dance in the rain too


Debbie Reynolds tells the story about how Fred Astaire encouraged her to keep working hard on the dance routines for Singin’ in the Rain. (x)

In a world where so much is expected of you, one of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn is that growing up doesn’t mean leaving behind who you are—that acting your age doesn’t mean letting go of your youth.
The truth is, you are never too old to dance in the rain until your skin turns blue. To ride a bicycle through the night with the wind on your face and all of your troubles long behind you.
You are never too old to blast the volume on your favourite song. To mark your name into the wet concrete on the sidewalk just because you want the world to remember you were here.
You are never too old to run away from home. To put down all that is expected of you and wander lightly into the wild unknown. You are never too old to rediscover yourself. To dream and hope like anything is possible. It is.  
You are never too old to make love like it is for the very first time. Full of nerves and clumsy laughter, and hands that don’t know what to do with themselves. You are never too old to take a chance. To be as reckless and bold as you were with your heart before years of rejection left you cynical and cautious.
You are never too old to reach out for help. To fall apart gently in the arms of a friend. To hold onto your mother like she is the last thing anchoring you here to the earth.
You are never too old to remain young at heart. While maturity may bring you wisdom and strength, it is the playful, curious child in you that makes the world magic—that makes a life enchanting and worth living at all.
—  Beau TaplinA c t  Y o u r  A g e 

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VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Do you think Yuuri or Viktor have ever danced in the rain? What are your personal thoughts/opinions? *whispers* Btw Braveten I <3 you and your writing

YES!!! And thank you so much!

Yuuri loves the rain–he always has. When he tells this to Victor, Victor looks at him like he’s insane. But on a soggy day in Saint Petersburg, when Yuuri takes his hand and pulls him outside with his favorite irresistible smile, Victor starts to understand. Yuuri pulls him out onto the street where people are hurrying past with umbrellas, trying to get home, and looks upwards, letting the water beat down on his face and hair.

Victor takes both of his hands, thinking about how lovely it is to see the weather from Yuuri Katsuki’s point of view, and twirls him around. Yuuri laughs, and Victor wonders if he’d be embarrassed, dancing in public like this, if not for the fact that nobody can really see them.

They step closer together, and then Yuuri moves his hand to Victor’s shoulder, and Victor slips a hand onto his waist. They start an off-beat rhythm to music that only they can hear, and a car alarm starts going off in the distance. Victor laughs and picks Yuuri up by his hips, setting him back down on the sidewalk that is quickly becoming more of a river.

Yuuri dips him, and the water hits Victor’s exposed neck, chest, before he’s brought back up and his lips meet Yuuri’s own, tasting of salty rainwater and something else that is indescribably, unmistakably Yuuri.

I remember a night when I was eight,
my sister was six,
and it was a night of a thunderstorm
the kind where the rain pummels the sidewalk and turns it black
in seconds.
We danced out in the rain together,
laughing loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear
while we screamed in small voices
‘look look, we’re dancing in the rain!’
like our lungs were fulls of butterflies
held too long in their cocoons.
I kept that night in my thoughts
every time I walked home from work at two
in the morning
and the rain beat my hair to my cheeks
and my sneakers squashed against the sidewalk.
I kept it in my thoughts
all the lonely walks to dance class
my knuckles white gripped around the umbrella
counting down the miles
just three more to go.
I kept it in my thoughts for each cold and dirty and long walk
in the pouring rain
like a beacon
of the time me and my baby sister danced in the rain.
Because I know
one night the rain will pummel the sidewalk and turn it black
and I will dance in it again.
—  Miriam K, dancing in the rain

Can you do another “Dating Tom Holland?”


Rainy days always being a plus one

❣ “Come on Tom, let’s dance!” You say, the rain matting the hair to your face.

❣ “Darling it’s too cold.” Tom whined.

❣ You pout and continue dancing alone, turning your back onto him.

❣ You feel strong arms wrap around you, slowly rocking you side to side.

❣ “I’m messing up my hair for you.” He whispers in you ear.

❣ “You care more about your hair than me.” You pout, getting away from his grip.

❣ He grabs your wrist and twirls you into a slow dance position.

❣ You stare into his eyes, water trickling down his hair and falling onto your face. He smiles at you.

❣ “The hair is for you Love.” He says, bringing you in for a kiss.

Tom being drained from work

🌸 “Love I’m home!” You hear Tom shout and the front door closing.

