dance like someone is watching


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞


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Shape Of You

Title: Shape Of You

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Dean walks in on the reader having a private moment and he decides to talk to her about it.

A/N: This is my fic for Sam’s 700 Follower Celebration ( @riversong-sam ). My prompt was: Song: Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran; Quote: “Don’t be like that!”; and the pic by the end of the fic. Hope you guys like it.

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Every kid has something about school that they hate. Some hate learning and others hate the mornings. Some just hate the people.

Damian Wayne falls into the latter category. He loved to learn and mornings were no problem, it’s just the fact that he has to actually interact with people of lesser intelligence annoys him to no end.

So when his father came home one day and announced that he’d be attending Gotham Academy, Damian was less than pleased. He had complained to his father the entire week but was ignored.

Damian walked into the office, where he was supposed to meet someone to show him around the school. A girl walked up to him, her h/c hair swaying slightly as she walked.

“Hi, you’re Damian, right? You get to be my shadow today and I’m so excited!” The girl exclaimed. Damian held back an eye roll. Of course he’d get stuck with one of the annoying perky people.

“I’m y/n by the way.” She said as they left the office. Damian nodded to acknowledge it and said nothing.

“You don’t talk much, do you? It’s okay. Probably the smartest thing to do here. Anything you say can be twisted around and trust me, it’ll be used against you.”

They finally made it to the row of lockers. Y/n followed him to his seeing as she already grabbed her stuff. Damian actually made civil conversation with her until she said something about Robin. That made him shut up real fast and turn back to his stuff. Slightly confused by this, y/n nudged him with her foot. Just then a loud group of boys started walking down the hall. Y/n swore under her breath and kept her head down.

“Hey look it’s the Wayne kid!” One of them shouted. They sauntered over to y/n and Damian, causing y/n to get tense.

“Whatcha’ doing hanging with the demon, kid? Don’t you know bad stuff happens around them.” The leader jeered. Y/n’s face turned a dark Crimson, while Damian clutched his fists.

His brothers always called him demon or demon spawn, due to his upbringing and lineage. He always got mad at them for it, it was a stupid name after all. But that didn’t explain how these idiots knew it and it didn’t explain why they decided to annoy him.

Y/n noticed his clenched fists and she put her hand on his shoulder. “Calm down, this happens all the time.”

Damian looked at her. “What?”

“They always call me demon, it’s nothing to make a big deal about it. Don’t worry, nothing bad happens in this school unless a villain attacks but that only happens about once every two months. Just ignore them.”

“Maybe you should take your own advice, demon brat!” The leader called. Y/n took a deep breath as her face (if possible) turned even redder. She walked away from them and Damian followed. They were halfway to their next class when they heard the sounds of fighting.

“Shit, not Drew. Don’t let it be Drew this time.” Y/n said as she took off, Damian close on her heels. They got to where the noise had come from and they saw a bunch of boys crowded around a much smaller one. Y/n took a confident step towards them as her e/c orbs blazed with anger.

“What’s going on?” She asked. The biggest bully looked at her and smirked. “We’re just showing the blink that people like him don’t belong with people like us. What’re you going to do about it?”

“This.” Y/n said with a smile. She ran forward, almost becoming a blur, and gave the jerk an uppercut to the jaw. He stumbled back into a locker and swore.

“You little bitch!” His friend screamed. He swung at her but she ducked and knocked him off his feet. She took them all out and when she was done help the victim of their bullying up. The kid was blind and apparently they had stolen his cane and were whacking his legs with it.

Damian watched this all go down. He was surprised to say the least. It wasn’t everyday you see a girl take down a bunch of boys bigger than her just to help a blind kid. But at least he finally understood her nickname. They called her a demon because she fought like one.

With her h/c hair whipping from her movements to the way she gracefully dodged blows and returned them, Damian was stuck in a trance. It was like watching someone dance but with a far more painful outcome. She hadn’t even looked tired as she flipped the one kid onto his back.

Y/n wasn’t just a girl. She was a fighter. She was a demon.

A/n: should I make a part 2 where reader becomes a vigilante? If I reach 20 likes there will be

Beginnings//Jeno Scenario

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Title: Beginnings

Pairing: Reader x Jeno

Word count: 1.4k+

Plot: (Requested) Your best friend Jeno surprises you the day before your big debut as a part of the new SM girl group. However, he ends up doing a little more than giving you some supporting words.

A/N: I’m SO sorry that this took like 9 years for me to post :/ But now that i’m done with the stressful part of my year, hopefully I’ll have more time to write scenarios! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Ok, that was great guys! One more time and I think you’ll be set!” the choreographer yells. You gaze at the clock and see it’s getting scarcely close to midnight. In just a few minutes, it would officially be the day of your debut as a part of SM’s newest girl group. You look at the other four girls surrounding you and smile. The five of you have managed to become inseparable these past months that you’ve spent preparing to debut together, and you can’t believe it’s actually happening as soon as tomorrow. The dance was absolutely perfect at this point, everyone’s vocals were spot on, and expression was just impeccable. Everyone knew that you guys were going to kill this debut stage. SM has trained you all long and hard for this moment, and you will work your hardest to make sure that it was all worth it. Positions are filled, and the familiar sound of your title song starts again. Once again, you five pull off the performance flawlessly, and the instructor finally announces that you guys are free to go.

“Make sure to get lots of rest guys! It’s the big day tomorrow!” Your instructor says with a smile. The girls smile back as they finally leave the practice room that they’ve been confined in since six am this morning. You can’t help but linger behind, your brain telling you to run the routine just one more time.

“Coming y/n?” Your instructor asks, figure at the door.

“I’ll return to the dorm in a bit, I just want to run the dance one more time!” You say with a smile. 

The instructor shakes her head. “Alright, but don’t stay out too late. You want to be well rested for tomorrow!” She says.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be able to sleep anyway because of my nerves.” You say.

“Don’t overwork yourself y/n, I mean it. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She says clearly concerned, but finally leaving. After connecting your phone to the speaker, you begin to run the dance for what may be the hundredth something time today. Sweat drips down your forehead as your watch your body movements in the mirror, making sure to hit every single move and perfect as you possibly can. The song finishes with you flipping your hair up and breathing heavily. Slow claps echo throughout the practice room, and you look in the mirror to see your best friend Jeno standing in the doorframe.

