dance is ok

you know what still outrages me to this day?

remember the mommy dance scene in rugrats in paris: the movie??

why the hell did none of the moms scoop up little chuckie for the dance??? like ok didi has her hands full so she sort of gets a pass. but they all knew full well that chuckie’s mom had passed away. yes he may be a little peepants nerd but he didn’t deserve this gross negligence. that scene and song still make me cry and i would like to press charges

Dickkory Week, DAY 1

“Dick, hold my bouquet.”


Kory carries Dick ok and I will NOT *punches wall* accept any other scenario.

Pennywise: “It was real enough for Georgie”


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Middle School Weeaboo Aesthetic:

  • naruto run
  • trying to learn jutsus
  • “light yagami’s last name backwards is ‘im a gay!’”
  • “boy x boy! DON’T LIKE DON’T READ! XP”
  • anime character 7 minutes of heaven on quizilla
  • creating ocs by recoloring already existing characters
  • lucky star
  • hare hare yukai dance
next week on: Shadowhunters
  • Alec: *has to face the homophobic decisions of the Clave*
  • Jace: *gets into a fight with Maia*
  • Clary: *discovers 2 bodies*
  • The Institute: *under constant attack*
  • literally everyone: *freaks out*
  • Magnus:
  • Magnus:
  • Magnus: lemme get ma dancin' shoes

@Doodledrawsthings’s sweater bendy au is a treasure that should be passed down through the generations ok.  I just wanted to post a headcanon of how Bendy got the sweater from Mabel.

Weeelll, i’m considering burying myself in the backyard now….