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the one who is art — “when i dance? first, it’s fun and enjoyable when i dance. i dance almost as if i’m unconscious, but i’m not. i’m not concerned about genres.. since i was young, i danced various genres so rather than only dancing to one genre, it’s more like i pull out and use whatever i need when i need it.” [ESQUIRE, 2O17] 

ask me! “if you were a(n) _____, what would you be?”

🌎 planet
🃏 character archetype
👥 social media site
🔮 witch
👻 mythical creature
📚 (hogwarts) professor
🗣 language
💻 program from microsoft office
💇 hair style
💯 number
💎 gem
🎸 indie band (made-up or real)
🛍 chain store/restaurant
☕️ drink
🔑common household object
🖼 art movement
🐶 animal
🛂 idiom/saying
🎨 color
📱 electronic device
🍛 food
🏺 time period
⚔ rpg class
🏀 sport
👾 pokemon
🚦 traffic sign
💃 dance
🐸 meme
📖 literature genre
🎵 music genre
🍬 candy
👽 alien
💊 disease
🌽 vegetable

(be as specific in your answers as you like!)

Some Grantaire headcanons:

-Cats flock to him.

-A fashion icon. Dresses either like a hobo or a drag queen. No middle ground- it’s glitter or dirt.

-Wears way too much cologne.

-Allergies? He is allergic to all of the natural world. Springtime is his greatest kryptonite.

-Never on time to anything, ever.

-Knows and is friends with everyone in Paris, seemingly through no amount of work on his part.

-Impossible to wake up when he falls asleep, he could snore through the apocalypse.

-On that note, definitely snores.

-Despite his blood stream being 89% alcohol, he actually does a surprising amount of stuff. Kickboxing, dance, street art. He’s particularly good at dancing- any genre, he can pick up in 10 minutes.

-At one point, he, Feuilly, and Bahorel started a hip-hop group. They got kicked out of the one and only competition they entered for starting a massive brawl.

-He sometimes stares at Enjolras for hours, non stop. Drinks and holds conversations without looking away. Enjolras never notices, and no one is sure if that makes it more or less pathetic.

-Is definitely that friend that piles things on top of or draws on anyone who falls asleep in his presence. Due to his habit of sleeping like a coma patient, that means he often wakes up in similar situations.

-Jehan has taken to stealing his paintings of Enjolras, so that if E ever comes to their home the art around will be slightly less creepy and stalker-ish. It’s doesn’t help much. There are a lot of paintings.

(Pt. 1)

I just wanna give a shoutout to all my black dancers

I wanna shout out all the dancers who don’t do hip hop cause people often think that’s the only thing we’re good at. This is for the ballerinas, the modern dancers, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and acrobatic. Shout out to y'all killing the game in every genre.

A Little Birdie

Group: BTS


Summary:  You forget to tell Hoseok you are a professional idol choreographer and end up challenged to a dance off.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: thank you for letting me write something based on your texts!

Inspired by: @textmejimin  ‘s texts!

Originally posted by berry852

The music came to a stop, as you bent over panting, limbs aching in the way the only did after an intensive dance session. Today you had been trying to figure out some new choreography for a girl group which involved you listening to their song on a loop as at first you had just warmed up before you started working on the choreography having already sketched a basic outline for the shapes the band would make.

You slumped against a mirror, picking up your jumper to wipe your forehead as you chugged water. Having finally caught your breath you looked over at your phone, the screen lighting up with constant texts from your boyfriend.

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Voltron HeadCannon PT 2 or 3?