“How long were you standing there?” You ask, not being able to help the slight blush on your face.

“Long enough to see you dance. That was incredible y/n!” He says, inviting himself into the practice room to take a seat next to your now seated body.

“Thanks.” You respond, looking down at your lap. “Why are you still here? Isn’t it late?” You ask.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He responds. “As for me, I could just say I was practicing some dances, which I was, but I was also honestly hoping to run into you before you left to wish you luck for tomorrow.” He finds himself blushing at his confession, but once he sees that you’re blushing too he feels a bit more confident. 

Deciding to avoid the second part of his statement since you think the blush upon your cheeks makes it pretty clear how you feel, you answer, “You know why I’m here Jeno. The performance has to be perfect tomorrow. The rest of the girls and I have been working so hard in the months leading up to this day. It’s the day that sets us up for the rest of the group;s career! I just wanted to practice a bit more.”

Jeno’s eyes bore into yours and he watches you struggling to keep your eyes open. He reaches out and grabs one of your hands, shocking you enough to jolt you fully awake. 

“Listen y/n, I know how tough this is for you. Nct Dream just debuted, so I too was a trainee not too long ago. I know how scary it is the day before the big debut, but I promise you you’ll do great. When I walked up to this door and watched you dance, you looked like someone whose been an idol for years!”

“I know I know the dance like the back of my hand… I just can’t help but feel scared you know?” You say timidly.

Jeno grins softly. “Although you’re nervous, I just want you to know that I’m here for you ok? As soon as you get off that stage tomorrow, I’m going to run and give you the biggest hug humanly possible, because i’m one hundred percent confident that you’re going to kill it!” Jeno sees that you’re struggling to find the correct words to respond with, so he wraps his arm around you and pulls you into a comforting hug. You’re sure if someone walked in right now and saw the two of you wrapped in each others arms they’d get the completely wrong idea, but in this moment you can’t find the will to care. With all of the stress that comes with debuting, and secretly liking your best friend, you allow yourself to sit in his arms even if it is just for a short amount of time.

Eventually, it’s Jeno that pulls away first. However, instead of getting up like you had expected, he continues to stare at you. Now the nerves in your stomach are there because of two things. Shy under his gaze, you slightly tilt your head so that you’re looking at the floor. Jeno lets out a quiet noise of discontent and gently grasps your chin to make you look at him again. The usually constant beat of your heart quickens, the intensity of the eye contact between the two of you making your feelings explode.

“Y/n, can I ask you something?” Jeno questions.

“Sure.” You respond, trying to hide the slight waiver in your voice.

He sits there for a second, left eyebrow raised while he’s in deep thought. “You know what? I think it’s easier if I just show you.” He says. Not knowing what to expect, you sit there and wait for his next move. Although, what you don’t expect is for him to lean in and capture your lips with his own. Shock courses throughout your body, your eyes open wide as his lips move against yours. Feeling him about to move away, you quickly muster up the courage to chase his movement in order to keep the connection. Jeno starts to smile into the kiss, kissing harder now that he knows you want this. Your stomach is doing flips and your mind is racing. The boy you’ve been fawning over ever since he became your best friend is finally kissing you. It’s his turn to be the shy one when Jeno pulls away, his eye smiles at their fullest and his eyes on his lap. 

“I’ve wanted to-”

“I know.” You cut him off, causing the both of you to giggle. The buzzing of your phone causes the both of you to jump, making you scramble to stop it.

“It’s uh, the alarm I set so I wouldn’t stay here too late.” You say shyly.

Jeno reaches out and rustles your hair, then gently runs his fingers through it. “It is getting late isn’t it?” He sighs. “You should really get back to your dorm and sleep.”

“I know I should, but is it bad that I kind of don’t want too?” You laugh.

“Same here.” He says. “But you need your beauty sleep for your debut tomorrow!” He winks.

“Ugh Jeno!” You roll your eyes, making him giggle once again.

“Come on, I’ll walk you back.” He says, grabbing your hand and pulling you up from the ground.

The walk back to your dorm is uneventful due to the lateness of the night and how tired the two of your are, but Jeno doesn’t fail to place a sweet peck upon your forehead before bidding you goodnight. The girls run up to you, screaming a bunch of questions at you all at once. Promising to answer them in the morning, all of you go to your respective rooms to finally get some sleep. Getting comfortable in your bed, you fall into a deep sleep, thinking of nothing but Jeno. 


The screams increase and the five of you run off stage, breathing heavily. The crowd absolutely loved the song, and it seems that the five of you have a great career ahead of you. Before you can do anything else, you’re wrapped in the familiar arms of your best friend, as promised to you yesterday. But Jeno doesn’t forget to give you another kiss that’ll officially make this day the happiest one of your life so far.

BTS as Kingsman (Namjoon)

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-Okay let me just say TOTAL KING. A WHOLE LEADER. KING ARTHUR. Best leader of all agents. Codename: Arthur

-Basically runs it all like nobody does anything unless he knows about it

-SUPER SUPER UNORGANIZED but things get done and that’s all that matters

-Like ‘yikes i just deleted everything we had on a wanted drug cartel but its okay because i think i have some handwritten notes on my desk somehwere??”

-Will only go out into the field if absolutely necessary because one time he accidentaly blew up a whole building but its fine now

-Everyone just trusts that his instincts are right and 9/10 times they are

-‘Lancelot you have to jump off the skyscraper in the next 4 seconds otherwise you’re dead’ Lancelot: ‘k *jumps*’ NO QUESTIONS ASKED

-His favorite gadgets are the fancy glasses that transmit things and the watch equipped with easy to use weapons and can hack into anything with a microchip because they’re easy.

-The one time he goes out on a mission its because the king himself requested it

-The king calls upon the kingsmen team because his wife and daughters have been kidnapped and are being held hostage and he doesnt trust his guards anymore

-Namjoon makes it his personal mission to escort the queen and princesses out of whatever situation they’re in.