🌸 You come out of your guys’ room, wearing his button up and boy shorts.

🌸 He smiles at you, lifting you up as he hugs you.

🌸 “How about we order some pizza?” He asks, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You smile.

🌸"Funny. I had just ordered one.“

🌸 The pizza arrives and you guys eat, Tom talking about what he did.

🌸 You guys plop yourselves onto the couch, Tom laying down on your lap and playing with you fingers. He kisses them occasionally, getting your attention.

🌸 “I love you.” He’ll say every few minutes. You would reply back and his smile would get bigger.

🌸 You smile every time he does that because it melts your heart. You place your hand on his head, slowly scratching it and you feel him let out a small and quiet sigh. You stop and his eyes open back up.

🌸 “Why’d you stop?” He asks, his eyes looking like a puppy. You giggle and continue, earning a smile from him. He closes his eyes again and you scratch his scalp.

🌸 You do this for a while, rubbing you hand softly over his face, giving him a small massage on his temple. He lets out a small moan, meaning he enjoys it.

🌸 You pull back his hair and place a kiss on his forehead. He opens one eye and purses his lips. You roll your eyes and lean down for a kiss.

🌸 You’re about to sit up when he tells you no. You lean back down and he cradles your face.

🌸 “I love you.” He says sleepily. You smile and peck his lips a little longer.

🌸 “I know. I love you too.” You say, going back to scratching his scalp, only to hear him softly snoring in your lap.

You and Tom fighting

⏳ “You promised!” You cry, the tears stinging your eyes. He stared at you, his eyes fuming.

⏳"What exactly did I promise you? My freedom?“ He says, his voice not quite raised.

⏳"You promised to be home before 6!” You shout. He gets angry and pulls his hair.

⏳ “What is with you?!” He groans, walking away into the living room.

⏳"Me?!? I’m not an ignorant person.“ You yell after him. He turned to face you, making you startled.


⏳You’re taken back and the tears come, not even slowly. Full on sobbing occurs. He notices his words and goes to comfort you, but you push him away to sit on the couch.

⏳"L-Love? Come on now… you know I didn’t mean it.“ He coos, placing a hand onto your back as you cried.

⏳ “How could you forget?” You sob.

⏳ “What did I forget?” He asks.

⏳ You look up at him, horrified.

⏳ “Does our anniversary mean nothing?” You ask. His face falls and he looks away.

⏳ “That’s what I thought.” You say getting up.

⏳ “Where are you going?” He asks, following you.

⏳ “I’m going to Nat’s place. I just need some space.” You tell him, grabbing a change of clothes and slamming the front door on him.

Tom making it up

✨ “It was one anniversary.” Harrison says, dipping his fry in some ketchup. You sigh.

✨ “I know Haz but..that was my best one yet.” You say, dipping yours in ranch.

✨ “Why?” He says, a mouthful of burger. You give a small smile.

✨ “It’s the longest one I’ve had. Three years beats a year Haz.” You tell him, passing a napkin over. He thanks you and cleans up his mouth.

✨ “You sure he didn’t forget?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink.

✨ “I wasn’t. But his face said it all.” You say, taking a pickle slice out and eating it.

✨ You notice a big commotion happening outside and you look out the window. A huge crowd had formed and both you and Harrison go outside.

✨ You look up and see a Billboard sign that reads,

“I was an ass. I didn’t completely forget. I remembered. I just didn’t have something to give. Until now. Turn around.”

✨You turn around and see someone in a Spidey suit descend upside down from the building. You look up and see people on the roof, giving you a thumbs up.

✨ “Seems like someone owes you an apology.” Harrison jokes. Spidey turns to him and punches his arm and I laugh.

✨ Someone comes up and hands me a bouquet of roses, along with a huge teddy bear. I had them over to Haz, who groans.

✨” Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I have been amazed these past three years and honesty, you’ve made me the happiest guy to ever live. I may have not gotten you anything for our anniversary.“ He says.

✨A bigger crowd begins to close in around us as he continues.

✨ “What I’m trying to say is… will you marry me?” He says, tearing the mask off. I blink through the tears and stare back at Tom. I see him pull out a small box and he opens it, still upside down.

✨ It was a beautiful skinny sapphire ring, my birthstone. I cover my mouth and nod, the tears flowing. Everyone cheers around us and he brings me closer, performing the iconic upside down Spiderman kiss.

