus and ferry tickets and most importantly - tickets to Ladies practice and Short Dance in my pocket. I could not believe I was going to Worlds after many years of living and breathing figure skating. This was a dream of mine that I thought would never come to life. It felt so surreal I had to pinch myself a few times. 😅

When me and my mom made it to the arena at 8 AM on March 31st, it was so difficult to hold back tears ( i am literally tearing up as i’m writing this 😂). Watching figure skating has been one of the biggest parts of my life for five (!!!) years now and I don’t think I can put my feelings towards it in just some sentences. It is better than all the movies because it’s the real life - but with the spectrum of emotions I only get to see in the cinema. It doesn’t only show “the movie” (aka the performance) but also every behind the scenes action (like the emotions before and after the performance, the training process, the challenges along the way) which makes it so much more interesting. So when I walked in the arena it felt like a dream come true. They didn’t have doors heading to each sector, but a curtain instead (to not make a sound every time someone enters or exits) and because it was the practice time for Ladies the curtains weren’t closed but fully open instead. So even when I had just come in the arena, I could already see a glimpse of the ice rink which felt so surreal and that was the first time it hit me so hard that I was actually really here - at the World Championships.

It felt fantastic to see stars like Ashley Wagner, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya and Carolina Kostner skate so close to me (we were seated really close to the ice), to see their determined faces and to live through their great performances. Incomparably mesmerizing.

Before the short dance there was some time to kill so we just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere which is SO unique! There is this buzzing feeling which makes you feel warm and welcomed and everyone looks nervously excited. We walked through every booth/shop there was, I even got some beautiful postcards from John Wilson Blades booth (they were handing them out for free?! 😧) with Ashley, Patrick, the Shibs and Chock/Bates. There I met a lovely French fan and we had a brief talk about our journeys as fans and let me add that it feels so weird to actually talk with someone about figure skating after you’ve mostly only shared your opinions online and have never had a legit conversation live??! 😂

Then it was the time for the short dance (oh my, hearing the ISU fanfare live was hands down the best experience ever 😂😂😂) . I have been a massive ice dance fan since forever and I am a big supporter of Tessa&Scott. They are the main reason I was actually here - I can’t put into words what they’ve done to me in these past years - they have held me up every time I felt down in various ways - with their performances, life stories or just small interviews. I just wanted to give back to them a little with my heartfelt support. However, I joined the V/M fandom in 2012 when everyone was furious about D/W and their success (which would happen in 2013 and 2014) and I quickly learned to be as bitter as everyone else. It feels sad to look back now and think that we used so much time to just talk about Meryl and Charlie - more than about great things of Tessa and Scott. I only understood this after T&S took a break after 2014 and I just became this casual ice dance fan who wanted to see the best in everyone and was listening to everyone’s stories of ups and downs. It was the same fantastic atmosphere - just without all the rage. During this period of time I really fell in love with Kaitlyn&Andrew, Maia&Alex and Gabriella&Guillaume. When Tessa&Scott came back I couldn’t believe how great I felt during the season - it was now 100 times more exciting as I had so many couples I loved and supported throughout (…well, i did love t&s a little more than anyone else though 😆) . And you have NO idea how much I loved the theme of this years SD. SOOOO much spunk and sass! I hope you don’t mind me saying that pretty much all of these were the best short dances I have ever seen from the top teams.

First of all, let me say a word about the atmosphere live. It is absolutely incomparable to the TV. The audience noises are lowered for about ten thousand times and are almost inaudible in the TV which is the biggest change. The ovations are so impressive you can’t believe them at first. Second of all, the skating skills and the speed is insane live. And thirdly of all, the costumes look SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. (they are much more sparkly and colorful 😍✨).

I was actually worried that I might not last for seven freaking groups but the time went so fast. I still can’t believe the zamboni breaks. I swear to god they didn’t last more than five minutes 😅 (I always get cranky during the resurfacing breaks when I watch TV - feels like hours). From the first four groups couples that stood out for me the most were Smart/Diaz, Kaliszek/Spodyriev and Lauriault/Le Gac - they all had great stage presence and superb feel to the music.

