dance like someone is watching


 but secretly everyone’s captivated by Yuta’s sexy body moves ♥ 🔞🔞

Shape Of You

Title: Shape Of You

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Cursing

Summary: Dean walks in on the reader having a private moment and he decides to talk to her about it.

A/N: This is my fic for Sam’s 700 Follower Celebration ( @riversong-sam ). My prompt was: Song: Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran; Quote: “Don’t be like that!”; and the pic by the end of the fic. Hope you guys like it.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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Every kid has something about school that they hate. Some hate learning and others hate the mornings. Some just hate the people.

Damian Wayne falls into the latter category. He loved to learn and mornings were no problem, it’s just the fact that he has to actually interact with people of lesser intelligence annoys him to no end.

So when his father came home one day and announced that he’d be attending Gotham Academy, Damian was less than pleased. He had complained to his father the entire week but was ignored.

Damian walked into the office, where he was supposed to meet someone to show him around the school. A girl walked up to him, her h/c hair swaying slightly as she walked.

“Hi, you’re Damian, right? You get to be my shadow today and I’m so excited!” The girl exclaimed. Damian held back an eye roll. Of course he’d get stuck with one of the annoying perky people.

“I’m y/n by the way.” She said as they left the office. Damian nodded to acknowledge it and said nothing.

“You don’t talk much, do you? It’s okay. Probably the smartest thing to do here. Anything you say can be twisted around and trust me, it’ll be used against you.”

They finally made it to the row of lockers. Y/n followed him to his seeing as she already grabbed her stuff. Damian actually made civil conversation with her until she said something about Robin. That made him shut up real fast and turn back to his stuff. Slightly confused by this, y/n nudged him with her foot. Just then a loud group of boys started walking down the hall. Y/n swore under her breath and kept her head down.

“Hey look it’s the Wayne kid!” One of them shouted. They sauntered over to y/n and Damian, causing y/n to get tense.

“Whatcha’ doing hanging with the demon, kid? Don’t you know bad stuff happens around them.” The leader jeered. Y/n’s face turned a dark Crimson, while Damian clutched his fists.

His brothers always called him demon or demon spawn, due to his upbringing and lineage. He always got mad at them for it, it was a stupid name after all. But that didn’t explain how these idiots knew it and it didn’t explain why they decided to annoy him.

Y/n noticed his clenched fists and she put her hand on his shoulder. “Calm down, this happens all the time.”

Damian looked at her. “What?”

“They always call me demon, it’s nothing to make a big deal about it. Don’t worry, nothing bad happens in this school unless a villain attacks but that only happens about once every two months. Just ignore them.”

“Maybe you should take your own advice, demon brat!” The leader called. Y/n took a deep breath as her face (if possible) turned even redder. She walked away from them and Damian followed. They were halfway to their next class when they heard the sounds of fighting.

“Shit, not Drew. Don’t let it be Drew this time.” Y/n said as she took off, Damian close on her heels. They got to where the noise had come from and they saw a bunch of boys crowded around a much smaller one. Y/n took a confident step towards them as her e/c orbs blazed with anger.

“What’s going on?” She asked. The biggest bully looked at her and smirked. “We’re just showing the blink that people like him don’t belong with people like us. What’re you going to do about it?”

“This.” Y/n said with a smile. She ran forward, almost becoming a blur, and gave the jerk an uppercut to the jaw. He stumbled back into a locker and swore.

“You little bitch!” His friend screamed. He swung at her but she ducked and knocked him off his feet. She took them all out and when she was done help the victim of their bullying up. The kid was blind and apparently they had stolen his cane and were whacking his legs with it.

Damian watched this all go down. He was surprised to say the least. It wasn’t everyday you see a girl take down a bunch of boys bigger than her just to help a blind kid. But at least he finally understood her nickname. They called her a demon because she fought like one.

With her h/c hair whipping from her movements to the way she gracefully dodged blows and returned them, Damian was stuck in a trance. It was like watching someone dance but with a far more painful outcome. She hadn’t even looked tired as she flipped the one kid onto his back.

Y/n wasn’t just a girl. She was a fighter. She was a demon.

