dance like someone is watching


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞

Captains and Vice’s giving them the ol’ Razzle Dazzle

More Dancing Headcannons because I CAN

Oikawa- He stick them leggy real far and attempts to spin. He falls on his ass and cries for Iwa-Chan when the rest of the team laugh at him

Iwaizumi- Iwa-Chan is too busy break dancing to his sick beats to hear Oikawa, and even if he does hear him, he doesn’t care

Daichi- That classical music in the background calls for a partner, but Daichi is like a literal mime and pretends he’s dancing with someone. Everyone watching in convinced he’s possessed

Sugawara- Suga hip hop dancing to super loud music that no one else wants to dance too because their ears are bleeding 

Kuroo- Kuroo likes dancing to anything in style while doing really old moves like the Moonwalk and the Worm

Nobuyuki- He doesn’t even dance he just pours water on Kuroo when he complains about being thirsty

Bokuto- Very bad at dancing but attempts to follow Akaashi’s instructions anyway

Akaashi- Pretends that he’s not dancing to a skrillex song while he’s busting a move that earns him three tens

Ushijima- Really likes the calming music and only just kind of sways to the romantic songs, he looks like one of those balloon men in front of car dealerships

Lipstick stain

You were wearing a red dress last night
It was fitted at the waist and flared out to the floor
Your hair was curled and it framed your face perfectly
And your lips, your lips were this shade of red that I can’t get out of my head
It was like red wine, just by gazing at you I was intoxicated
Intrigued by your beauty, how could someone like you ever dance alone?

I watched you the whole night, I sat at the bar hugging a beer
At some point the band slowed down and the lights dimmed and you found your way to the stool next to me
You grabbed a napkin and kissed it
I thought it was strange that you did that since you swore years ago that we’d never see each other again
Then in a blink of an eye you were gone again
And all that was left of you was a lipstick stain on a napkin that was now stuffed into my pocket next to a crumpled picture of you

“I was thinking today
That we’re all gonna die one day
And I was thinking of all the things that I take for granted
And sometimes I forget how blessed I am

And I just wanted to say that if you’re ever feeling down
Truly take a moment out of your day to think of everything that you cherish

Go squeeze someone you love
put your heart and soul into that hug
and don’t let go until you both can’t breathe

Go make a friend with someone completely random

Hold the door open for someone
and if they don’t even acknowledge you
just smile

never stop smiling

And if you’re ever feeling lost
take a chance
If you’ve got nowhere to go any road will get you there

and sing
Like no one’s watching

If you like someone
tell them

Laugh at the stupid jokes only you and your best friend find funny
Laugh until your stomach hurts

And if you’ve ever been mean to anyone
And never got the chance to say sorry
Life’s too short to waste your time being a jerk

And if people are mean to you for no reason
Screw ‘em

Be yourself because nobody else can be

And if you want to cry
Let it out

Expectation is the root of all heartache
The best thing to do is to stop thinking
And to just let things happen

And if the world ever makes you feel small
Look up at the stars and know someone somewhere is doing the same thing

and just because today might’ve been a terrible day
doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your entire life
you just have to wake up and get there

We learn from experience that we never really learn anything from experience
We never know what’s gonna happen
and that’s the thing about life
You just have to breathe every moment in like it’s your last

And never look back.
And never regret.
And always stay happy.”

—  Stay Happy by Dakota Wint

Cuz what is the “most bad ass, post-debate, celebratory dub step anyone has ever heard” without some table dancing

Imagine every time Wander visits the skull ship he ends up stealing something to remind him of Hater, and it’s not even a conscious thought really, it just kind of happens.

Of course, it’s Wander so he always feels really bad about it because “What if Hater needs this hand towel, Sylvia??” but Hater doesn’t even notice that it’s missing to begin with.

One day he just goes “Sylvia, why do I keep taking his things, what’s come over me?!”

and Sylvia just goes “Oh Wander, you’re trying to keep him.”


MADONNA IS NOT THE QUEEN! NOT EVEN BRITNEY! NOBODY IS! Maybe in your heart or in your world they are, but fact wise they aren’t. It is a fact that MJ is the king and nobody has the right to claim a throne to music unless they are exactly on MJ’s level, exactly. Michael is inevitable. He’s so big, so legendary, so inspirational that you can literally tell when someone does an MJ type dance move. Like I was watching a Chris Brown music video and he did that turn, & I was like yep, MJ.