-Other kingsmen are always eager to see arthur in action and THEyre always in for a treat

-Everyone always makes the boys like super good shots and acrobatic and flexible and good at fighting but i have a headcanon that namjoon really freaking sucks at all of it.


-Aims gun for heads but hits a shoulder instead and fuck does that hurt

-Like now the enemy is worried about their limp ass arm and namjoon takes his chances and charges at this guy whos definitely not expecting it and suddenly hes out cold!!!!


-Or maybe namjoon aims for a target a bit too far from him and he absolutely misses but the bullet ricochet’s off a piece of metal and goes straight through the wiring keeping the chandelier hanging from the ceiling so the chandelier falls and takes out 3 guys instead of the original target and wow what luck!!?!?!

-Namjoon accidentally drops his fancy glasses and he bends down to pick them up just as someone tries to shoot him from behind and he just unknowingly saved himself

-While the other agents take out the rest of the enemies namjoon sets off to find the queen and princesses but there are so many halls and doors that he just kinda starts whistling and calling gently kind of like you would for a dog and suddenly

-‘Are you looking for your lost pet?’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

-IT IS YOU A WHOLE PRINCESS gun in hand and the bottom half of your really expensive dress literally gone because its not good for ass kicking??

-Hes so confused and like how did you get out? Where is the rest of your dress? Why are you so beautiful and intimidating with a gun in your hand?

-You’re just kind of like ‘i helped my sister and mom escape through the vents and then some guys were looking for trouble but instead i gave them hell’ and namjoon is positive hes fallen in love

-Then hes like if you could defend yourself how did you even get captured?/

-BUT SUDDENLY YOURE POINTING the GUN at him and he slowly puts his hands up and hes apologizing profusely because he didnt mean to offend you and pls dont kill him

-When he hears the gun go off hes waiting for pain but it never comes and when he opens his eyes and youre walking away he barely has time to register that YOU just saved HIS life because there was an enemy behind him and wow you have a NICE ASS

-‘Stop staring at my ass’

-He turns so red and suddenly he has no idea what an ass is and wow the color of these walls are nice- oh wait thats blood nevermind

-Some more enemies with guns show up and namjoon tries to think on his toes so he tries to use the stun option on his watch but instead of hitting an enemy he HIT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER AND EVERYTHING IS SO DARK dammit namjoon

-Your gun is now useless since you cant see but namjoon still has his fancy glasses on which means night vision so he literally sweeps you off your feet and makes a run for it

-Like youre a little shocked at first because one minute youre on your feet and the next minute all you can hear is rapid breathing and your hand is on his muscular chest and he picked you up so effortlessly wow what aftershave is this because it smells like heaven and WOW me too lol

-Literally not even thirty seconds after the two of you make it out the whole building goes up in flames thanks to the sparks coming out of the circuit breaker and the other agents are just standing there like ‘not again’

-After exiting the building the two of you find the queen and other princess with the rest of the agents and you burst into what namjoon assumes are fake tears as you begin going on about how you were so scared and he saved your life and the queen is so thankful for him lol

-The agents get all three of you safely back to the palace where the king makes sure that the real story is covered up so that the kingsmen aren’t exposed but the agents are nowhere to be seen like one minute theyre there and the next poof gone

-2 WEEKS LATER theres like a ball and your just chillin and mingling and  eating and dancing but you cant help but feel like someone is watching you or following you or wtf leave me alone

-BUT WAIT THERES MORE the literal fucker named namjoon is standing there in a suit looking like a whole meal and youre positive youve just fallen in love because DAMN PAPI LOOK AT YOU IN tHAT FITTED SUIT.

-Like fuck whatever prince your parents have lined up for you because you want THAT fine specimen and nobody is going to take that away from you.

-He walks up to you with a smirk on his face and your heart is racing because HOLY SHIT HE SO CLOSE TO YOU AND THIS TIME HES NOT TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE

-You expect some kind of romantic ass gesture

-He just asks you one very important question

-‘Can you teach me how to shoot a gun?’

A/N: The 1st of a few scheduled posts that will be posting this coming week. Hope you like it the other boys will be coming out in the next few days!

“I was thinking today
That we’re all gonna die one day
And I was thinking of all the things that I take for granted
And sometimes I forget how blessed I am

And I just wanted to say that if you’re ever feeling down
Truly take a moment out of your day to think of everything that you cherish

Go squeeze someone you love
put your heart and soul into that hug
and don’t let go until you both can’t breathe

Go make a friend with someone completely random

Hold the door open for someone
and if they don’t even acknowledge you
just smile

never stop smiling

And if you’re ever feeling lost
take a chance
If you’ve got nowhere to go any road will get you there

and sing
Like no one’s watching

If you like someone
tell them

Laugh at the stupid jokes only you and your best friend find funny
Laugh until your stomach hurts

And if you’ve ever been mean to anyone
And never got the chance to say sorry
Life’s too short to waste your time being a jerk

And if people are mean to you for no reason
Screw ‘em

Be yourself because nobody else can be

And if you want to cry
Let it out

Expectation is the root of all heartache
The best thing to do is to stop thinking
And to just let things happen

And if the world ever makes you feel small
Look up at the stars and know someone somewhere is doing the same thing

and just because today might’ve been a terrible day
doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your entire life
you just have to wake up and get there

We learn from experience that we never really learn anything from experience
We never know what’s gonna happen
and that’s the thing about life
You just have to breathe every moment in like it’s your last

And never look back.
And never regret.
And always stay happy.”

—  Stay Happy by Dakota Wint

Pic on the left was taken after my workout yesterday. Pic on the right was taken after today’s workout. Both were really short, but I feel like I did a good job! I went to the rec later today and saw no one there! So naturally I did a little dance after each exercise. A lady came in once I finished and said she saw me having a good time lol not gonna lie that’s slightly embarrassing but at least I got to make someone smile 😁
Hope you guys have a great day/night!

anomeganeyatsu  asked:

DUDE!!! So after I binge read your PJO Voltron AU, it is time for me to ask questions. But first I gotta say I love it. It's soooo friggin awesome and dear daddy Hades my heart. My poor delicate heart. Anyhow, since Keith is a child of Hades and you've given him most of Nico's abilities as well, e.g. shadow travel, summoning skeletons... I was wondering if he could also commune with the dead? Specifically did he offer McDonald's to talk to his Mommy?