Then the fifth group came. All of a sudden Tessa and Scott were on the ice and I was like one of these crazy Bieber fans who can’t stop their tears. I tried my hardest to bring the tears back but I miserably failed (I had promised myself that I would act NORMALLY NOT START CRYING ON MY FIRST OPPORTUNITY I AM SO WEIRDED OUT OF THE SUDDEN EMOTIONS THAT CAME OUTSIDE IN THAT MOMENT - I am a very reserved person who always puts herself together 😂). Tessa’s costume is SO much more beautiful live. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it but DAMN she looked hot. Also the golden sparkles around the cutouts on the pants are basically not seen at all in the usual professional pics but they were actually unbelievably shiny. And Scott just has this amazing aura around himself. He seemed to ooze confidence but also some sort of humbleness. And OMG - they’re fast. But the thing that struck me the most was the non-touching step sequence. They did it once in the warm up and I legit thought it was some “easy version of this sequence without the hard steps just to get warmed up” and you can’t imagine how surprised I was when they performed it in the actual dance. It WAS the sequence. I swear it looked like anyone could do it. So light and easy. Now THAT was the moment I understood how superior they actually are. Everybody else’s StSq looked, you know, like a StSq should look like - a hard element hard to execute (don’t get me wrong - they were mostly done beautifully but it was visible that this is a hard element - which it is 😆). After the warm up ended I was probably still in shock so I have no recollection of the first two pairs in that group. Sorry. 😁 Then they came up on ice for a short warm up again while the previous teams scores were announced. And this includes the moment I think nobody has caught on camera (I don’t think I have seen any pre-sd videos at all which is such a shame). They were just gliding on ice separately with Tessa slightly in front of Scott. Then they started to slow down because they were coming to Marie France. And while they’re slowing down, Scott skates right in front of me with the biggest grin ever and his lovey-dovey eyes focused on Tessa’s back slightly in front of him. And that is the moment I calm down. His eyes bring the sense to me that everything is going to be okay and he is confident about it (i swear to god he’s a magician or whatever but that look was SO calming and surreal). And Tessa just turns her head, looks at his face and literally rolls her eyes with a smile on her face (okay i might’ve imagined the eye rolling but you all know that face when tessa looks at scott and thinks ‘god you’re such an idiot i love you’) and then they’re already with Marie France with last words before performance. The actual performance was unreal. They did their beginning moves right in front of me and that was SO sharp. Also when they did these moves there were quite few “eeeaaaww” kind of shouts or whatever the Michael Jackson kind of short screams sound. That was superb and I’m so sad NONE of them are audible during the actual recording. It gave a great atmosphere. Scott did the kneeling thing right before the end of the first section right in front of me which left such an impact. SOO much control. The blues sequence was hella smooth (and twizzles were ok but i was so scared about them) BUT THE LIFT. THE STADIUM FREAKING ERUPTED DURING THE LIFT. I felt as if I had wings and had been accepted into paradise. And then it ended and I was on my feet and there was an ocean of tears (whoops😅). It was an experience I will never forget.

Then it was time for Group number 6. I have to be honest - I was a little disappointed with Stepanova/Bukin. I’ve been a huge fan of their SD but seeing it live was a little bit underwhelming. It’s the way of skating - they skate “small”. However I still loved the choreography and their chemistry is certainly the best in the younger ice dancers field. If they can improve their skating skills, I’m completely on board.

Piper and Paul were a huge surprise for me. Even when they were warming up with everyone else, you could feel their presence the most. And let me just say this - Canadian men are superior dancers. Scott, Paul and Andrew all felt a bit similar to me. They makes themselves look extremely confident (i mean their skating skills also are 😍) and they lead their ladies better than anyone else - it just feels extremely natural. So, back to Piper&Paul. This was a huge hit in the arena (and for me!). The feeling was great throughout the performance and I just want to say it one more time - the skating skills (piper has improved so much)!! the twizzles! they took my breath. I have to admit I didn’t think this dance would actually work for me but it did.

Another team which surprised me in a good way were Bobrova&Soloviev. As the season progressed, I always felt as this program was a little “pushed”. They tried to bring the sass, but instead it came off as a vulgarity. However the forms they create on ice are very clean and blade work is beautiful so I was actually scratching my head after watching these two because I’ve never really liked them but somehow they look better live (I just don’t understand why?)