A/n: should I make a part 2 where reader becomes a vigilante? If I reach 20 likes there will be

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Omg you blog is so good. It is giving me life!! ♥ How would Izuku and Kacchan feel about dating a s/o that is a popular singer? ((they can be fans if you want :3 ))


-Is very, very impressed

-Probably asks them to sing to him a lot

-If he gathers up the courage, that is

-Will go to every single one of their concerts to support them

-And then, at one point s/o writes a song about him

-Once he realises it, he’s deceased


-’It’s not like I like you voice or anything’

-Until s/o catches him listening to one of their albums, on repeat, while napping

-Your ass is busted, Katsuki

-From then on, s/o makes it their mission to tantalise him 

-Sometimes likes to watch their dance practice

-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“I was thinking today
That we’re all gonna die one day
And I was thinking of all the things that I take for granted
And sometimes I forget how blessed I am

And I just wanted to say that if you’re ever feeling down
Truly take a moment out of your day to think of everything that you cherish

Go squeeze someone you love
put your heart and soul into that hug
and don’t let go until you both can’t breathe

Go make a friend with someone completely random

Hold the door open for someone
and if they don’t even acknowledge you
just smile

never stop smiling

And if you’re ever feeling lost
take a chance
If you’ve got nowhere to go any road will get you there

and sing
Like no one’s watching

If you like someone
tell them

Laugh at the stupid jokes only you and your best friend find funny
Laugh until your stomach hurts

And if you’ve ever been mean to anyone
And never got the chance to say sorry
Life’s too short to waste your time being a jerk

And if people are mean to you for no reason
Screw ‘em

Be yourself because nobody else can be

And if you want to cry
Let it out

Expectation is the root of all heartache
The best thing to do is to stop thinking
And to just let things happen

And if the world ever makes you feel small
Look up at the stars and know someone somewhere is doing the same thing

and just because today might’ve been a terrible day
doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your entire life
you just have to wake up and get there

We learn from experience that we never really learn anything from experience
We never know what’s gonna happen
and that’s the thing about life
You just have to breathe every moment in like it’s your last

And never look back.
And never regret.
And always stay happy.”

—  Stay Happy by Dakota Wint
Music (College!Yoongi)

Plot: College!Yoongi falling in love

Word Count: 1935

A/N: so this wasn’t actually requested but I wrote it a while ago after I heard Fifth Harmony’s cover of Red, the lyrics just really spoke to me like there was one line that I would just repeat over and over (Camila’s line to be particular idk if it was the way she sang it or just the actual lyric but it was just like straight to the heart) and then I wrote this and I tweaked it around a bit to better fit Yoongi and I thought I’d finally post it here so hopefully you guys enjoy it !!

Loving him was like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street

Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly.

You knew the exact moment you fell in love with the green haired boy from your music class. You knew the exact moment he became your best friend, the one you could trust with everything. You knew you had been sitting under a tree on campus, your earphones in and a book in your lap when you saw the boy that always seemed to be alone sit under a different tree.

You had seen him around campus, headphones always placed either around his neck or over his ears. He never spoke to anyone unless he was spoken to and if it wasn’t about music, he didn’t speak at all. No one knew his real name, even the teacher called him Suga. He always had his laptop at hand, doing something unknown to everyone else on it whenever he wasn’t in class. He had never spared you a glance but you’d given plenty to him.

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The Aftermath (Dean x Reader) (6x21)

A/N: The wait is over! Sorry for my long inactivity. I planned for the rest of this series and how its going to end. As always, feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

@heavenlyrainyparis @icantfindacreativeurl

If you want to be tagged for the next part, let me know in comments or message me!

Imagine you dating Dean when Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben. However, the whole thing makes you question your relationship. It also makes you wonder if Dean ever really stopped caring for them.

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The Choice (Pt.1)

The Decision (Pt. 2)

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A few hours later, you knocked on an apartment door; it opened. You were driving for hours, as you were going back to a place you knew you could clear your head.


You were born and raised in Chicago and decided to pay a friend a visit.

A woman opened the door, rubbing her eyes.

“(YN)? Hey. I haven’t talked to you in a little. Not that not I’m glad to see you, but what are you doing here at three o'clock in the morning?”

“I got into a fight with Bobby and I needed a place to stay. I can go if you want me to.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

“No of course not, come in.” She stepped aside and let you in, shutting the door behind you.

“Thanks Serene.”