[Voltron PJO AU] When Keith found out he could summon skeletons, he thought it might not be a stretch if he could commune with the dead. He wanted to see his mother again if possible and he was too chicken to ask his Dad—Hades—if he could talk to her but he was too busy being a god and Keith didn’t want to disturb him. He was the Prince of the Underworld for crying out loud. Surely, this was a piece of cake. The first time he did it, he cried because he could talk to her but he could never touch her. As much as possible, he talked to her thrice a year.

It was almost bed time and Shiro was getting worried that Keith hadn’t gotten back yet from whatever it was he needed to do. He didn’t want his boyfriend to be eaten by harpies (he honestly doubt they would, but no one was out late to know the truth) so he set out to look for him.

He was passing by the forest where Capture the Flag was usually held when he saw some sort of weird light coming from one of the trees. Curiosity got the better of him, so he decided to check it out.

Once he was near, he heard a voice.

“No, don’t say that,” someone chuckled from behind the tree who appeared to be sitting on one of the big roots.


“He’s…,” Keith sighed and then his voice grew fond. “Shiro is just amazing.”

The mere mention of his name made his eyes widen in surprise. He hid from one of the bigger trees and as much as he was against eavesdropping on his boyfriend, he was rather curious about what they were talking.

“A few weeks ago we ran into a couple of monsters and he just slashed right into them. It was like watching someone dance in a totally badass way.” Keith continued, his hands in front of him in defense.

“You really like him,” came some weird voice that sounded literally from another world and it made Shiro turn to see that—holy shit—Keith was talking to someone transparent, floating in front of him, looking very much not alive. She looked somewhat Asian—Japanese—and it dawned into Shiro that this was probably Keith’s mother.

Keith shrugged and added in a small voice, “Yeah, well, we kissed like… twice.”

Shiro blushed. Keith was counting and Shiro needed to step up his game and increase that number. Soon.

“Twice?” Keith’s probably-mortal-dead-mother asked with a chuckle.

Keith fumbled with his words, most likely embarrassed at what he just said. “It’s not like… all we do is kiss, yknow! We train and… and… stuff!”

She laughed again, “Oh, Keith. I was just teasing. Go at your own pace.”

A few moments passed until Keith spoke up again. “Shiro’s been very patient, so that’s nice. Especially when I told him about… myself being… yknow, ace and all. He understands me and I love that a lot about him. He doesn’t push me to do stuff I’m not ready for.”

“Good. I have no one to haunt at night then,” she giggled lightly, her light starting to fade to which Keith also seemed to notice. “I’m afraid my time is almost up, Keith. I’m happy you and I got to talk again and that you’re doing well.” She paused to see that she’s almost disappearing. “Let’s talk soon, okay? I love you, sweetheart.”

“Love you, too, Mommy,” Keith whispered softly and then the light completely vanished, making the whole surrounding dark.

Shiro didn’t move from his place and neither did Keith. However, the younger boy sighed out loud and… was he wiping his eyes? The soft sniffles that came after confirmed it for Shiro. Then he heard some noise and he saw that Keith was starting to get up while grabbing a tin can—box?

Oh shit. He was coming his way and he needed to act like he wasn’t there listening for the past minutes or so! So Shiro instantly separated himself from the tree and started heading Keith’s way.

“Keith! I was just looking for you!” Shiro said in (read: totally fake) surprise.

“Shiro?” Keith blinked at him repeatedly.

“What’s that?” The son of Zeus pointed at the tin box Keith was holding.

“Ummm,” Keith looked down at his hands. “Cookies. Japanese butter ones. My, uh, my Mom used to bake them for me when I was a kid.” He paused to clear his throat. “It has always been our favorite. For some reason, store bought ones just don’t taste right. Weird, isn’t it?”

“Definitely weird,” Shiro smiled thoughtfully.

“C’mon, big guy. I’m sleepy, we should head to bed.” Keith grabbed his hand and interlaced them as he dragged Shiro with him towards the cabins area.

“Keith?” Shiro stopped walking which made Keith look back at him. Keith looked exhausted and Shiro realized this might be a talk for another time. So instead, he squeezed Keith’s hand and softly said, “Love you.”

Keith just rolled his eyes fondly at him, squeezing his hand back. “Dork.”

Keith might not be ready to tell him about what just happened, but hopefully one day he would over homemade Japanese butter cookies he was already planning on asking Hunk about.

Clumsy Feet | Taeyong

Requested by @kookiexdae: Hi I was wondering if I could request a Taeyong scenario in which you two meet as trainees and you have difficulty dancing and he helps you out and then bc he likes you asks you out or something like that? fluffy plz thank u <3

Genre: Fluff | honestly think there’s like little bit of angst at the beginning?

Word Count: 1969

Warnings: None (unless you’re counting my crappy writing that will possibly make all of you go blind from reading it)

Creds to @megan1tuan for reading this and giving me the confidence to post this haha

Originally posted by taeyonghi

Beads of sweat ran down the back of your neck and drenched your t-shirt as you tried and failed once again to complete the set of fast foot steps. You blocked out your dance teacher’s screaming, making it muffled like you were underwater. You already knew everything she was saying anyways. How you should be working harder, you weren’t improving whatsoever, and you’d end up being kicked out if you performed like that at the monthly evaluation that was coming up. You knew. She had screamed that in your ear at least a hundred times by now.

You didn’t even have to look up to know that all your fellow trainees were looking at you with pity. You hated that. Being looked down upon or with pity made you feel horrible. But you knew they only did that because they knew how hard you worked, and how little all your work did.

                                                      -   -   -

12:00, midnight. You were exhausted and frustrated with yourself. You’ve been staying behind after everyone else to put in extra practice every night. And every night, you felt like you were getting worse instead of improving.

Right now, you were trying to do the entire dance routine perfectly. The monthly evaluation was at 7:00 in the morning and you were not going to allow yourself to get kicked out of SM because you couldn’t perfect one dance routine.