✨"Congrats on the engagement.. but can we go? This bear weighs a ton.“ Harrison groans.




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Laf prompt: "The entire kingdom is in a panic, the duke is ill! The Crown Prince is inconsolable." "Everyone calm down. He has a cold."

Yuuri sneezed.

Victor nearly burst into tears.

“Vitya, I’m fine, it’s just a cold,” Yuuri protested as Victor continued to tuck more cushions around his husband as if they would somehow miraculously cure him. “I told you dancing in the rain again was a bad idea, we’re getting a little too old for that.”

Victor leaned over the bed and pressed a kiss to Yuuri’s forehead, frowning as the skin burned warm under the lips. “I’m having some medicinal herbs from the Ji kingdom brought in.”

Laughing, Yuuri shook his head. “I’ll be fine by the time they get here. If you don’t leave, you’ll catch it, and then you’ll be the one drinking those horrible things.”

“I can’t live without you, Yuuri.”

“The doctor said I’ll get better quicker if I rest. Are you going to keep me awake and from recovery?” Yuuri questioned pointedly, smile still on his lips.

His husband leapt up in response. “You’re right. I’ll make go sure the cooks are making you something for when you wake up.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be preparing to meet with the representatives from the east?” Yuuri reminded, to Victor’s sheepish grin.

“How am I supposed to concentrate on anything like that when my dear husband is sick?”

“Your dear husband is going to kick your cute royal butt if you don’t leave him to rest and get to your duties.”

With a laugh, Victor touched another kiss to the top of Yuuri’s head, his dark hair now speckled with greying strands, then squeezed his hand, thumb tracing over their wedding ring. “Then rest. I’ll be back to check on you soon.”

“I love you too, Vitya,” Yuuri said and settled into the mass of cushions Victor had surrounded him with, closing his eyes.

Victor lingered at the door, watching Yuuri doze off in their bed. Really though, how was he supposed to concentrate when his Yuuri was sick? Not even that much could be expected of a king.

Will I have black skin in heaven?
Will my nose be this wide?
My mother doesn’t have an answer.
She rocks me to sleep with slave songs
passed down through the pulpit,
and when I am baptized
there is blood in the water.
I never find God in a white cathedral,
but I always smell Jesus in the sidewalk cracks
when white boys shove me down.
Jesus, too,
must have breathed dust.
Forty acres and a mule, says my father.
Forty lashes for a fool, says my mother.
In church camp, I am taught gospel songs
and then rain dances,
for the days when God takes too long to answer.
Some days God is called Olukun
or Agayu.
The gods all share a table.
Black is power, says the pastor.
My mother has black diamond skin,
but my father’s is pale, like an empty raincloud,
so I fall somewhere in between.
When my mother says I would’ve been a house slave
while she toiled in the field,
I can’t tell which one of us she’s ashamed of.
Black is power, says the pastor again,
and plays Amazing Grace.
I’ve learned to make music
from goatskin drums and broken bones.
I wonder if I’ll be black in heaven.
My mother doesn’t have an answer.
But it would be a shame if
I’ve spent a lifetime learning to survive in this skin
just to have Him take it away.
—  Will I Be Black in Heaven?
Weather starters

“It feels fine to me.”

“How can you stand this weather?”

“It is way too hot out there/here.”

“Why didn’t you bring a coat?”

“You are not tracking mud inside!”

“Get inside before you freeze to death.”

“Don’t hug me, you’re all wet!”

“A little water never hurt anybody.”

“Come on, it’s just snow!”

“I need a ride, my car isn’t built for this weather.”

“I guess I’ll carry you so you don’t get your feet wet.”

“Please tell me you still have running water.”

“You’re not afraid of a little lightning, are you?”

“My house is flooded and I need a dry place to crash.”

“My good shoes are ruined!”

“Stop that, you’re getting water everywhere!”

“I bet I could ice-skate all the way home.”

“I almost died. No one should have to be out in this.”

“You can’t even drive well in good weather. Why would I ride with you now?”

“Are my legs still there? I can’t feel them.”

“I trusted you! You said it was warm out here.”

“Hold my hand. You’re so tiny I’m afraid this wind will blow you away.”

“Close the window!”

“Let’s wait until this stops.”

“Do not blame me if you catch a cold.”

“Aw, quit spoiling my fun. Snow is the best!”

