dance magazine cover

The November 1950 issue of “Sets in Order” the ‘Magazine of Western Square Dancing’, featuring cover art by Chuck Jones. Chuck and his wife, Dorothy, along with several other members of his unit and their wives spent a great deal of time square dancing, traveling around the Southwest for dance tournaments. Chuck Jones contributed many cover illustrations over the years to this magazine. 


“I go for a lot of walks and I sing. That’s when you find an angle on things, where it makes sense for that particular moment. It’s more that feeling. In a way, I also rediscovered music, because [chokes up]—I’m sorry—it’s so miraculous what it can do to you; when you are in a really fucked situation, it’s the only thing that can save you. Nothing else will. And it does, it really does. I’m hoping the album will document the journey through. It is liberation in the end. It comes out as a healing process, because that’s how I experienced it myself.”

-Björk for Pitchfork Magazine


Keeping the count on Tessa’s magazines covers

1. Todays Bride Spring Summer 2014 issue

2. Real Style Magazine Winter 2014-2015

3. Strong Fitness Magazine March/April 2015

4. Best Health Magazine June 2016

I hope that we get to see her on more covers !