-was married
-had a child, lance reminds coran of his child
-said child was the 4th gen blue paladin
-Coran makes dad jokes, with out noticing
-he hated zarkon from the beginning, he knew something was off about that purple bastard.
-buys gifts for everyone on the castleship
-spoils lance the most
-wanted that kick ass King Alfor facial hair aesthetic
-loses his shit when he tastes pizza/garlic knots for the 1st time
-hides shit everywhere in the castleship
-genuine chill
-fears Allura will work the paladins into the ground

-doesn’t know shit about makeup
-very asexual, would like to keep it that way
-favors the mice out of everyone on the castleship
-enjoys sparkly stuff. Lance brought her geodes once (no one ever thought to split one open??), she thought they were fugly rocks until lance split one open, she lost her shit.
-doesn’t hate all Galra, she’s just wary
-can benchpress Shiro, Hunk, and Kieth in one go
-was arranged to marry zarkon’s first born, this means Lotor.
-looses her shit.
-enjoys word searches
-her chill is fake af
-fears the destruction of Voltron

-certified genius
-cryptid gang or die
-will bitchslap lolzor and tsarfon
-mental stability?? Tf is that shit?
-mutters cusses, so they don’t disappoint space dad
-a meme
-they can and will meme at anyone
-frequent meme-offs with lance
-tends to go to lance for motherly support
-rickroll coding to fuck up galran tech
-misnames anyone just to fuck with them
-“Voltron is love. Voltron is life.”
-doesn’t need the glasses, they wear them for Matt.
-will fight anyone, anytime.
-fears nothing

-Cryptid Gang founder
-dedicated to finding Mothman.
-is hella gay, loves hunk
-Shiro and Him are Bros™
-watched Over the Hedge like a religion
-believes in science
-can art. Like whose mans? The fuck?
-archives alien races, goes into extreme detail
-scared of being shunned for the galra ½
-quotes archaic emo bands
-lowkey watches RuPaul’s drag race
-will scream into the void

-The best chef
-Allura thinks he can out cook Coran
-Coran thinks so too
- thinks Lance is the bestes little bro any guy could have
-is willing to talk peace, unless you come at him or his boyfriend
-bi and is always ready to cry
-has tattoos
-two moms is better than one mom
-lilo and stitch BC he relates to lilo more than he’d like to admit, only he was taken away from his kupunawahine, who was too old to properly take care of him
-taught lance how to speak Hawaiian
-never really felt the need to learn ukulele until lance came in the dorm crying and pulled out his ukulele and sang Como La Flor to himself
-scared of being alone

-blue boi
-puns or death
-listens to all music
-sings Broadway like a fucking pro
-dances any genre, and figure skates
-some alien thought iceskates were meant for hardwear
-nearly lost his shit
-gender norms? Wat that?
-has pastel clothing for when he feels like it
-into being a little, but he wings it bc who the fuck in gonna teach him in space?
-Shiro is his daddy
-the actual space mom. Allura doesn’t have shit on Lance’s mothering
-one time he nearly erradic an entire race bc they hurt Kieth, Hunk, and Pidge’s feelings.
-found a guitar, ukulele, and a piano in an Authentic Earth™ store
-made Allura buy them with his kitten eyes
-fear Lance’s kitten eyes
-fears that he has no place in Voltron & the inevitability of death

-little spoon

-Space dad
-into being Lance’s daddy bc he knows lance needs the mental grounding
-pansexual? He doesn’t care who he dates as long as its mutual affection
-lowkey scared of Lance’s mental/emotional breakdowns
-fears his PTSD fits coming in when lance is in subspace
-the cuddler™
-steals all blankets and pillows so he can make a giant fort in the common room
-“Im six! Let me live!”
-listens to hood gang rap.
-he will curb stomp anyone that talks shit about his and Lance’s dynamic
-even if they’re a paladin
-talk shit get hit.

-big spoon

Movie Genre: Musical

Born with the coming of sound, the movie musical had its base in vaudeville and opera. With its brazen blending of fantasy and reality, the musical provided audiences with an accessible and immediate escape from life, first in the Great Depression, and then beyond.

What to watch:

  1. The Merry Widow (Ernst Lubitsch, 1934)
  2. Meet Me in St. Louis (Vincente Minnelli, 1944)
  3. Singin’ in The Rain (Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen, 1952)
  4. West Side Story (Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins, 1961)
  5. Cabaret (Bob Fosse, 1972)
  6. Grease (Randal Kleiser, 1978)
  7. Dirty Dancing (Emile Ardolina, 1987)
  8. Moulin Rouge! (Baz Luhrmann, 2001)
  9. Chicago (Rob Marshall, 2002)
  10. Hairspray (Adam Shankman, 2007)

(Bergan, R. 2011. The Film Book: A Complete Guide To The World Of Cinema.)