Taeyong passed by the practice room you’re using and peeked in through the window in curiosity when he heard loud music playing. He thought he was the only who practiced late and the idea of someone else being so dedicated as to practice to midnight like him made Taeyong excited.

Seeing you dancing hard in front of the mirror, he admired your determination to get the routine down. But he really couldn’t deny the fact that your dancing was rather messy. Taeyong remembered to a time about a week ago when Jaehyun and Yuta talked about how bad of a dancer you were and laughed at a video that one of the girl trainees had taken during practice. Taeyong had felt horrible when he saw Jaehyun and Yuta, two close friends of his, making fun of another trainee. But he knew that you weren’t as bad of a trainee as people made you out to be. Taeyong had heard plenty of other things about you too. How you were always complimented for amazing vocal and rapping abilities. And how you wrote great lyrics for songs that you made yourself. Taeyong hated to think that all of your talent could end up wasted just because you were a slower learner when it came to dance.

He opened the door quietly and slipped into the practice room. You paid no attention and continued dancing.

Your steps were muddled and messy but it wasn’t too terrible. Taeyong figured that if the teacher had spent a bit of extra time on doing the steps, you would have it down. Now the main problem was your coordination. Your arms and legs seemed like they didn’t even belong to you. Flopping and not strong and graceful.

While focusing hard on dancing, you feel as though you were being watched. Like someone was burning a hole through your back. You lifted your head up and spotted Taeyong standing behind you. You could feel your mouth opening in surprise. Taeyong was an extremely popular trainee, what with his rapping, vocals, dancing, and amazing visuals. Girls would always giggle about him and other cute boy trainees during break.

You had seen him dance before and was amazed by his skills. Every move of his was sharp and powerful. Not wanting to look weak, you straightened your back and turned off the music. “Why are you here?”

Naturally, Taeyong put on his cold exterior in response. Without missing a beat, he coldly replied with seemingly no emotion, “Your arms are a flailing mess, you keep on skipping over the same footsteps, and you’re off beat.”

Without warning, your eyebrows furrowed and tears formed in your eyes. In seconds, the waterworks started and you were quietly sobbing to yourself. You knew that everything Taeyong was saying was right. The entire time, you had been trying to keep up to the music and control your movements. Hearing him say what you had already known with such a straight, cold face made you break.

Taeyong was startled by your sudden tears. Having no experience with girls, especially crying ones, he stood silently, frantically wondering what he should do. Deciding that a crying girl was no different from a crying boy, Taeyong approached you the same way he did with his younger trainee friends. Quietly, he stepped forward and gently pulled your head towards his chest. Keeping one hand on the back of your head, he wrapped the other around your waist. As Taeyong gently stroked your hair, he whispered, “I’m sorry for being so cold. Please stop crying.”

Having not been held by someone for so long, you started crying harder. Although you had just met him, you couldn’t help feeling like his hug had a nice, familiar feeling. The two of you stood there for five minutes. Even after you stopped crying, Taeyong continued to hold you to his chest. Your arms had found their way to wrap around his waist tightly, burying yourself in his soft sweatshirt stained with your tears.

“Are you feeling okay now? I’m so sorry, I was too harsh with you. I know that we’re having the monthly evaluation tomorrow so would you like me to help you with the dance routine?” Taeyong asked as you withdrew yourself from him.

Smiling through your tear stained face, “That would be great. Thanks.” You were surprised by how different Taeyong was acting now from before. Although still skeptical about how you felt towards him, you gladly accepted his offer. He was considered one of the best dancers out of the trainees for a reason.

After that, Taeyong was much gentler to you and showed his real side; a soft, cuddly, little teddy bear that was willing to do anything to help. The two of you spent hours going over the entire routine and he was extremely patient in helping you with parts that you found difficult. The way he taught you was so much better than the dance teacher. Part of it was because he had you do the moves slowly at first and then build up your speed, but another part was that he made the atmosphere light and comfortable. Even though he knew that you only had a limited amount of time before the evaluation, he made jokes and gave you breaks. You were so grateful towards him. You knew that Taeyong could have easily passed by you and gone back to catch some sleep. But instead he took time (lots of time) to help you out. It was one of the sweetest, if not the sweetest thing that someone had done for you since you’d become a trainee.

                                                      -   -   -

“Yes, Y/N! You did it!” Taeyong swooped you up in his arms, a move that caught you off guard for a moment. Once getting used to his warm arms around you, you laughed as he twirled you around. After working together on the dance routine for 5 hours, the sun was rising and you had finally been able to complete the entire routine without any mistakes.

High-fiving one another, you were both grinning ear to ear and standing there looking at each other. Realizing that the moment was getting rather awkward, Taeyong looked past you to see the sunrise. He couldn’t help but think that you looked so beautiful with the sun’s warm rays glowing behind you; it made you look like an angel.

“Hey Taeyong, you okay there?” You waved your hand in front of his face. He had been staring at you with a faraway gaze for a bit now and it was starting to creep you out. Although you really couldn’t deny the heat rising in you, heading straight for your face. Shaking his head a bit to get rid of those seemingly unnecessary thoughts about you, Taeyong gave a small smile back.

“Sorry, seems I sort of drifted off a bit from staying up so much.”

You felt a pang in your chest at his words. You knew that you were the reason he was so tired and out of it. Noting the small fall in your smile, Taeyong grabbed you by the shoulder and shook you gently. “It’s alright. It’s not your fault that I’m tired. I wanted to help you, didn’t I?” He reassured. “Hey, let’s go to McDonalds! We have some time before the testing and you need some good ol’ food in that tummy.” Taeyong followed by poking you gently in the stomach, eliciting a giggle from you.

Over an extremely unhealthy meal that a trainee definitely should not be eating, Taeyong and you spoke about the most random of topics. From your pets, favorite colors, funny trainee stories, to what words rhymed as you guys tried to form a rap together. You found yourself having much more fun that you’d experienced in a long time. Taeyong was very enjoyable company and had many interesting facts that he eagerly shared with you. And in the course of a simple short hour, you found out more about him than you ever thought you would.