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Captains and Vice’s giving them the ol’ Razzle Dazzle

More Dancing Headcannons because I CAN

Oikawa- He stick them leggy real far and attempts to spin. He falls on his ass and cries for Iwa-Chan when the rest of the team laugh at him

Iwaizumi- Iwa-Chan is too busy break dancing to his sick beats to hear Oikawa, and even if he does hear him, he doesn’t care

Daichi- That classical music in the background calls for a partner, but Daichi is like a literal mime and pretends he’s dancing with someone. Everyone watching in convinced he’s possessed

Sugawara- Suga hip hop dancing to super loud music that no one else wants to dance too because their ears are bleeding 

Kuroo- Kuroo likes dancing to anything in style while doing really old moves like the Moonwalk and the Worm

Nobuyuki- He doesn’t even dance he just pours water on Kuroo when he complains about being thirsty

Bokuto- Very bad at dancing but attempts to follow Akaashi’s instructions anyway

Akaashi- Pretends that he’s not dancing to a skrillex song while he’s busting a move that earns him three tens

Ushijima- Really likes the calming music and only just kind of sways to the romantic songs, he looks like one of those balloon men in front of car dealerships

Lipstick stain

You were wearing a red dress last night
It was fitted at the waist and flared out to the floor
Your hair was curled and it framed your face perfectly
And your lips, your lips were this shade of red that I can’t get out of my head
It was like red wine, just by gazing at you I was intoxicated
Intrigued by your beauty, how could someone like you ever dance alone?

I watched you the whole night, I sat at the bar hugging a beer
At some point the band slowed down and the lights dimmed and you found your way to the stool next to me
You grabbed a napkin and kissed it
I thought it was strange that you did that since you swore years ago that we’d never see each other again
Then in a blink of an eye you were gone again
And all that was left of you was a lipstick stain on a napkin that was now stuffed into my pocket next to a crumpled picture of you

Imagine every time Wander visits the skull ship he ends up stealing something to remind him of Hater, and it’s not even a conscious thought really, it just kind of happens.

Of course, it’s Wander so he always feels really bad about it because “What if Hater needs this hand towel, Sylvia??” but Hater doesn’t even notice that it’s missing to begin with.

One day he just goes “Sylvia, why do I keep taking his things, what’s come over me?!”

and Sylvia just goes “Oh Wander, you’re trying to keep him.”


Liam x Reader Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, lots of fluff <3

Word Count: 2110

Request by ditchesandbitches: Hey this is a request for Liam, based on the song Starving by Hailee Steinfeld, where the reader and Liam start to have feelings for each other and end up together, super fluff.

A/N: I gotchu. For best effect, listen to Starving by Hailee Steinfeld while reading. Enjoy!

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You and your best friend Lydia Martin had been walking around the mall for an hour and a half and you needed to sit. Lydia was adamant on keeping you on your feet seeing as this is the most exercise you’d had all week. You didn’t understand how she could even bare to walk this long in heels.

“You’re such a baby, Y/N. You’re wearing tennis shoes.” She scolded you as you sat down on the nearest bench. You set your shopping bags down next to you. Lydia sat down next to you taking a deep breath. “I can’t believe you need to sit. We’ve only been walking for an hour and a half.”

You rolled your eyes resisting the urge to give yourself a foot rub in this highly populated public area. “Not everyone has calves of steel, Lyds.” You shot back at her through your teeth. You and Lydia had been friends since the fourth grade. You were always with her through everything, good and bad. You were with her through her parents divorce, her learning about her banshee powers, and worst of all, the times she came over sobbing because of that asshole Jackson. But this, this was too much.

“You know what the deal is, Y/N.” She purred crossing her legs elegantly. “All you have to do is admit your feelings for Liam and we can stop. You know he likes you too, so what’s the hold-up?”

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Seventeen Ideal Types

disclaimer: I just want to say that NONE of these are confirmed, or said by the members themselves. it is only what I think would go well with them.

S.Coups: someone cute, who is kind, has a sense of humour and likes to joke around and be annoying with him.

Jeonghan: someone similar to himself, is calm and sweet but can still joke around and fill the silences.

Joshua: someone who isn’t afraid to be themself, is kind and considerate.

Jun: someone pure, takes care of their image well, and someone he can protect. I think he’d like someone younger than him.

Hoshi: someone who likes him, and only looks at him. someone who he can talk to all the time without getting bored and someone who stays on his mind 24/7.