BTS REACTS TO: catching their s/o dirting wining to caribbean/latinx music

Anon Asked: can i request bts walking in on their Caribbean/Latinx dirty wining while cleaning and makes them join her???

I honestly played old school dancehall throughout the entirety of writing this. - Admin Dayna


With the vaccuum in one hand, you found your spotify shuffle onto Wine Slow by Gyptian. It was only natural that your hips started swaying to the music. You got so into the music, you had to stop cleaning all together just to dance to it. You closed your eyes, moving freely to the beating if the steel drums. You had found yourself so deep within the dancehall rhythm, you hadn’t heard the door to your apartment open. You turned around, opened your eyes, and was met with an amused Jin. You at first were embarrassed, standing still, but the smile on Jin’s face and the music was just so tempting. You reached out a hand to Jin, put his hand on your hips, and basically dragged him into it. All Seokjin could really do was laugh and reluctantly join you.

Originally posted by jjilljj

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Dancing Hurts

Member: The8
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 842
(this is more like a drabble shhhh)

“Minghao, this is way too complicated!”

“No it isn’t; you just don’t feel like trying. It’s really easy!”

“That’s for you to say! You’re a professional dancer who’s had years of training and practice!”

“Which is why you’re doing it now. Practice makes perfect, you know.”

Minghao was right; practice does make perfect. It was hard to believe, but Minghao was in this position once, totally hopeless and just ready to give up. He persevered until he got better, and he continues to work on his skills whenever he gets the chance. His passion for dancing was beyond anything you’ve ever seen and the diligence he showed was equally amazing.

You hated to complain, especially in front of Minghao, but learning how to b-boy was simply too much. Your arms were aching like there was no tomorrow and you were sure as hell that you could not bend the way Minghao wanted you to for certain moves. A hand came down on your shoulder and gave it a supportive squeeze. “Come on, you can do it. Just try it one more time and then you’re done. I believe in you, you know that, right?” Minghao’s voice was gentle and his smile was even softer, which made your heart melt like butter.

“Alright, fine,” you reluctantly agreed. “But what do I get out of it?”

“The sense of accomplishment?”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon.”

“Come on, do it. Please? For me?”

“I said fine already!” You sighed and pushed Minghao’s arm away. “You’re lucky I like you enough to do this.”

“You’re lucky I like you enough to teach you this.”

You stuck your tongue out in response and got into the starting position, though your tired limbs were practically screaming for you to stop and just give up. You glanced over at Minghao, a doubtful look taking over your features. He nodded with a smile and flashed you a thumbs up. The music was catchy enough and had a beat that was easy to follow, which was why Minghao insisted on you learning to it without playing anything else. The first steps surprisingly came with little effort, but you knew you had to stay concentrated or you would mess up again. It was a nice to feel your body let loose and move freely, but your joints burned with ache and it felt like your legs would give out any moment.

With a deep breath, you managed to smoothly drop down into a crouching position and kick your legs up, keeping them straight as you swung them around. This was the hardest part, and every time you did it your arms would start shaking and you would fall. But this time something was different. You were doing it. Minghao’s clapping proved the unbelievable true. A breathless laugh fell past your tightly shut lips. “I’m doing it!” you exclaimed.

That’s when everything went wrong.

Your already exhausted arms gave out completely and you fell mid-swing, your knee scraping hard across the ground, sending pain throughout your entire leg. It didn’t feel any better when you basically bashed your head against the ground either. Your laughter quickly turned into drawn out hisses and muttered curses. Minghao was at your side in an instant, his hands helping to push you onto your back. “Are you okay?” he asked, his eyebrows knitted close together.

“Clearly not,” you groaned and heaved yourself up onto your elbows. Your knee was covered in oozing blood and was more scraped than you thought. The worst part was how bad it stung. And then there was a sudden warmth, and it took you a moment to realize that it was Minghao’s hand.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, a guilty look overtaking his face. “I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I know you didn’t even want to learn how to b-boy in the first place, and now you’re hurt because of my constant insisting.” The look on his face reminded you of kicked puppy’s. You sat up the whole way and placed a hand over top of his.