“Do you really have to jump in every puddle we pass?”

“No, I don’t want to dance in the rain.”

“It too wet. Why don’t we do this another day?”

“I can’t see a thing in all this fog.”

knk’s dances are one of the most satisfying kpop dances i’ve ever watched

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Please for the love of all that is holy, 38 and Royai.

Let’s pretend it hasn’t been like…..five months since you made this request, okay? ok! Have some young!royai with a little bit of trauma. 

words: 1791 ;; K+ 

“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

A flash of lightning splits across the gray sky. It brightens her vision and she counts the number of seconds before the rumble of thunder reaches her. A gust from the rolling clouds fluffs her short hair and she lifts a hand to block her bangs from covering her face. “The storm isn’t far off now,” she says, turning to her companion. “According to your little trick.”

The city boy stuffs the centerpiece of their funnel cake into his mouth, nodding as he chewed. He swallows with exaggeration, as if he lacked manners. “How far away was that one?”

“Ten seconds,” she hums, calculating. “Two miles away.” Riza gestures towards the Hermanson’s barn; its interior is lit and with faint noises of people at work.  “The planners must’ve known it was going to rain too. They usually have the dancing at the end of the fair outside.”

“Is that right?” He glances over, shaking off the powdered sugar from his hands before stuffing them in his pockets. “How would you know,” He meets her eyes with a glint of mischief in his. “Bring any other boyfriends before?”

Her jaw slacks and a blush heats her cheeks before she can control it. He’s teasing her again and she always falls right for right for it. Every time. She lays it out like funnel cake and he eats it up at her expense. “You are not my boyfriend.”

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okay but did ari and dante go to prom together? ?? did ari dress up all nice ?? did ari bring flowers for dante??? ? did dante actually wear shoes to go to prom w his boyfriend??? ? did they dance together in the middle of the dancefloor?? did….ari….take them out….to the desert……where they danced in the middle of the rain…too….? ?

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*crashes through ceiling* Slumber party?!!? :D

*pulls you down and shoves an umbrella through the ceiling* YOU’RE ALL LUCKY I HAVE INSURANCE OMG BUT YES COME JOIN THE SLUMBER PARTY! EVERYONE’S INVITED!

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Hello! Can you recommend some good mclennon fics that you've read over time? Thanks :)

Oh dear. I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS QUESTION MY WHOLE LIFE. also, it took me several days to answer this because i just kept thinking about the fics i could put here. the fics aren’t in a particular order. ALL OF THESE ARE GOOD. and there are many

Impossible Opening, by beatle_boots

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: Some good old traditional pining!John, Paul being a stubborn bull and thinking “no homo” but still on the way there (he just lives in sweet, sweet denial), tension-filled relationship progression, all the goodies are here.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

If I Fell, by eppic

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is actually the fic that got me into shipping John and Paul (along fiona’s drawings). It has stayed as one of my favourites for all these years, for nostalgia or for the quality? I don’t know, but this fic changed my life. Also a warning: After this you’ll never be able to listen to If I Fell without thinking about this fic and having FEELINGS
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

April Fool, by beatle_boot

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Cynthia dies while giving birth to Julian (a whole new perspective of what might have happened), John and Paul take care of Julian like an old married couple, John and Paul become an old married couple. What’s not to like? Includes Paul pining over John, John pining over Paul, Satisfyingly slow build, and Julian being just plain adorable. Aww. Definitely one of my favourites.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Je Ne Regrette Rien, by many authors

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: A multi-author collaboration about the Paris trip; 14 chapters, 13 authors, each taking one day of Paul and John’s two-week travelling. It’s a great thing, and a wholesome story even with the author changing at every chapter. Highly recommend ;))
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

This, That, Drinks And Dreams, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Okay, so this is one of my ABSOLUTE favs. I don’t know what it is in this that makes me come back over and over again, but. Paul mopes after John’s gone into Spain, and gets drunk, and complains to George, who makes John come over, and it is just perfect. Aaahhh. This fic is like a soothing salvation after a hard day at uni. Read it. Full five points.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Discipline, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: From the same author, and, well, dear god. There is basically no plot. Just good old spanking and… well, that’s it. Smut. Perfect.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Ah, Look at All the Lonely People, by Gereiheimer

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Paul is a priest, John is a rich artist. John meets Paul in a god-forsaken village and they kind of fall for each other (”kind of” is underestimating the feelings in this one). I think this is also one of the first ones I read, and I love it still.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