I was also delighted by Anna&Luca’s performance. That dress looked even more beautiful live and they also made me like them more than on TV. They just draw you in and you can’t do anything about it. I just wish they would be more versatile (but i still love them!)

The seventh group started with the Shibs who I think had the very close second short dance choreography-and-idea-wise behind T&S. I’ve absolutely adored this dance all the times this season and this was no exception. That lift was badass and man, those twizzles… I didn’t think that was going to leave such a big impact on me. SO sharp in every movement. Alex just needs improve his facial expressions a bit and then they’d be even more perfect (also maia is a literal goddess).

I have to say my sentimental favorites of the night were Kaitlyn&Andrew. Their skating on TV looks a bit like Stepanova/Bukin’s so I was a little bit worried that it would fall flat. It was the DIRECT opposite. I think their skating skills were second only to VM that night because damn, they skated with so much speed. And their chemistry just went sky high. Also that lift made the arena erupt (again😂). It looked so much more powerful than on TV. The move where Andrew just rolls Kaitlyn on his back was hands down one of the coolest of the night. I was just so happy to see them perform the best they can after some disappointing starts. It was truly wonderful and after they finished I was standing and in tears again. I thought they were terribly underscored, but oh well, #twizzles. (they are both also incredibly hot 😏🔥)

Gabriella&Guillaume were also amazing live. I loved that they did the most program to the blues music which I truly respect because it is so much harder to keep an audience interested with blues than with hip hop. But the slow section was amazing - the attention to details and the blade work was soooo smooth. I’ve got to say although Guillaume’s skating skills and dance moves are through the roof fantastic, he doesn’t “lead” his partner that well - the Canadian guys do it so much better. I don’t think he has any rivals in the “best male ice dancer by himself” category, but he has a lot to learn to be the best in the “best male partner in ice dance” nomination - he isn’t the full package yet. However I’m a big fan of hard work and dedication (and I’m sad people only appreciate Guillaume’s because he is the more gifted one) so I’m a big fan of Gabi, her personality and facial expressions during the performance. She sells everything better than Guillaume but I don’t think she’s being recognized enough for that.

Madi&Zach also surprised me live by looking far more polished than on TV. The movements were sharp and they’ve got this weirdly different blade quality compared to others that I can’t explain (but i liked it). I certainly was a bit cringey about the music at the beginning of the season, but I’ve got to say that crowd really appreciated it and I was also on board. I smiled so hard when the scores came up because I absolutely love it when underdogs show everyone what they’re capable of.

Last up were Madi&Evan and this unfortunately turned out the same way I felt about Stepanova/Bukin. I had also been a big fan of this SD all season but their way of skating didn’t seem to impress me. I had also liked how Evan just tossed around Madi various times in the program but live it just seemed a little too much? BUT I totally respect that they have worked so much with their chemistry because it was nonexistent some years ago but now they just scream the word “FIIIIREEEEEE”. 😉

Afterwards there were about a hundred of people making a crowd close to the door which skaters entered to go to the draw for the FD. Well, I think it’s not a very good way to get a skaters autograph. They are very tired after the competition and it’s not even over - there’s still the FD so they got to keep focused. I think a moment between a skater and a fan should be much more personal than just blocking an entrance just to get your autograph. I don’t know, it just made me a little uncomfortable when everyone was waiting for them just to come like they’re some sort of zoo animals or whatever. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, it was just SO hard to get through the far-too-excited crowd (to the exit of the arena) I decided to wait until they go away. I didn’t even register that I was standing right after the entrance to the draw (where it wasn’t crowded at all, in fact I was like the only person there) and the wall was from glass so you could see the skaters after they entered the “closed zone”. And then I turned my head and saw FREAKING TESSA AND SCOTT in the closed zone. About a meter from me there was this crazy crowd waiting for skaters and turning their heads in the other direction while I was enjoying my view of Tessa and Scott having a conversation. 😄 They were kind of afar from me though and I was trying my best not to stare ('they are not animals and it is rude to do that’ I muttered to myself) - I don’t think they even saw me because they looked completely in ease as the glass wall separated them from everyone. Then they left further for the draw and I couldn’t see them anymore. Tessa&Scott were already in the closed zone because they skated early but the skaters from the last group still had to come. I’ve got to say it was a bit sad to see the guards having a hard time taking the skaters from the crowd to the closed zone. People went crazy every time someone came. But I, still not accompanied by anyone, just had the best view of my life of skaters like Maia&Alex, Kaitlyn&Andrew, Gabi (Guillaume didn’t show up because he was getting his hand stitched) , Piper&Paul, Madi&Evan and Madi&Zach after they had gone through the crowd. Madison Hubbell actually turned around to see the crowd once again, laughed, then turned in the other direction, saw me all by myself, smiled and waved at me! 😎😱 I was so surprised but also very thankful for such a nice gesture! (jeez, but I hope I didn’t look like those weird, creepy stalkers 😁). The crowd finally went away and I got to walk out normally.