“Minghao, it’s not your fault. You just wanted to teach me something new. I pushed myself too hard, okay? There’s nothing that could have been done to help me from scraping my knee. It’s not even that bad. It hurts a lot, but it’ll be gone before you or I will even know it. That, and I don’t want you getting my blood all over your hand. That’s just unsanitary.”

Minghao chuckled and the sound brought a smile to your face. He didn’t look as sad anymore, but guilt was still deep in his eyes. “I know. But I pushed you to keep going.”

“I’m going to smack you with your own bloody hand if you don’t shut up about it!” You felt Minghao interlock his fingers with yours.

“I’m serious. You don’t have to do this anymore if you don’t want to.”

You leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Practice makes perfect, right?”


♡ 170526 | Produce 101 Episode 8 NU’EST Summary

It was time for the next concept evaluation to begin, this challenge consisting of several groups with different musical and dance genres produced by some of the top names in the industry. 

Minhyun and JR wound up with a Deep House concept called Never, Ren with a Hip Hop Concept called Oh Little Girl, and Baekho with an EDM Dance track called Open

The Open Team initially nominated Baekho as leader, but he declined. Kang Daniel was made leader instead.

Ren was made a center for Oh Little Girl

Minhyun was made a center for Never with JR made leader. 

As the groups practiced, the teams were split into two. Baekho’s group struggled with the choreography, and Daniel felt responsible. 

After practice, the show cut to the elimination segment for ranks 34-12. Ren ranked in 20th. He hopes that Jihoon (who was also made a potential center for Oh Little Girl) will give him the center position.

Then the show cut to a short behind the scenes segment where the boys were able to play a strength game; whoever could punch at the highest/fastest force would get to sit in the #1 chair. 

Ren volunteered to go second, creating an over-the-top spectacle that everyone found entertaining. He didn’t beat the first trainee’s number, however. 

Eventually, Baekho was called to beat the #1 rank. The first time he hit the punching bag, he received the same number as the current champion: 947. Going into a sudden death round, Baekho defeated the champion with a score of 950, impressing everyone in the room. 

Back to eliminations, Baekho was ranked 11th, with Minhyun 6th, and JR scored 1st place. He said he would do his best not to embarrass those who voted for him, and that he could feel the weight of being in 1st. 

Late Night Dancing

Originally posted by b-t-s-imagines

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean


Notes: Dirty talk, slight teasing, fingering

Summary: After a busy day, you and Hoseok are in the practice room. You find out he is interested in more than just your dancing~

Words: 2,945

It was just about to get dark as you were driving yourself to the studio BTS always learned and practiced their dances. They were getting ready for a new comeback so they had been working hard the past few weeks learning and beginning to perfect the new choreography before they recorded the music video.

Even with their busy schedule you boyfriend promised to help you with your dancing that night after they boys were done with their practice for the day. You pulled into the parking lot for the building and grabbed a bag of food you also brought because you knew Hoseok would be tired after their practice. Once you collected your things you got out of your car and headed inside and walked down the hallways towards the room they were in.

You opened the door to see the boys talking with one another. Jin, Jungkook, and Hoseok were all sitting on the floor against the walls chugging water as they had literally just gotten done while the rest of them were starting to collect their things to head back to the dorms.

You looked over at Hoseok and seeing him in his current state made you swallow heavily, hair drenched in sweat as he leaned against the wall taking occasional sips from his water bottle still breathing heavily from their practice.

You hadn’t realized you had been just standing there in silence that it took Namjoon coming over to greet you to break you out of your daze. “Hey Y/N! Hoseok told us you were coming here,” he said clearly not taking notice of you just staring at Hoseok. “Oh um…. yeah he’s helping me with some choreography I’m learning.” You broke away from staring at him to look at Namjoon who gave you a smile then gesturing to the rest of the guys to follow him as he walked slowly towards the door.

At the sound of your name your attention was brought back to Hoseok who jumped up from the floor to attack you with a hug. “Y/N!!” he shouted in glee of your presence.