Despite wanting to spend the entirety of the day with him, you knew that it was time to return to the SM building. The hands on the clock were quickly approaching six o’clock, the time when trainees were supposed to gather to prepare for the evaluation. Taeyong and you walked briskly back to the entertainment building as you chatted about your life back home. Taeyong almost wanted to burst out laughing at the animated expressions and hand movements you made to accompany your enthusiastic voice while you gushed about funny experiences, your friends, and how you became a trainee. He found them extremely endearing and unique to you.

Stopping in front of the sliding glass door of SM, Taeyong held your wrist to keep you from entering the building. His joyful expression had turned into one of nervousness. He fiddled a bit with his fingers.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You laughed gently at his sudden change in personality.

Taeyong gave himself a small, You can do it! in his head before clasping his hands together. “Okay, so I know we haven’t known each other for that long,” He started slowly.

“Only like…” Pausing for a second, he counted on his fingers slowly. “Six hours.” He grinned at you. “But I really like your personality. You’re funny, sweet, energetic and so much more. And I admire the way you’re so driven with all of training. And honestly, I think I’m getting ahead of myself, but would you consider going on a date or two with me? Because I really want to know you more and spend more time too cause you-”

You interrupted his cute ramble and your heart seemed to pump faster as you spoke. “Of course.”


“I said, I’d love to go on a date or two with you.” And more to yourself than him, you mumbled, “And maybe be your girlfriend later.”

His face lit up like a little kid on Christmas day, not only from you agreeing, but also because he managed to catch what you said to yourself. You guys smiled goofily at each other for a minute before you remembered that the clock was ticking and you really did need to get into the building. Quickly, you squished his cute little cheeks and gave a small peck on his nose before hurrying into the building.

“Wish me good luck on my evaluation!”

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Omg you blog is so good. It is giving me life!! ♥ How would Izuku and Kacchan feel about dating a s/o that is a popular singer? ((they can be fans if you want :3 ))


-Is very, very impressed

-Probably asks them to sing to him a lot

-If he gathers up the courage, that is

-Will go to every single one of their concerts to support them

-And then, at one point s/o writes a song about him

-Once he realises it, he’s deceased


-’It’s not like I like you voice or anything’

-Until s/o catches him listening to one of their albums, on repeat, while napping

-Your ass is busted, Katsuki

-From then on, s/o makes it their mission to tantalise him 

-Sometimes likes to watch their dance practice

-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mitch Rapp II Worth Saving Part 3

Originally posted by sterekgeek

Author: Stilinski-Stydia-Obrien

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: Swearing (sorry) Violence, mention of blood, a gun. ehm I think that’s everything :/

A/N: So sorry that this has taken me forever to write and sorry that it’s not that long. I’m such a terrible person and have kept putting off writing this but it’s finally written and I hope you enjoy it. Huge thanks to @thelittlestkitsune for reading it over and making sure it all made sense. And to @mf-despair-queen for continually encouraging me to keep at it. Oh and can’t forget @ellie-bee242 who helped me get through the awful writers block I was having with this part. I love you guys all so much and I hope you enjoy.

Please let me know what you thought of this part and if you would like me to keep writing this fic. And apologies for the awful punctuation

Again hope you enjoy.

His name was Ennis Vossen. After stepping into the car that night you learned everything you needed to know about him and the people that worked for him. He wasn’t a very nice man and his business wouldn’t exactly be classed as legal. But he was nice to you, he took care of you and made you feel like maybe you had someone that would be there to look after you. Someone who would care for you. Something you had always wished to have. So you stuck by him for two years. At the two year mark he trusted you enough to let you in on the business he did. He trained you, worked you hard, wouldn’t go easy on you if you were struggling. You needed to be prepared. You needed to be able to fight, able to protect yourself and if it came to it; able to kill. You spent every night in the warehouse working on getting your strength and stamina up until you became good. Good enough to get out there and fight.

You had been under Ennis’ wing for almost six years now. You had become great at what you do. Ennis would even call you his greatest accomplishment. And tonight was like any other night, Ennis had walked into your room, file in hand and told you to get ready. He dropped the file on your desk and started to explain the mission. 

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Request: Gabe/Jack - "Faerie Tithe"

R76 + Faerie Tithe

   Gabriel had been seven when he had first understood the meaning of the festival they held every year on the summer solstice, the first time he realised that the teenager who was dressed in the best their village could make and surrounded by the fruits of the harvest and hunting for that year, didn’t want to be there. He had sneaked away from his parents and sibling, wanting to get a better look at the person who was practically being worshipped, partly envious…because he wanted to dress like, to stay in the big cabin at the centre of the village and eat to his heart’s content, rather than fighting for every scrap of food. Which was why he found himself at the edge of the pallet where the ‘chosen’ was sat, crouched behind the offerings and peering up at them, only to frown in confusion when he realised that the girl was sobbing quietly.

   He must’ve made some sound, or moved something because her head shot up and for a moment their gazes met. Blue on Brown…and he didn’t know what to think of the terror in her eyes, or the brief flicker of hope as she reached for him.

“Help me…”

    He didn’t know what to do and so he shook his head, glimpsing the way her face crumpled before he turned and bolted without looking back. He hid for the rest of the day, not participating in any of the games or following the procession which would lead the girl into the forest and leave her by the sacred stones that lay beyond. Even as his age he knew that something was wrong, and all he could think was that he should have done something or said something…if it had been his sister he would’ve, because he could never bear her tears and that thought kept him awake all night.

   The next day he went searching for the girl to apologise, but he couldn’t find her. Nor the next or the next day…and when he asked about her, he was met by worried looks and told to forget about her. He didn’t. And in the end his parents had pulled him aside and explained.

It was tradition.

One life. One teenager was chosen every year, their life offered as a sacrifice to the Faerie that ruled over the forest. One life in return for the safety of the village and their prosperity.