My journey was over but the memories were never going to fade. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world as it brought the whole spectrum of emotions to me. It was the best day of my life. I can never thank enough to my mom who came up with this idea and travelled with me. We had the most fantastic time ever. ❤️

(thanks for reading, this was suuuuper long 😂)

My first little story (Part II)

- As a note, sorry it isnt proof read, it takes me a long time to read and write in English, and do understand English isnt my first language. Do take the time to read and I hope you enjoy. 

Part two probably doesn’t continue the way you thought it might go, as due to some of the clumsy positions we had got into in the small cubical, our legs and feet had been sticking out under the door and sides of the cubical at times, so was obvious to others there something was going on. Only a few moments after the ending of the first story, we had a knock on the door asking us to come out. Which meant we had to dress very quickly, not that easy when you suddenly snap back to reality and realize you are naked trying to find you clothing on the floor of a cubical. In a fantasy everything works out fine, but my friend lost her bag (probably got knocked under into another cubical and taken or lost), she also lots her panties, and I lost my bra. Least we had our shoes and dresses so left the cubical looking as good as we could.

From what I know many clubs tend to kick people out who have been doing something like that in the restrooms. However we were merely escorted from the restrooms and then that was it. Moment lost a little, not really able to look each other in the eye, and feeling suddenly very sober.

We made our way back to our table (lots of clubs in Thailand have many tables, rather than just one massive dance floor). After a few more drinks and talking with each other and others we were soon laughing and back into the semi drunk light hearted mood that had started it all off. My friend was soon leading me back on the dance floor where It didn’t take long of dancing with each other til we were often approached by men wanting to dance. I didn’t realize at the time, but I was very horny and worked up from the earlier events, and now being braless, meant my nipples we poking through my dress quite prominently. Soon I can feel a guy dancing and grinding up against me from behind, hand on my hips, moving his crotch against my ass, his hands feeling all over me. I could feel him getting hard against my ass, it encourages me to rub against him even more. He spins me round til we are face to face and pulls me in for a kiss. As we are kissing I grabbed a little feel of his cock through his trousers, which excited me even more.

To fill in a few of maybe the less entertaining bits, I took him back to my table, we drank more with my friends and his, a few of us even we on to another bar after. After that he invited me back to his.

In the taxi to his, it was very heated, kind of forget that the driver is there, wasn’t anything full on, but there was plenty of touching and kissing, and groping too. His hand was slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh, I knew I was wet, and he double in enthusiasm when he reached my wet thong and began rubbing against my pussy. Its only looking back on it now, how I realize we must have been making a bit of noise and been quite obvious what was going on. But at the time you think your being sly and giving each other a few touches and kisses. When we got to his condo, we held hands to the elevator and didn’t really say a word in the ride up. When we got to his room, he opened the door to a huge bachelor pad. Amazing views of the city from the balcony.  It was the balcony where he took me for a drink and a look over the city, though it wasn’t long before we were rubbing and kissing again. Like a good girl I could take it no more and slowly dropped to my knees, undoing his belt and zip, pulling the trousers down with his underwear. Until his big semi hard white cock was hanging excitedly in front of my face. I felt the weight of it in my hand and move my mouth around his cock. I enjoyed holding the shaft of his cock as I sucked him, he got harder in my mouth, and I could hear him begin to groan and I sucked him. I look it at my mouth and looked at it rock hard in my hand, before sucking him good, all along his shaft, and licking his balls.

