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Ethnic group: Yaka

The Yaka are an African ethnic group found in southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo, with Angola border to their west.They number about 300,000 and are related to the Suku people.

The Yaka people are a matrilineal society that includes patrilineal lineage as family name.Their villages have chiefs, who are recognized by the Congo government as a political office.

Their Traditional Religion has the concept of Ndzambyaphuungu, or a Creator God who resides in the sky, but this creator is not a part of their celebrations or rituals. The religious practices and ceremonies are instead directed towards the Bambuta or the spirits of the ancestors, and these are also part of healing dances during illnesses.

The Yaka farm cassava, sweet potatoes, and corn as staple source of food, and supplement this with fish and game meat. They have traditionally hunted with the help of hunting dogs.In contemporary times, they are also migrant workers in urban areas.

The Yaka are notable for their arts and handicrafts. They make statues, portraits, baskets, carved objects, masks, tools for cooking, building, hunting, fishing or entertaining with additions of instrumments such as drums. Their masks are bulky, distinctive with upturned noses and eyes shaped in the form of globules. These masks were frequently used in various Traditional Religion ceremonies.Their sculptures called Mbwoolo and their carved slit drum called Mukoku are regionally famous and used in ritual dances


I’m actually ridiculously proud of this. It’s my first dance in my new place, and I think my first dance since October. The floors are really hard, but I slide easily on them, and was able to manipulate my legs into stuff they normally can’t do. Dance is so fucking healing and wonderful for me, and I felt like it came across in this piece.
Please feedback or thoughts, they honestly help a lot
-june 🌸

When a woman has made the descent and severed her identity as a spiritual daughter of the patriarchy, there is an urgent yearning to reconnect with the feminine, whether that be the goddess, the Mother, or the little girl within. There is a desire to develop those parts of herself that have gone underground while on the heroic quest: her body, her emotions, her spirit, her creative wisdom… If a woman has spent many years fine-tuning her intellect and her command of the material world while ignoring the subtleties of her bodily knowings, she may now be reminded that the body and spirit are one. If she has ignored her emotions while serving the community, she may now slowly begin to reclaim how she feels as a woman. The mysteries of the feminine realm will appear in her dreams, in synchronistic events, in her poetry, art and dance.
—  Maureen Murdock, The Heroine’s Journey
A small list of Egyptian deities

After a good look through Conway’s Little Big Book of Magic I found this wonderful list of deities from the Egyptian pantheon that I just had to share with you all. 

AMEN/AMUN/AMMON - God of reproduction, fertility, agriculture, prophecy. 

Associated with the ram and the goose.

ANUBIS - God of endings, wisdom, surgery, hospital stays, finding lost things, journeys, and protection. Considered a messenger from the gods to humans.

Associated with the jackal and sometimes the dog.

BAST - The cat-headed goddess of all animals, but especially cats. She symbolizes the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, joy, music, dance, marriage, and healing.

BUTO - Cobra goddess of protection.

HATHOR - A mother and creatress goddess, protectress of women. Symbols include the moon, marriage, motherhood, artists, music, happiness, and prosperity.

Associated with the cow, the frog, and the cat.

HORUS - God of the sun and the moon, he stands for prophecy, justice, success and problem solving.

Associated with the falcon and the hawk.

IMHOTEP - God of medicine and healing.

ISIS - The supreme Egyptian goddess, who was honored for 3,000 years. In later times, her worship spread to Greece and Rome. Meanings include magick, fertility, marriage, purification, initiation, reincarnation, healing,
divination, the arts, and protection.

Associated with the cat, the goose, and the cow.

MAAT - Goddess of judgment, truth, justice, and reincarnation.

Associated with ostrich feathers.

NEITH - A warrior goddess and protectress, she represents magick, healing, mystical knowledge, domestic arts, and marriage. Two arrows were among her symbols.

Associated with the vulture.

NEPHTHYS - The dark sister of Isis. Magick, protection, dreams, and intuition. The basket was one of her symbols.

OSIRIS - The supreme Egyptian god. Fertility, civilization, agriculture, crafts, judgment, architecture, social laws, power, growth, and stability.

Associated with the hawk and the phoenix.

PTAH - God of artisans and artists, builders and craftsmen.

Associated with the bull.

SEKHMET - The dark sister of Bast, a lion-headed goddess. Physicians and bonesetters; revenge, and power.

Associated with the lioness.

TA-URT/TAURET - The hippopotamus goddess. Childbirth, maternity, and protection.

THOTH - God of books and learning, and the greatest of magicians. Writing, inventions, the arts, divination, commerce, healing, intuition, success, wisdom, truth, and the Akashic Records.

Associated with the ibis.

Prediction for Nils in Heroes

Seeing as we already have Ninian, I doubt they’ll put Nils in because who cares about cute kid bro when you have dragon waifu sdnskj hope that they’ll put him in the game because I really liked his little flute dance and I just like him in general.

That being said, I feel like if Nils was ever in Heroes, he would be a colorless dancer. Think about it: he’s a little kid and he didn’t wield any weapons in Blazing Sword, so what weapon could he possibly have that is appropriate for a little kid? Daggers, because they’re small and easy to carry. Plus, both Ninian and Nils were able to buff stats in Blazing Sword, and since healing/dancing take up the same slot, he could instead have a debuffing weapon to echo that buffing role.

They could also just make him another dragon dancer, but he’s Ninian’s brother, meaning that it wouldn’t make sense if he was a dragon dancer in a different color than her, and we don’t need any more blue dancers. Therefore, colorless dancer, specifically dagger dancer.