  Gabriel refused to accept that. He had heard the legends of the Faerie and knew that no one had seen the being in years, there wasn’t even any proof that they would be punished if they abandoned the tradition. And surely it wasn’t fair for one person to be chosen? His questions fell on deaf ears… it was tradition, it had to happen. Don’t you care what happens to them? That they don’t want it? He asked, refusing to back down. It doesn’t matter. It’s for the good of the village. Empty words. Empty promises. And yet in their defence the chosen teenager always disappeared, never to be seen again, although there was never any evidence of violence or struggle which the older tales had always whispered.

They were just gone.


   It was that thought which was playing through Gabriel’s head as he bought his bound hands up to his mouth, this time tasting copper as he began to gnaw at the ropes. Gone. He would be gone, or dead by this time tomorrow if he didn’t escape, and yet after hours of work he had barely got anyway and a quick glance up at the window showed the sky outside was getting brighter and brighter. He was running out of time…

   His selection hadn’t come as a surprise. When he had refused to stop asking questions, to stop trying to end the tradition he had been banned from the ‘celebrations’, locked up at home to make sure that he didn’t interfere. He had been chosen so that they could silence him and protect their precious tradition… even his own parents had stood there and said it was for the best, even if they had done it with tears in their eyes. He wanted to hate them…but those tears stayed with him, merging with the cries of his siblings as he was led away because like him they knew the truth, they just weren’t as vocal about it and right now, as he spat out a mouthful of blood and fibre he was glad. Glad that they wouldn’t be chosen…


   He had failed. Dawn had come and with it the village healer. He wasn’t trusted to be a good tribute, and despite his best efforts there was no way for him to stop her dosing him with a foul-tasting concoction that left him numb and not really there.

   The day passed in a blur. More medicine being forced down his throat whenever feeling began to trickle back in, and trapped within the confines of his mind the anger rose and swell as he watched the village celebrating what was going to be his death. Through it all he was haunted by the girl he had seen years ago, remembering her fear and how he had turned away…and feeling echoes of it as he watched kids coming to stare at him before disappearing, only they wouldn’t be haunted by his voice or words because both were trapped by the medicine.

    Sunset brought movement, his anger giving way to terror as the pallet was lifted and borne away through the forest. He could see the light of their torches and hear their voice and yet they felt like they were coming from miles away. He didn’t want this to be how things ended. He had dreamt of a life beyond this village and now it was slipping through his fingers, sacrificed for people who had never thought of life beyond the forest, who were happy to bow to tradition.

He hated them.

   He could move his eyes, and he refused to look at his parents when they stopped to say their farewells before he was left within the stone circle, relieved that they had at least left his siblings behind. Their words washed over him as he turned his gaze skywards, the stars already coming out in force and as he felt the pallet move again all he could think was that at least he would die on a beautiful night.


   The stars he discovered, lost their appeal after a while. Feeling was slowly creeping back into his body and if he focused he could move a hand or foot and he knew that sooner or later he would be free, and something akin to hope began to burn in his heart. The hours were passing and there was no sign of the Faerie, no sign that this nonsense was real and he could feel his heart beginning to race when he finally managed to move his leg…he wasn’t going to die. He was going to be free. He already knew that he wouldn’t go back, that he was going to leave and find the life he wanted and it struck him as he shifted restlessly, that maybe that was what had happened…. that the others had reached the same conclusion and fled, leaving the Elders and the village to their delusions.

“If only it was….”

     It took him a moment to realise that the voice was real and not in his own thoughts, fear flooding him even as he rolled his head towards the sound and suddenly it felt like he couldn’t breathe. He had a fleeting impression of an old man, silvery hair framing a wizened face and deep blue eyes but then the image wavered and he found himself staring at a teenager about his age, his face framed by light gold and the deep blue eyes had turned the colour of the dawn sky and seemed to see right through him. He blinked again, half expecting the image to shift again, but the teen remained.

“Who…?” It was hard to speak, the medicine still holding it in his grip and the other boy frowned before moving closer and Gabriel felt his breath catch again. It was like watching someone dance, the boy crossing the distance in a few graceful steps before sinking to his knees beside him, eyes darkening as he scanned Gabriel’s body before focusing on his face once more.

“This is new…” He didn’t sound happy about it and Gabriel scowled…it sounded like he knew about what happened each year and he cursed the fact that he could move away when the boy reached out, brushing cool fingers over his face and down his neck, a strange warmth following his touch and Gabriel gasped when suddenly he found himself able to move again. At once he was up and scrambling away, eyes wide as he glanced down at himself before focusing on the boy.

“What did you do…?”

“I removed whatever they had given you,” the boy seemed unfazed by his response, sinking back on his ankles, eyes never leaving Gabriel. “Why would they give you something like that? They’ve never done that before.””

“You know what they’ve been doing?” Why didn’t you help?

“I know,” the boy looks sad, a deep sorrow that has Gabriel suddenly wanting to do or say something to ease it. “A tithe for the Faerie of the Forest…willingly sacrificing their own and for what?” He glanced down at his hands and this time Gabriel saw the glow that spread across his fingers. “A gift that would be willingly given anyway…”

“You…” Gabriel trailed off, shaking his head…because this wasn’t possible. It was supposed to be a myth. A legend. Yet…he glanced up, tearing his gaze from the glow and again the boy’s image seemed to waver, old and young merging for a moment before settling once more. “What did you do to them?”

“Nothing!” The blond protested looking horrified. “I freed those I could…took them to places they would be safe, gave them what blessing I could…” After years spent trying to learn the truth, and learning how to watch people Gabriel was confident that the boy was telling the truth and he took heart from the thought that there were others who had escaped this fate, before his eyes narrowed.

“Those you could?”

“There were times when I was too late,” the boy admitted, raw pain clouding his expression and his image wavered again and he glanced down. “Those ones were gone…taken by the forest, or by your own people.”

   By my own people? Gabriel frowned, before a sickening feeling spread through him as he glanced around the stone circle. They wouldn’t…

  They would. He knew they would. Hell, he was here because he hadn’t been willing to accept their traditions, and deep down he knew that if they found him here come dawn they would make sure he didn’t get a chance to keep questioning them. He felt sick…wondering just how many people had lost their lives to this tradition, how many people had been killed in this clearing. Part of him was tempted to ask but when he looked up he couldn’t get the words out, because the other boy was clearly hurting, the pain in the blue eyes when their gazes met a moment later he felt compelled to offer comfort.

