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day two - tradition/nostalgia

Oh my gosh this is sooo much better then the last one (and very late; ha). 

Although this is similar to day five of Klancemas, I assure it will be a different (like say, Keith shoving snow down Lance’s shirt, idk)

So here’s a fanfic, ‘cause why not?

Personally, Allura had no idea what snow was like.

She had heard of it; times spent in Lance’s presence and having him ramble on about Earth and its beauty was to blame. Usually Coran would join in and ask extensive questions and Lance, of course, would give lengthy answers.

And Coran’s favorite questions had to always do with Earth’s form of precipitation.

Sure there was rain on Altea (usually liquid or flaming rocks) but with how Lance described it, snow seemed much more peaceful.

So of course she was ecstatic to have finally found a planet with the gentle precipitation.

“So I was thinking Paladins,” Allura began. It was morning (as much as it could be morning in space) and she had everyone captured attention thanks to breakfast. “How long has it been since you’ve seen snow?”

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the signs as I know them
  • Aries: adorable assholes with pretty eyes. I like the vibe I get off Aries, it's a combination of "i can kill you and make it look like an accident" and "omg lets cuddle and watch movies" knows how to party tbh
  • Taurus: really cool people. deep eyes that you could get lost in. funny as all hell. always baked lol
  • Gemini: I'm basically a Gemini magnet (most of the people I know are Gems)sooo... They're either cute, smart lil shits or manipulative assholes with satan as their personal mentor. really enjoys cute shit. would kill for the ones they care about. weed
  • Leo: smart and funny as fuck. really nice hair and great writers. really quite sometimes but if you're close with them its hard to make them shut up (but you don't even want to so its okay). dances really well. has known what college they want to go to since like age 6
  • Cancer: I only know one cancer and they are literally the cutest most sensitive people ever. lots of books. have a dark side but tbh if you see it R U N
  • Virgo: fucking weirdos but in a good way. pretty eyes. all or nothing make up. either really goth (or girly) or in pjs. probably studies Hitler.
  • Libra: assholes. (an ex was a libra and i hate him lol) but they do have a great sense of humour and really good memories when it comes to important shit. drunk 563454% of the time they're not busy
  • Scorpio: this is my sign and literally the other 2 scorpios i know are assholes. but we do have big hearts. and like chocolate too much. wonderful eyes. good hair. emo babies. r a g e . either straight edge or ya know..not lol
  • Sagittarius: basically scorpios just less vengeful and sexual (sorry)
  • Capricorn: n o p e. to be fair they can be pretty smart.
  • Aquarius: really nice but more two faced then all the geminis i know combined. long hair thats always perfect.
  • Pisces: emo babies but in a low key way so they just seem shy. curl af hair but i love it. tall as fuck. nice, likes to get high