Wonwoo: someone who is innocent and cute. I think he’d like being able to joke around and have fun but still be serious. I think he’d like someone younger also.

Woozi: someone who makes him fall for them, someone with a natural charm. I also think he’d really like someone who has an interest in music.

DK: someone who is attractive and matches him nicely. someone who is as bright and happy as he is.

Mingyu: someone who takes care of him well and someone he can take care of well. someone who is laid back and likes to laugh and joke around. someone who acts older.

The8: someone who is nice, and appreciates him. someone who likes to watch him dance and someone who takes care of him well.

Seungkwan: someone who is kind and gentle. someone who is can joke around but is a little sensitive so they can share their feelings. someone who cares for him.

Vernon: someone who is sweet and likes to talk. someone with a personality that shines. someone who is there for him, but he can still have fun with.

Dino: someone who is adorable, just like him. someone with aegyo, is kind, and someone he can take care of. I think he’d like someone younger.

Draco Malfoy: Secret Affairs part 2

A/N: I got a few requests for part two of this & honestly I really wanted to write it. I was never a Draco girl until I wrote this, I always wondered what’s the big deal? but damn now I find him HOT ;) sorrrrrry lol.

Part One: HERE

It’s been a few days since Draco and you fought, every time you saw him around the school he’d look away angrily or storm off. You and Harry decided to go to the ball together, as friends, as you really didn’t want to go with someone else, and didn’t want to get involved with anyone else.

Harry was the only one who knew about Draco and you, you didn’t tell anyone else. All your friends were picking up on the change in your behavior though, you were often times upset and hid in the library. Harry always found you and did his best to cheer you up, but it never really helped.

It was hard enough seeing Draco, but it was even harder seeing him with Pansy. That’s right, ever since you both got into that argument, he’s been walking around with Pansy on his side, they were holding hands, flirting, and all over each other.

The night of the ball you got ready with Hermoine, she wore an elegant pink and purple ombre gown. You curled your hair and wore a sparkly dark red mermaid gown with sleeves that fell off your shoulders, the dress had a short slip and the bottom half was transparent with a intricate pattern of flower and petals drawn on it.

You smiled in the mirror, you felt beautiful in the dress you picked it out especially for Draco. You frown remembering he wasn’t your date. Hermoine appeared in the mirror behind you, “Y/N you look stunning…” she admired your dress in the mirror, “but why the long face…” “nothing…” you fibbed. 

“Alright lets go, I’m sure Harry is waiting for you… in the common room, but I’ve got to run I’ve got to meet Viktor before we go to the ball,” she explained as she scurried out of your dorm. 

You look in the mirror one last time, checking your make-up and hair. You didn’t know why you were making such an effort, it’s not like you were really excited about the ball, if anything you were nervous about seeing Draco with Pansy, you didn’t think you’d be able to handle seeing him with her. It made your blood boil just thinking about it.

Suddenly you hear a knock at the door frame and turn to see Harry dressed sharply smiling at you. “Almost ready?” he asked, “you look amazing,” he said and you blushed.

“Thanks Harry, you don’t look too shabby yourself,” you tease. “Try not to look so down, you wouldn’t want me to think I was boring you or anything…” he joked, “I’m sorry Harry, I just don’t want to see Draco at the ball, I’m really nervous…” you explained and bit your lip. 

“Why wouldn’t you want to see him, let’s rub it in your face, you look amazing, he’s going to be so jealous!” Harry tried cheering you up, and you smirked at him. “Come on lets go, we have to be there in time for the first dance,” you nod he takes your arm and leads you to the ball room. 

Nervousness was the theme for the night, your heart was racing, and a million thoughts raced through your head. Harry lead you to the ball room, and shortly after it was time for the competitors and their date to have their first dances. 

The whole time Harry nervously guided your through the dance, while you reassured him and laughed when he made mistakes. You and Harry had a brother sister relationship, there was never anything more than a close friendship between you, and that’s how you liked it.

The whole time you danced you felt as if you were being watched, like someone was staring a hole through you. At one point, Harry spun you around, and you saw Draco Malfoy, standing alone in the crowd watching you. He looked somewhat taken aback, and maybe a bit sad.

You looked around to see Pansy, and to your surprise saw her on the arm of another Slytherin, not Draco. 

