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Swedish electronic duo CAZZETTE continue to prove themselves incredibly versatile with their latest track. Having made a swift ascent in the dance music scene earlier this decade with their high energy house, CAZZETTE switched gears with songs like Sleepless, which I still adore to no end, and Together. They throw us for a loop on new single Static, whose stirring flux is exactly the opposite of static. CAZZETTE teams up with breathy vocal enchantress Georgia Ku on their new song, forging a sound tender yet atmospheric. Their melodic dance track undulates smoothly and spirals fluidly. It’s possibly their most beautiful song to date, and you can purchase it from various outlets, here, via PRMD.

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for the Game of Thrones: Season 5 blu-ray

Last year I had the opportunity to work on an animated featurette for Game of Thrones

The Dance of Dragons is a 20 minutes animation based on G.R.R. Martin’s novella The Princess and the Queen, which takes place 200 years before the events in Game of Thrones. It tells the story of the struggle in which Targaryen turned against Targaryen, resulting in civil war and destroying most of their dragons in the process.

In addition to being in the blu-ray, it was shown at a few events in the run-up to the season 6 premiere. Pretty much a dream project, thanks to the people at  Buddha Jones + LAssociates - particularly the producer Adam Vadnais.

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(Just a note: I was in charge of drawing the characters + dragons; the colours and background were handled by other people for the finished product. So it looks fairly different to these frames.) 


Legendary French dudes JUSTICE unleashed a video for their epic new single, “ALAKAZAM!” on Friday, and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the weekend than to drop this crushing electro jam on right now. The only problem is the video is going to leave you wishing you could start the weekend all over again with its in-the-moment live footage. We’re dropped smack dab in the middle of the crowd at a Justice show, raised cell phones, pumping fists and all, for a mad dashing adrenaline rush as JUSTICE stirs the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Suddenly, I find myself insanely jealous of friends attending Beach Goth down in SoCal, where JUSTICE happens to be a headliner. At least I have new album Woman to look forward to on November 18th, and perhaps, a tour on the horizon? In the meantime, I’ll turn down the lights here at home, find a YouTube video that strobes in color, and sweat out a storm as I lunge at the ceiling in tune to the pounding beats, heaving bass, glorified synths, and whirring drums on gratifying “ALAKAZAM!” JUSTICE always knows how to work that sonic magic. Preorder Woman from various outlets, here, if you’re completely irrational and haven’t done so yet.


In the couple days since its reveal, Clean Bandit’s new single Rockabye has already flown by the million view milestone on YouTube. The single arrived soon after the sad announcement that long time violinist Neil Amin-Smith was leaving the collective. Clearly, this isn’t going to slow down the UK project, not one iota. Rockabye even features Sean Paul and fast rising UK singer songwriter Anne-Marie, who just dazzled me recently during her San Francisco debut at Popscene. The trifecta of new and long time talent give us a marvelous banger. This snappy bouncing, soulful jouncing house and dancehall jam is the perfect tune to accompany us through to the end of the year, plus its official video is a dazzler too. Clean Bandit has never failed to “rockabye” me, and not to sleep either, quite the opposite. Download or stream this surefire hit from all major outlets, here.


Debbie Allen and dance students at the White House. My heart….

“The First Lady will welcome 51 local Washington, D.C. students to the White House. These students will work with iconic leaders in dance, including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Judith Jamison, Debbie Allen, the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Virginia Johnson, and Hip-Hop choreographer Fatima Robinson. Each of these women have played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of African American women and girls in dance.” via broadwayblack

I’m infinitely grateful a friend of mine keyed me into this magnificent track days ahead of its release, because I was able to enjoy it for that much longer. French producer Monsieur Adi has returned with a stunning debut named Bad Habits, on which he’s enlisted NYC pop Vérité for fierce impassioned vocals. This grand resolute, regal soaring electronic aria is suffused with deep synths and luscious beats. Even if the track were to be considered a “bad habit”, I’d still lunge myself fully into it, over and over again in utter obsession. Bad Habits is out now on Maison Balbus. 

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