After a while he takes my hands and pulls me to my feet. I look down and see his big hard cock glistening with my saliva. And looking up to his eyes filled with lust. He tells me to lean over the balcony and enjoy the view. I can feel his hands on my ass, and slowly he takes his turn to fall to his knees. I part my legs and his hands pull apart my cheeks, as he begins to lick my pussy. I was so horny and turned on by the whole evening it wasn’t long until I was groaning and growing weak at the knees. I think at one point as I came, my right leg even buckled slightly.

He stands up behind me and I reach behind me holding his cock, making it hard again in my hand, rubbing the head of his cock against my wet pussy. I beg him to fuck me. With one hand he is holding my hip, with the other he is guiding his big hard cock inside me. He is big, but I was so wet and worked up, it squeezes in with pleasure. He holds my hips as he fucks me from behind over the balcony. I love when he reached round and grabbed my breasts, running his fingers over my hard nipples. When he fucks hard he pulls lightly on my hair.

We make our way over to the bed where at first I lay on my back and he climbs on top of me. I groan with pleasure each time he re-enters me. Then we roll over so im riding him, he reaches up and feels my breasts bouncing as I ride up and down on his cock. I can really work it when im on top and it’s not long before im cumming. This excites him more and he begins to ask where he can cum. I am never really afraid of cum, but I wouldn’t normally give a guy such free reign as to where he wants to cum, but I was in the mood. He wants to cum in my mouth, so I climb off his cock and we go back out on to the balcony. He stands up leaning his ass against the edge, while im on my knees. I put his cock in my mouth, tasting my own juices, but its not long before my mouth his full of his warm seed being shot in my mouth and to the back of my throat. Half I swallow, and half dribbles down my chin and dripping on my breasts where it disappears into my cleavage.

I fucked up by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

(warning: very long post with pics at the end)

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

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Today, I fucked up... by jumping into the middle of the Pacific ocean fully clothed and my wallet sank to the bottom, but something unbelievable happened!

I have a very fun and quite unbelievable story to tell you guys. This happened back in 1998.

I was 18, slightly nerdy, and I was not a drinker, by any means. Let’s get the funniest part of this entire story out of the way right now. I’ll admit it; I had bowl cut. You’ll see.

I was best buds with two guys I had known for years: Ryan and Dave. Ryan’s dad was an airline pilot and had some free tickets to Hawaii, so he offered to take us all for a long weekend. Needless to say, we were stoked. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I was looking forward to the experience very much.

I am 35 years old now and my memories are spotty, but I will describe things as best I can. The flight was long, but soon enough we arrived in the base-model-Ford-Mustang-convertible-capital-of-the-world. It seemed as if that was the only car available to rent on the island.

Ryan, Dave, I (Chris) were lucky enough to have our own room, which meant trouble at that age. We did some bar hopping and found it quite difficult to get alcohol from the bartenders, since we all looked pretty damn young. Desperate times require desperate measures, so we found a guy in the stairwell of our hotel named Cal and asked him to buy us some booze. He agreed… and the debauchery ensued.

Dave and I did a bit of drinking in the hotel room, and Ryan did quite a bit more. He was in pretty bad shape and the place was a disaster. Beer cans were strewn about and everything was in complete disarray. Ryan was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, puking into the shower, when his dad called. He didn’t like what he heard and said that he was coming up to check on us. He was in the same hotel, only a few floors away, so we FREAKED THE HELL OUT!!

It was a mad scramble to clean the room and put all the beer cans into a trash bag and dispose of it in the stairwell before his dad got up there. We kept Ryan in the bathroom and somehow convinced his dad that everything was copacetic and he just had a stomach bug. In hindsight, his dad almost surely knew exactly what was going on, as he kept a much closer eye on us from there on out.

On one of our adventures outside of the hotel that night, we saw an advertisement in a bar for a BOOZE CRUISE. The flyer made it sound like a ton of fun, complete with hot chicks, music, dancing, alcohol, and a massive floating trampoline. What more could an 18 year old ask for? Absolutely nothing… so we decided to see if Ryan’s dad would allow us to go. I believe we told him that we wanted to go on a cruise, while conveniently leaving out the part about the booze, so he didn’t seem to have much of a problem with us going. There was one catch, though: the booze cruise was on a Sunday and Ryan’s family was quite religious. Dave and I were given the option to go to Sunday mass, while Ryan was not. We all went back to the hotel room for the night to ponder the situation.