The Japanese Incident, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Well, of course this fic is here. Never before has porn with a plot been so good. And it is literally just that; Porn. But there’s a plot included, as an extra. Which is wonderful. I could put all of lukinha’s fics here but I’ll restrain myself to my extra favs.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Roughhouse, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R (I guess)
Why is it damn good: This is a small fic, but it’s been my beloved one ever since I read it. Funny, and hot in a slightly surprising way. Also hella cute. This is seriously probably my favourite fic, which is funny considering that it’s so…. small. But I keep coming back to it no matter what, and it always brings my mood up. It’s a fic for pure, silly enjoyment <33
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 (x100000)

Black Olives + I Want You, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: hhgnhnnhghngnh I accidentally read these in a reversed order at the first time, and was slightly confused (if you’ve read these, you can imagine). After that I’ve read them in the right order about a million times, and I am no longer confused. I am in love. Remember to check the warnings in these two. Basically BDSM/dub-con/kinky sex.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Très Beau, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is such a good fic, and cute. It also features French, which always makes me smile smugly (for no reason at all). I think it’s one of lukinha’s earlier works, but it’s still great. Her writing honed excellently over the years, but this is a good example of her potential as a fic writer even before she had tackled all the “good writer’s tips”. Just great fun reading this.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Boy, You’ve Been A Naughty Girl, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: …..Do I really have to say why this is good? Despite the slight off-characterisation of Paul (which is totally fine!), this is a damn good fic. Contains a lot of women’s dresses, John pining over Paul, and being wonderfully oblivious. Also, sex in a chair 👌
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Come Together, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: The boys… come… all over… Paul. That’s it. There’s no plot. It’s just sex. I don’t know if I should really put this sinful work on this list, but…. i’m going into hell anyway? SO ENJOY THIS SMUTTY PIECE OF GOLD. remember not to kink-shame me for this
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌 (……… 👌👌👌👌 👌👌👌👌)

Hare Fucking Krishna, by Smilesawakeyou

Rating: PG-13
Why is it damn good: This is a rather new find of mine, which I only recently discovered with all the JP-library building. It’s set around George’s death, and he is… well, basically on his deathbed, and he’s got some unfinished business to sort out with Paul, and it makes you laugh and cry, but it’s beautiful. Definitely on my list of “new favourites”
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Small Paul’s Singularge Experience, by the_anglophile

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: This is just a perfectly funny fic. I first read it yeeeeaaars back when it was on LJ, and it just makes me crack up every time. Basically, Paul stays small (Help! Universe), and he and John…. Well, they find ways to have fun with that. In an NC-17 way. haha
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Lifting Latches/Sending Postcards, by thinkpink20

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: A classic, a favourite, DAMN GOOD. You just kind of want to…. like…. ugh…. push….. Paul and John into each other’s arms…… and….. UGH-
In all seriousness, just a prime example of how small actions can lead into big ones, and IT HAS SO MUCH PAUL PINING OVER JOHN. I LOVE IT.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

And last, but not least…

Wednesday Evening Salons + The Elephant Dance + Too Much Rain, by yes_2day
Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: I don’t know how many of y’all actually know this fic, but it is just… well, I have no words for how great it is. It’s a bit difficult to read the chapters, thanks to LJ’s impossible systems, and then fic might start a bit slowly, but in the end it’s totally worth it. The whole fic is still going on, and it already has about 250 chapters? That’s a lot of chapters for a quality fic. Also, you’ll fall in love with the author’s two OC’s. I know I did and I just scream with delight whenever they appear in the fic.
Basically, John doesn’t die in 1980, and Paul and John entwine in a complicated and difficult relationship, managing to stand through hardship and years, and the fic is written so well that I sometimes forget things didn’t happen that way. Then I get sad. But then I read another chapter and get happy again. And get sad again ‘cos it’s not real. It’s a never-ending circle. I just can’t praise this one enough. (Gotta get it into the library ASAP, but there are…. a lot of chapters….)
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 + BLESS THIS FIC

Well, that’s all for now. There are so many, and as you can see, most of these (well, all of them) are from LJ. Some of them I like because of nostalgic reasons, but mostly because they are just so good. And I’m a really, really picky reader. Have fun reading!

hey its raining and i got so excited that i ripped off the front of my drawer in an attempt to grab some pants