“Ah! Hobi you’re all sweaty!” you complained as he continued to give you a long bone crushing hug. The maknae line were giggling at his over enthusiasm when he saw you but soon joined the others in leaving the room letting you two be alone. “Don’t stay to long, you both need to make sure you get a good night’s rest,” you heard Namjoon remark before shutting the door before you could respond.

Hobi finally released you from his tight embrace to look in to your eyes, his eyes bright with happiness. "I also brought some food, I knew you would be starving.” You held up the brown paper bag in your right hand. “You are the best Y/N!” he cheered as he snatched it from your hand sitting back down on the floor gesturing for you to join him. You did so as he reached into the bag and you both dug in.

After you both ate and did your best to clean up the mess Hoseok got onto his feet holding out his hand to help you up which you took and helped pull you up.

“Now, you wanted to show me that choreography?” he stated the reason for you two being there in the first place. You nodded and went over to the sound system to plug your phone in to play the music you needed.

The beats from your music filled the room as you moved into the open space in front of the mirror on one side of the room. You counted the beats in your head before you jumped in letting your body move to the music. You had immersed yourself so far into what you were doing that only by the time you reached the end of the song is when you noticed that Hoseok was standing against the wall, one hand resting on his chin, as he was 100% concentrated on you.

You turned around to look at him instead of just seeing his gaze in the mirror. “That was beautiful Y/N….” he began as he walked towards you. “Well, any thoughts on what I could improve on?” you asked breathing heavily from your dancing. “It was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing…. though,” his voice deepening as he turned you around placing his hands on your hips swaying you from side to side. Being oblivious to his intentions at first you soon found out as he pressed his body to yours and you felt something hard behind you.

Your face instantly turned red as he left an open mouth kiss on your neck letting his hands slip underneath the hem of your shirt placing his hands gently on your bare waist as he pulled you closer to him. “There is something else you need to fix….” he whispered, leaving kisses behind your ear which made you start to feel heat building in your entire body.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, making your breathing hitch in your throat as he began grinding against you while leaving sloppy wet kisses in any place he could reach. You could feel his lips meet the back of your neck, kissing and licking at your skin, which made you bite your bottom lip in an attempt to hold back your sighs.

You couldn’t bear not having his lips on yours any longer as you turned yourself around in his grasp throwing your arms around his neck, attacking his lips hungrily. Pulling you close to himself again after the change of position he immediately opened his mouth for you, letting his tongue roam your mouth as you both clung to each other like your lives depended on it.

Hoseok pushed you forward until your back hit against the mirror behind you, placing on arm next to your head bracing himself his other hand grasped the back of your neck. Growing impatient you grabbed at his shirt desperate to see him without it as you began tugging to send the message to him to rid himself of it.

Taking your message, he broke away from your lips and took his hand away from your neck to help you pull it over his head throwing it to the side of the room. He was about to lean back in to continue your make out session but you stopped him placing your hand on his chest just wanting to admire him for a second.

You ran both hands down his toned chest before leaning in kissing and sucking gently on his collarbones and pecs which earned a few sighs to fall form his lips. Wanting you to show him some skin as well he grabbed at the hem of your shirt pulling it off letting it join his shirt on the floor. After he did so you attacked his lips again throwing your arms around his neck once again.

Hands were tangled in each other’s hair, one of your legs was wrapped around his trying to get yourselves closer than was humanly possible. Hoseok’s hands left your hair to unclasp your bra, throwing it to the growing pile of clothes.

He cupped your breasts in his big warm hands which made you moan into his mouth at the feeling. Smiling at your reaction he stopped giving your mouth attention, kissing his way down your neck until he reached your chest, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin achieving more moans from you in the process.

You noticed his eagerness as his hands traveled down to the waistband of your sweat pants, pulling them and your panties down in one motion leaving you completely exposed, one of his hands immediately dipped between your legs as he ran a finger against your clit. Your breath hitched in your throat breaking away from his lips, burying your face in the crook of his neck.

“You’re already so wet,” he giggled, placing his other hand on the back of your neck again at the same time running his finger up and down your clit painfully slow, “and all for me.” His voiced changing from playful gigging to a low growl.