Exo performance with their gfs group but doesn’t get to dance with their gf


*to manger hyung*


She won’t be angry I’m doing this dance with one of her friends right?


Imma do sexy dance with y/n!

So I’m not doing a sexy dance with y/n


But…she…she is my girl…


But I can still tutor y/n


*Takes the opportunity to tease his gf* 


*in denial*


She can’t dance with KRIS!! Why couldn’t it be someone like D.O.


Watch yourself Lay


*when manger hyung tells him why he isn’t doing the dance with her*

What do you mean her and Sehun look better together?


I’m watching you Chen, careful doing this dance with my girl


*thinking he is gonna do the dance with gf*

I like this dance

*when he finds out she will do the dance with Kai*


~Love Minihyun  \(◕ ‿ ◕✿)/

^gifs are not mine credit goes to owner^

Kiss Me Quick / Calum Hood

Based off this song: x

Plot: You broke up with Calum months ago because he wouldn’t tell anyone he was dating you, not even his bandmates and you see him at the club you’re at and he comes to talk to you.

The beat was pumping as you were dancing alone in the middle of the dancefloor of your local club in town. None of your friends wanted to come party with you so you decided to go alone, you’ve done it before and it really helped getting your mind off of things. Well, this time one thing, Calum. It has been 3 months and you still weren’t over him. Yes you broke up with him but he kept you a secret and you deserved better.

As you were dancing you felt like someone was watching you, you couldn’t find the eyes that were, but you knew someone was. A couple minutes later you look around the room and find those brown familiar eyes. Your eyes immediately widen, you did not expect him of all people to be here. He’s supposed to be on tour.

You don’t know what to do so after the awkward eye contact you just keep dancing and ignoring that side of the room.

“Y/N” it comes out more as a sigh but you still hear it, your heartrate increases.

“Hi Calum” You say as you turn around to face him and stop dancing.

“So how’ve you been?” He asks and you raise your eyebrows.

“I’m good” You lie fluently, or at least you think

“Really? Cause you’re here alone” He softly smirks

“So? Can’t I enjoy myself on my own?” You cross your arms over your chest.

“Come on, Y/N. I know you, we’ve dated for two years” Calum states

“Have we? Cause I don’t remember it being official” I shrug and he looks down.

“Please don’t go there” He sighs but you’re not having this sudden friendly conversation. You haven’t heard from him at all since the breakup, so why would he talk to you now?

“Ok fine, you caught me, I’m not okay, are you happy now? You can leave again” I huff and walk away towards the exit of the club. I push the heavy door open and wait for it to slam shut but it never does.

“Y/N, please don’t leave. I want to talk!” His voice booms in the air.

“Oh, so after three months you’re finally ready to talk?” You turn around and Calum is already in front of you.

“I need you back, baby. I’ve been a mess and I couldn’t talk to you cause I didn’t want you to see me so desperate cause you didn’t want to continue us” Calum starts but you cut him off.

“No, you do not get to put the blame on me Calum. You kept us a secret, so there never really was an us. I felt like I was nothing but a fuck buddy to you” I push his chest slightly.

“And I’m an asshole, I didn’t realize how much you drive me crazy and how much I love you. I shouldn’t have kept us a secret but I was so scared that if I shared you with anyone else that I’d lose you and turns out, I lost you anyway” He steps closer to you again.

“You know what I’m about, you keep me grounded and I feel a much better person when you’re around. I love you so much, I can’t imagine ever being with someone else.” Calum continue and puts both his hands on the side of your neck.

“I love you, Calum. But I can’t be a secret anymore” You whisper, his face getting closer and closer to yours when suddenly flashing lights appear around you.

“Calum! Calum! Mr. Hood!” A dozen of photographers surround you two but Calum doesn’t move.

“Kiss me, baby girl” Calum whispers with his forehead presses to yours.

“What? But the whole world will know?” You pull back a little and look at him with a frown.

“I want everybody to know“ He whispers and presses his lips to yours softly. The feeling so foreign but still so familiar and you immediately kiss back. Everything falling into place as the flashing lights continue.

Calum pulls back softly and shakes his head with a huge grin on his face and chuckles.

“I love you so much”

I hope you like it????

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