The next day, we all met up with Ryan’s dad early in the morning and rendered our verdict. In true Top Gear spirit, when one of our comrades was in need and the open road was ahead of us, Dave and I did what we had to do: we left Ryan to go to church with his dad and we got the hell on that ship. And damn was that a good decision. Sort of.

I went to a small high school with a graduating class of less than 60 kids, and I definitely wasn’t a big partier. This cruise was absolutely nuts, especially for me. Loud music was blasting, tons of meat heads were screaming and being obnoxious, beautiful women in skimpy bikinis were on their backs with cheering crowds around them, as whipped cream was sprayed onto their navels. Guys were doing body shots off of topless girls, making out… you name it. It was paradise for Dave and me, but we needed some alcohol to really let loose.

Now that I think about it, I’m not quite sure how we managed to get on this booze cruise, in the first place, since the minimum age for the cruise was 21. LOL! Regardless, we decided to chance it and go ask the bartender for a drink, hoping he wouldn’t ask us for any ID. Dave looked older than I did, so he was nominated to do the deed. If he was successful, our drink of choice was going to be a long island iced tea. He made it up to the bar and wasn’t looking too confident in himself, and I was getting worried that we were going to be busted for being on a booze cruise under-age. No good.

Dave eventually went for it, hands shaking… and he got lucky. The bartender didn’t ID him and he came back with the massive drink!! We were stoked, to say the least. Again, keep in mind the neither of us were big drinkers. Also keep in mind that the bartender made this long island iced tea extremely strong. Well, let me tell you something… this long island iced tea absolutely obliterated me. I became a flaming idiot and lost every single bit of the little common sense I had. I guess that was the goal, but this was a bit more than I had planned for.

By this point, everyone else was extremely intoxicated, as well, as the escapades were only getting more Girls-Gone-Wild’esque. At the peak of my drunkenness, the boat came to a stop and anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Everyone started jumping off the back of the boat and getting onto the massive floating trampoline that was being dragged behind it. This was so amazing for Dave and me. Boobs were bouncing everywhere and we were drunk out of our minds. Every once in a while we would mention poor Ryan, who was probably sitting in the pew beside his father, singing hymns at Sunday mass. Oh well, THE SHOW MUST GO OOONNN!

I then decided to join in the festivities. When I do things, I normally go all out. It’s all or nothing for me, and that would prove to be a bit problematic in this case. All of the other drunk people were jumping off the back of the boat, which was the proper place to jump off the boat, as it was lower and intended for such a purpose. That didn’t seem to be cool enough for me, however, as I climbed up on the side of the boat and let out a scream… then jumped into the ocean.

Fully clothed.

With my wallet in my pocket.

My wallet was forced out of my pocket by the sudden impact from the 20+ foot jump into the water and, unbeknownst to me, promptly sank to the bottom of the ocean floor. Dave and I continued to have a great time on the booze cruise and our lives were perfect. I didn’t realize that I had lost my wallet until we disembarked the ship and got back onto terra firma. This was not a good situation, at all, but fortunately it was pre 9/11 and Ryan’s dad could pull some strings since he was a pilot. I eventually made it back to the continental United States and got a new license from the DMV. All was back to normal for a couple years…

If you are still with me, then you are about to be rewarded, just like I was. Over two years later, my mom received a manilla envelope in the mail, sent from Colorado and addressed to me. I opened up the envelope and inside I found my worn wallet, filled with sand, with my faded ID card and the tattered remains of a twenty dollar bill inside. Also in the envelope was a hand written letter that read:

My husband, ********, found your wallet in 90 ft. of water.  He was doing his 2 weeks with Navy Reserves.  He teaches scuba and is a Master Instructor.  That day he had a group of 8 people out in the ocean when he found your wallet.
I hope you receive this and haven’t moved.  I wondered how long it has been in the ocean (Hawaii). Sincerely, ********************

I was floored. I could not believe that this wallet made it back to me, years after my stupid ass had lost it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were miles from shore when I jumped off the side of that boat and, as the letter said, the diver found my wallet in 27.432 meters of water. Absolutely astonishing, if you ask me. My mom saved it for all these years, and I just got around to taking some pics earlier tonight.