"Hobi……. please” you pleaded, nails digging into his back slightly.

“Please what? Tell me kitten, what do you want?” he teased, still rubbing you painfully slow.

You groaned into his neck after he called you by the pet name he knew you loved before pleading more. “Please….” you choked out before he pressed against your sensitive area suddenly cutting off your speech replacing them with moans instead. “I want to feel your fingers inside me……” he obliged at once sinking one of his long fingers into your entrance immediately attaching his lips to yours loving when you moaned into his mouth.

He pumped his finger in and out of you while you winced and moaned trying to catch your breath as he was still attacking your mouth. He stopped long enough to insert another finger which as soon as he did the pleasure was almost too much for you to take as your hands gripped harshly at his hair and your hips bucked against his hand craving more friction but also not knowing if you could handle it. “Oh god! Hobi….I’m gonna come!” you winced between moans.

He came to an abrupt stop at your words and you whined at the loss of friction especially since you were so close but he leaned in close to your ear speaking in a deep tone, “I want my cock to be what makes you come tonight…”

With that he pulled his fingers out of you, leaning back he took them in his mouth licking them clean of your arousal looking you in the eyes as he did so, “So sweet”, he groaned as he licked the last drop off his hand.

He leaned in again licking a stripe up your neck before catching your lips with his again, hands moving down to his belt unbuckling it. You moved your hands down to help as you unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans pulling them and his boxers down releasing his hard erection.

You immediately took him in your hand, pumping him a few times giving him the same treatment he had just given you. "Fuck…….” he breathed against your neck, his whole body shivering from the sudden stimulation after holding out for so long. You continued your pace, pumping him slowly in your hand before he grabbed your wrist forcing you to stop. “I can’t take it anymore…. I need to be inside you,” he groaned this time his tone of voice very needy.

He grabbed one of your thighs pulling your leg to wrap around his hip so he had better access to your wet core. You wrapped your arms around his neck for better stability and he grabbed the base of his cock wincing at his own touch; it was his turn to bury his head in your neck. “Really? we haven’t even started yet,” you giggled running your fingers through the hairs on the back of his neck.

With no response, he pressed his hard erection against your folds not entering you yet. You gasped, gripping the back of his neck as he ran himself up and down your folds getting covered in your juices before he lined himself up at your entrance.

He lifted his head looking you in the eyes as he slowly sunk into your now dripping heat. He maintained eye contact with you until his hip bones met with yours and his head fell back into the crook of your neck with a loud drawn out moan.

He forced himself to stop moving, letting you adjust to his size waiting for you to give the ok for him begin thrusting into you. You did need time to readjust to him since you both hadn’t had sex for a while but you also didn’t give him the ok for a long time just to tease him. After a few whines from him you gave into his neediness: “Go ahead Hobi.”

He did not need to be told twice as he pulled out and slammed back into you making you throw your head against the mirror you were currently pressed against, letting out choked moans in the process. He did so again and again building up to a steady pace of thrusting into you.

“Fuck… you feel so good around my cock, kitten” He moaned into your neck digging his nails into your thigh, his other hand now bracing himself against the mirror. He continued his steady thrusts as heavy breathing and moans left both of your lips as you were both lost in pleasure and soon you began to feel your climax approach.

“Hobi, faster please! I’m so close!” you moaned out loudly being so close but so far from your high which you were desperately trying to reach. At your pleas, he sped up his thrusts hitting new spots that made you somehow moan even louder “Hobi!” you moaned his name as your climax was quickly approaching “I’m gonna come…” you barely managed to get out between moans.

You could tell he was getting close too as his moans to were increasing in volume and his thrusts were becoming sloppy and uneven. “That’s right…. be a good kitten and come for me.” he growled into your ear and that was all you needed to hear to have your high wash over you, head thrown back, eyes screwed shut, wincing and moaning his name over and over as waves of pleasure hit you.

“Oh fuck, Y/N!” he choked as your core clenched around his cock as you came making him reach his climax soon after yours. You felt his hot come shoot inside you as he continued to moan your name until his throat became sore. He was still thrusting slowly in and out of you riding out both of your highs and your wincing in overstimulation prompting him to pull out.

