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BTS Celebrating your birthday!

(Gifs are not mine, credit to gif owners)

Jin: “Happy Birthday (Y/N)!”

*gets so excited his legs stop working*

Suga: “Ayyyye, it’s (Y/N)’s birthday!”

*starts dancing while setting up for your surprise party you have no idea about*


You: It’s my birthday today you know…

JHope: *pretends he doesn’t know*

When you get home you’d find a massive cake,your friends, family and tons of presents.

JHope: “How could I forget your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!”

Rap Monster: *wakes you up really early by accidentally dropping birthday cake on you and starting a mini fire*

RM: “Oops…”

You: *cuss him so hard*

Jimin: *a little surprise for you*

V: *sits in the corner at your party and just eats*

Jungkook: *turn up*