“You weren’t too late this time…” It wasn’t much, he didn’t know who or what the boy was or what was going to happen to him now. Yet apparently it was everything, because the stunned smile that crept across the other’s face was beautiful and Gabriel couldn’t look away, realising in that instance that there may have been more to his village legends than any of them could have realised, his heart hammering in his chest when the other boy whispered.

“Thank you…”

Lime and some salt - Z.H

It was his first party where he could actually drink alcohol for the first time. Well, he had drunk a few times but he didn’t get drunk. But now in the new house, with all his boys, he could finally let go. And he did, he was totally wasted. There was this one girl, she had been invited by Christina because apparently they were like bestfriends or something. She was very cute, with her beautiful [Y/H/C] and eyes to drown in. The music was very loud, his neighbours must hate them, the bass didn’t really come through as a sound. It was more like a vibration, and it was just what he needed. He was ready to go to that girl when he heard Jack scream ‘BELLY SHOTS! BELLY SHOTS! EVERYONE TO THE KITCHEN WOOH!’

You had been dancing with Christina and Corbyn all night. It was so much fun, you didn’t mind that you were alone. While dancing and drinking, you always felt like someone was watching you. And that was happening, Zach had been watching you all night. You’ve had a major crush on him since Christina introduced the two of you. Not that he would remember you anyway. But this night, you’ve caught his eye and sadly for him, you had seen him.

After Jack screamed something about the kitchen, Zach ran off to the kitchen. You just followed everyone, when you look at the kitchen counter you see Jack and some girl doing belly shots. A soft sigh left your mouth, that’s so sexists and not something you would do for a million dollars. All of the sudden Christina pulled you towards the counter ‘C'mon girl! Let your hair down!’ You struggled, trying to get Christina’s hand from your arms. Everyone started hyping you up while Zach just came forward to do the belly shot with you. Christina pushed you down on the counter and pulled up your t-shirt. She poured the cold liquor in your belly button, laying a small amount of salt in a line towards your belly button and putting a piece of lemon in front of the salt. The boys are smiling like idiots when Zach hang over your now freshly exposed belly. All the phones where out, Jonah started screaming ‘ZACH FIRST BELLY SHOT ON ONE OF THE PRETTIEST GIRLS IN THIS PARTY!’ The boys shout in excitement, Zach softly pushed your belly up by putting his hand on your back. ‘You ready?’ He said, only for the two of you to hear. You smiled, bit your lip and nodded.

The feeling of his lips upon your belly made your feeling go wild. He drank the shot, licked the salt of your belly and bit in the lime. When he finished, you quickly sat up. You hopped off the counter and disappeared in the crowd. When you finally felt the cold air blow on your face, you let out a hard sigh. The heat in your face started to fade. You walked towards the edge of the garden, sat yourself down while looking at the view. ’[Y/N]? Is everything alright?’ Someone said, you didn’t recognise his voice fast enough, so you turned around.

Heat still withdrawing from your cheeks, you look at Zach, a blush crept upon your cheeks again. Quickly you turned away, hating the way he always made you blush. He sat beside you, asking you a lot of questions in a short amount of time ’[Y/N] say something, aren’t you cold, how long have you been here?’ You look at him, he spoke with a slight lisp. And so you thought, he won’t remember anything of this tomorrow. Without a hesitation you leaned forward and crashed your lips on his. He immediately pulled you closer, softly exploring your body. You both kept on kissing when you heard the boys ran outside. Corbyn screaming ‘OMYGOSH THEY’RE FINALLY KISSING!’ made you smile against Zach his kiss.

- AN- My first Herron babe imagination, loved writing this & HAPPY WEEKEND MY BABES❤️ well it is weekend in the EU but idk if it’s weekend where you live 🙃😂
Music (College!Yoongi)

Plot: College!Yoongi falling in love

Word Count: 1935

A/N: so this wasn’t actually requested but I wrote it a while ago after I heard Fifth Harmony’s cover of Red, the lyrics just really spoke to me like there was one line that I would just repeat over and over (Camila’s line to be particular idk if it was the way she sang it or just the actual lyric but it was just like straight to the heart) and then I wrote this and I tweaked it around a bit to better fit Yoongi and I thought I’d finally post it here so hopefully you guys enjoy it !!

Loving him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street

Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly.

You knew the exact moment you fell in love with the green haired boy from your music class. You knew the exact moment he became your best friend, the one you could trust with everything. You knew you had been sitting under a tree on campus, your earphones in and a book in your lap when you saw the boy that always seemed to be alone sit under a different tree.

You had seen him around campus, headphones always placed either around his neck or over his ears. He never spoke to anyone unless he was spoken to and if it wasn’t about music, he didn’t speak at all. No one knew his real name, even the teacher called him Suga. He always had his laptop at hand, doing something unknown to everyone else on it whenever he wasn’t in class. He had never spared you a glance but you’d given plenty to him.

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Imagine every time Wander visits the skull ship he ends up stealing something to remind him of Hater, and it’s not even a conscious thought really, it just kind of happens.

Of course, it’s Wander so he always feels really bad about it because “What if Hater needs this hand towel, Sylvia??” but Hater doesn’t even notice that it’s missing to begin with.

One day he just goes “Sylvia, why do I keep taking his things, what’s come over me?!”

and Sylvia just goes “Oh Wander, you’re trying to keep him.”

You know, sometimes I think I’m uninteresting and that I don’t have anything special about me. But then I start thinking what if I was in a book? Seriously. Someone might like the dark spots on my skin, or my tummy, or my nose that I hate so much. Someone would probably like the way I dance when nobody’s watching and they’d maybe call me a dork while laughing softly, someone would maybe find it cute how I giggle when I see something I like, or the way I jump a bit when I walk, or trip on sheer air. Someone could like my sense of humor, or the way I get shy in front of people I don’t know. Someone could sympathize with my stuttering and rushed talk that I’m so embarrassed of, and being sometimes awkward in social situations. I could be someone’s cinnamon roll, or problematic fave, I could be someone’s fave character. And, honestly, it makes me feel better about myself.