He let go of your thigh but you had trouble trying to stand on your own as your legs were so shaky but Hobi caught you before you could fall and guided you down so you were both sitting on the floor. You both didn’t say a word for at least 5 minutes just trying to catch your breath.

Hobi had his arm wrapped around your waist gently running his hands up and down your stomach as you leaned your head on his shoulder. After you both seem to even out your breathing you moved your head up, looking in to his eyes also moving your hand to cup the side of his face as you pulled him down so you could kiss him. He too brought a hand to caress your face as he deepened the kiss.

“I love you so much.” He broke away from the kiss his voice scratchy from how loud he had been. He ran his thumb over your cheek looking in to your eyes with the purest, most beautiful smiles on his face. You wrapped your arms around his torso burying your face in his chest “I love you too.” your voice also shot.

He wrapped his arms around you again placing kisses on the top of your head while running one hand though your hair. You sat like that for another 5 minutes until you were about to fall asleep like that. “We should probably get dressed,” you suggested, shifting so you were sitting up. Hoseok whined in protest as he would totally would have fallen asleep like that, but the boys would be there first thing in the morning.

You helped put each other’s clothes back on and tried to fix each other’s messy matted hair laughing at how messed up you both looked. You collected your things before heading to the door to leave walking down the hall until you reached the main door that lead outside where you stopped.

You turned to face Hoseok, placing your things on the floor so you could run into his arms again. You wished you never had to leave his embrace ever again so it made you sad that you both had to go your separate ways right now, you going back to your apartment and him to their dorm.

You teared up a bit at the fact that you couldn’t spend too much time together as you both were busy and especially when they would leave to go on tour. Your tears began to soak into his t-shirt.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?? Did I do something wrong??” he took notice of you crying, pulling away to look at you.

“No Hobi, it’s just…. I’m thinking about how we won’t be able to see each other much these days….” he wiped the tears from your eyes before pulling you back into his embrace.

"It will be hard right now but I will make it up to you I promise. When we are on tour I will never lose touch with you, I’ll call and text whenever I possibly can. And when we get back I’ll finally have some down time which I only want to spend with you.”

Smiling at his words, you wiped the remaining tears away from your eyes as he kissed you on top of your head running his hands up and down your back.

“I love you so much, Hobi.”

“I love you more.”

You slapped his arm for being so cheesy and he giggled at your reaction, pecking you one last time on the lips before you both left the building heading your separate ways.

ID #76453

Name: Nicki
Age: 14
Country: I’m biracial. I’m a Taiwanese Mexican with a Sri Lankan descent 

Hey I’m Nicki :)
I’m the weirdest/craziest piece of shit you’ll even meet. Facts about moi.
- Even though I used the word ‘moi’, I don’t do french. I mean I do but I genuinely suck at it.
- I really like dancing :)
- Personality Type = ENFP
- My music taste is pretty diverse, I listen to rap, hip hop, pop, kpop etc. But I don’t really heavy metal and rock :(
- My selection of tv series include Empire, A.P.B, Homeland, STAR and pretty much many from the genre 'crime’.
- I’m crazy and I tend to embarrass myself alot.
- Ooo I love history.
-And I really like learning languages. (I’m learning Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Arabic) But I’m fluent in English so if you’re planning on writing to me, please write in English or else I’ll have to crack my brain trying to figure out what you’re writing.
So that’s all I’ll write for now:) I hope to meet many friends from all around the world.

Preferences: My age preference would be from 13- 17 because I would be comfortable to be writing to someone close to my age:)


B.MI think we’re getting more attention because we’re a mixed gender that’s not so common nowadays. Also, I think people like the groovy dance hall genre choreography that’s popular overseas.

J.sephTo be honest, when I heard I was going to be in a mixed gender group, I was surprised. I couldn’t picture it. But thankfully, meeting and practicing with the girls made us a good group. It also sets us apart from the others.

JiwooWe practice together, eat together, and we’re not family. Dating each other doesn’t even make sense. I don’t think it’ll ever happen. I can promise that. We see each other every day, so we don’t get any feelings. We don’t even need to write an oath that says that we won’t date each other.