TL;DR Went on booze cruise in Hawaii, got way too drunk, jumped off side of boat fully clothed, lost wallet in the Pacific Ocean, scuba diver found it two years later and sent it back to me with a letter from his wife who has amazing cursive penwomanship, and I had a super awesome bowl cut of which everyone is envious.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story, guys. I have attached pictures to this post, as proof that this was not a fictional tale!

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Choosing You (Part Eight)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: AU! - Dean, Sam, and Castiel are in a band and they want the reader to join.  She does, even though she’s already in another one.  Things get complicated, feelings get weird, and no one knows what obstacle is going to come up next.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,171
Tags: au!, plot driven, a lil angst
A/N: As usual, if you comment/message me/reblog a comment about the fic (that doesn’t contain spoilers), there’s a 1000000% chance I’ll reply with a funny gif and nice words :)



“You need to get out there.  Breathe some fresh air, dance with a stranger, drink too much.”  Her grip on your fingers tightened. “You need to have some fun.”

“I’m not ready,” You said quietly, dropping your gaze to your shoes.  “I don’t want to.”

Sighing, Charlie let go of you and crossed her arms.  With a conniving glint in her eye, she made a proposal.  “How about you come out with me tonight and, if you don’t have fun, I’ll stop bugging you about it.”

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Imagine: Being in a relationship with Luke Skywalker

For anon… Enjoy <3

The Ewoks were dancing around a massive bonfire they had lit themselves, cheering to the sky as shards of the second Death Star hurtled across the galaxy. They were using storm trooper helmets for drums and were throwing their armor in to the fire, dancing in circles. 

A little ways from the party, you and Luke were sitting on a fallen tree, your fingers intertwined. He wouldn’t look at you, no matter how hard you tried to get him to. 

“Luke, what is it?” You kept on asking, leaning your head on his shoulder. You could tell he was exhausted and there was an uneasy air about him. The Jedi rested his head on yours, taking a deep breath. 

“Vader’s dead.” He said quietly, rubbing his thumb on your palm. His hand shook slightly and you squeezed it.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” You replied, whispering. Luke sighed. 

“I don’t know, Y/N. He saved my life.” 

You lifted your head and looked at him, astonished. 


The Jedi smirked at you and looked down, shaking his head. 

“He changed… in the end. He killed the Emperor. He died saving me.” 

Luke looked back up at you, tears brimming around his eyes. 

You pulled him into a hug, resting your chin on his shoulder. You felt his arms wrap around your middle tightly and you whispered words of comfort in to his ear. 

“Well, aren’t you two sweet?” You heard a familiar voice from the trees. Looking around, you saw Han Solo step out with Leia, both with grins on their faces. 

Luke looked up and smiled widely. He unhooked himself from you and ran over to his friends, greeting them with a massive hug. You started towards them and Leia threw herself on to you, holding you around the neck. You returned the embrace and laughed as Han nodded to you, smirking. 

“Did we interrupt a moment between you two?” Leia asked, pulling away and looking up at you. You never noticed how short she was. 

“No, not-” You began before Luke interrupted you. 

“Actually, could you give us a minute?” The young Jedi said, sneaking you a wink. 

Han scoffed.

“All the time you need.” He sniggered before motioning to Leia and leaving the two of you alone. 

Luke started towards you, his blue eyes twinkling. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Luke, why did you-”

The Jedi cut you off with a kiss. He held your face in his hand, kissing you gently. He moved your mouth with his slowly. You smiled slightly and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your hands traveling up to his hair. You fondled it gently and he grinned against you, laughing. 

“Should we join the others now?” He breathed, his forehead pressing lightly against yours. 

You smiled.

“In a second.” You said before planting another kiss on his lips. 

I’m enjoying this I’m gonna make y'all madder

Courtly is a raging lesbian

So are all of the Wonderlandian girls

Except bunny she’s homoflexible and only interested in one male who is Alistair

Alistair is bisexual

Lizzie, Kitty, Maddie? LESBIANS

Your faves? LESBIANS

Apple? Darling? Raven? LESBIANS



Faybelle? Briar? closeted LESBIANS