You felt Harry come to a halt, and you quickly snap your attention back to him. “I want to go check on Ron, I’ll be back?” he said you nodded and Harry sauntered away to go find his friend.

You stood on the dance floor waiting for Harry to come back.

A hand touched your shoulder, and expecting to find Harry you turned around with a smile, but much to your surprise stood the same blonde, grey-eyed boy, who told you he didn’t want to go to the ball with you, dressed in the finest robes and looking handsome as ever.

“Draco….” you whispered dumbfounded, Draco swiftly took your waist and your hand gently, and started leading you into a waltz. “What are you doing?” 

“Y/N.. you look lovely tonight….” he complimented ignoring your question. You twisted your lip, not sure of what to say. “Draco, what do you want? aren’t you embarrassed?” you snarled still angry from before. 

“Y/N…. I’m an idiot… I love you so much, and I don’t know why I said the things I said, and I was a fool to be embarrassed to have such a lovely girl friend, I don’t care what anyone thinks,” he spoke confidently, and you felt your heart flutter with his deceleration.

“Draco, I love you too…” you blushed looking down at your feet that moved in sync with his. Draco moved closer, and you felt the heat radiate onto you, you looked up and his lips found their way to yours. He kissed you gently, and it was like everyone’s judging eyes disspeared. 

Your eyes open, and you move your heads back, both blushing and smiling like idiots. 

Quickly your attention is diverted when you hear someone off the dance floor yelling, “BLOODY HELL!” your eyes find Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. Harry smiled and winked when you met his eyes, while Hermoine and Ron stood mouth agape shocked at what they just saw.

Now everyone knew, you and Draco didn’t care what anyone thought. No more secret affairs.

I LOVED WRITING THIS!!! Guys I was never a Draco girl but……. askjofhjof he’s so hot……. 




oikimsspace  asked:

Some asks for both of you: 1 Would you ever go skydiving? 2 Have you ever danced like nobody is watching and then realized that someone is watching? 3 My honest opinion of you both: work hard and care to make people feel affirmed. 4 My assumptions about you both / you confirm or deny them (I am sorry if I offend): you both seem angry at cis people/against them. 5 What are both of your favorite movies? 6 Confession: I hate who I am. 7 Ask for advice: how to draw? 8 Random question: bagels?

1. Aaron: Mayyybe????????????
    Emeyn:  Uhhh probably not i kinda have a..not quite a fear of heights but I feel uncomfortable high up 

2. Aaron: I’ve danced like that then stopped like someone was. but alas. I was alone with my dogs and should have kept dancing to my nerd music
    Emeyn: yesssss i have *turns red* 

3. Emeyn: awee   
    Aaron: awwwww thanks

4. Emeyn: awe hell no cis people are fine, the title of the blog was a joke referring to a Panic! at the Disco song XD I have plenty of cis friends
    Aaron: Honestly depends on the cis…. if it’s one of the guys from my school, then you’re absolutely right I hate ‘em

5. Aaron: Spirited Away! Or Princess Bride!
   Emeyn: fav movie..? uh…John Wick? the second Ghost in the Shell movie was great too…so was Logan…ahhh im so conflicted ;~;

6. Aaron: pats you i feel that way a lot too so I get ya
    Emeyn: although i feel the same way abt myself ill have to sadly inform u that u are wrong and a great person :*  

7. Emeyn: draw. DRAW. all the time. i know practice makes perfect sounds a bit cliche but honestly draw all the time and you learn so much from your mistakes
    Aaron: ???????? I bought a bunch of ‘how to draw manga’ books and then copied part of a certain artist’s style so idk I can’t believe I can draw tbh. I suck at bodies… cries

8. Emeyn: yes, bagels. bagels are good.
    Aaron: Ok, but consider…. Muffins.

Unwanted (part 6)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1743

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

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I wish I had my own place, somewhere with space large enough to leap and prance as the music fills my veins, my blood soaring as I can't help but twirl and spin and simply dance along. Without fear of someone walking in and laughing at my attempts. They say there's nothing more beautiful than someone who can dance like no one is watching, well I get there for a moment or two and then I hear footsteps pounding up the stairs and I freeze. I hault as the wind beneath my sails falters and hold my breathe only for them to continue in down the stretching hallway. It returns for a second before breathe stealing fear floods my veins and my heart and then I drop and give up.