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YELLE - Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

Video directed by Paul B. Cummings & Jean-François Perrier
Featuring Nathan Barnatt


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caity lotz b-girling like a pro

I am so fucking ready for Lance moping around in chapter 8 because oh my god this isn’t happening we hold hands and stared at each other and got lost into each other eyes and he held me and I held him and he is way out of my league have you seen him Pidge ? Like for real ? Because I have and he is even better looking up close and this should not be allowed especially when you have a mullet ? And don’t get me started on his character and everything that makes him Keith because my heart won’t be able to keep up ! At all ! I need ice cream hunk give it back !

I would like to see this happen in the next chapters or just having some Lance’s thoughts about this and his feelings that are growing because oblivious Keith is oblivious (but he’s still cute and interesting of course !)

I love your writing, I hadn’t read fanfictions for a while (maybe something like a year) but when I saw the prompt for the marks we make I just binged read all your fics !! They are so good I love it !!!!! You’re writing is just like I like it, full of dialogues and with a good amount of descriptions but not too much, just to get the visual through and build the background and I love it.

Okay tmwm is so amazing it inspired to write a fic with some soulmate au ! I love it and I can’t wait for the next chapter, I want to know how Keith will react around Lance and how he will react if Lance shows off the Galaxy ! I’m pretty sure Keith won’t draw anything on his skin for a while, poor baby is shocked !! And Lance is too much proud of his SM, tho I would be too so I can’t blame him ! It’s best he doesn’t know Keith is his soulmate I think, he won’t notice anything anyway, he’s so stupidly blind !!

And suadwm is just breathtaking. I love low build and just the feel of the fic, the characters, Lance’s moping around, the fucking chat is amazing I can’t help but laugh loudly everytime I see it ! It’s so fun and good to read, I love it. For real, there’s nothing bad about it. Ah maybe the whole blushing thing, why ? Is it because none of their blood goes to their dock so the blood creeps up on their upper body ? I fear for their lives, their heart won’t hold for a long time at this rate !

And the otm is just soft and fucking upsetting because why can’t they realize already what they feel !! why you gotta hurt yourselves like that my Babies ! But the end is so soft I had a toothache ! It was really in character, I could totally see it happen in canon ! And the other companions watching them ? Brilliant ! The moment Keith just goes fuck everything, I’m gonna take this gamble and bam Lance is the one who’s putting the kiss in action and fujoshi allura gives me life. And everyone just rolling with their relationship right away gives me life !

Oh and non binary pidge is life, as a non binary myself I quite appreciate it !! And how everyone just rolls with the pronouns is magical ! Thank you ! (I can’t use neutral pronouns in France so I’m happy ^^)

And the dance descriptions are on point !! Oh and I crave klance dancing in high heels as a stupid bet ! (if you don’t write I’m gonna write it anyway xD) (if you don’t mind that I write a fanfic of your fanfic of course)

Well so just to make it clear, I love you and your fics and the artwork ! Oh sorra your arts are precious and beautifull and I love them very much !!!! I wish you both happiness and a clear skin and money ! Kisses~

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or C was kind of, dare i say, shy or at least nervous, after she said the "she'll know you're special" thing? She is like "omg, did i just say this out loud?!" and THEN she immediately looks away! Watch out, girl. Your feelings are showing.

YES. Wasn’t just you. She looked sad when she said it and looked at him longingly then almost… you say shy and nervous, I almost thought she was ashamed of saying it. She ducked her head and looked away. Yeah. I think her feelings were showing and she got caught out. So she pretended it was nothing.

But the way he looked at her, it looked like he caught those feelings she put out there…. and that lead to his attempted goodbye. Love confession? Maybe he was going to tell her she was special too. I don’t even know if he knew what he was going to say. But it was something about what she meant to him and might have opened up the door to more.

Well, that means it was like the handnuzzle/get some sleep thing, doesn’t it.

I’m telling you, they keep making sure to give us parallels to keep the Bellarke romantic development mutual and equal. They are BOTH moving towards it, even when the movement seems to be circling around it in the other direction. It’s the dance that I predicted before season 4. They are dancing around each other, moving forward, stepping back, but it’s going somewhere. 

Okay right here, right now, let’s do an analysis of Jikook’s relationship based on this gif.

If you didn’t know, I’m actually a dancer, and have had a few tries at lifting stunts, so yeah let’s zoom in. 

 Even though there is the part where Jimin doesn’t even touch the hyungs, showcasing Jungkook’s strength and whatnot, there is one particular other part I noticed that kinda emphasizes Jikook’s relationship. 

The landing. 

In my own experience, it’s pretty common for someone lifting me to look at me after I land to check for any injuries, but I’m pretty sure they do that just because my choreographer makes it a rule or they get punished. From the other dancers I’ve talked to, no one actually does that unless there’s a loud landing, which is probably not the case here either.

But notice that Jungkook not only glances at Jimin, he also follows him for a solid metre before they separate to go to their respective positions. If this doesn’t tell you anything, let me say it to your face.



lovely without love [x]
beautiful songs that never get featured on playlists

lost in the wilderness (children of eden) // be a lion (the wiz) // follow your heart (urinetown) // the riddle song (floyd collins) // make believe (show boat) // charming (natasha pierre and the great coment of 1812) // that’ll never be me (now here this) // stronger (hands on a hardbody) // little lamb (gypsy) // i made that (the burnt part boys) // i love ny (murder ballad) // unexpected song (song and dance) // rosemary (how to succeed in business without really trying) // commening in chattanooga (the scottsboro boys) // can’t help falling in love (all shook up)