dance for u

what if i say i will never surrender?

jenolees  asked:

lee jeno !! thoughts on the king of eyesmiles and dance

if i had to describe jeno in one word,,, it world be prince,, it literally fits him so well,, i know it, u know it; everyone kNOWS IT !

okay but honestly ? jeno is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous !! he’s such a ray of sunshine with such a big heart nd ((’: I ALWAYS SAY N THINK THIS BUT JENO IS SO CARING ND WOULD BE SUCH AN AMAZING BEST FRIEND OR BOYFRIEND (’: the IDEAL one too,,

he also has such a nice smooth voice when singing, nd rapping !! his lines from the we young album ? iconic. his LINE from mfal, iconic. his lines from chewing gum, i c o n i c ! tbh everything jeno does is memorizing nd amazing,, he just gives off such good vibes if u know what i mean ??? also eye smile,,, 100000/10 the cutest smile

send me thoughts on ______ !!

dancing lessons

dedicated to my favorite person, rena, for making me love these two

Middle School Weeaboo Aesthetic:

  • naruto run
  • trying to learn jutsus
  • “light yagami’s last name backwards is ‘im a gay!’”
  • “boy x boy! DON’T LIKE DON’T READ! XP”
  • anime character 7 minutes of heaven on quizilla
  • creating ocs by recoloring already existing characters
  • lucky star
  • hare hare yukai dance

anonymous asked:

Bendy, do a little dance, please? With Boris?

(tbh I just wanna draw boris and bendy at first)

(then i open my iTunes and play ‘Por Una Cabeza’ and ‘Libertango’)


when ur bf is bigger than u and knows u dont mind surprise smooches rb if u agree