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David Dances - Part 2 (or Part 3 if you count The Doctor Dances too)

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baking-accident  asked:

We know Andrew ran to hug Warren when he thought he was alive in The Killer In Me, but what would older Watcher Andrew do if Warren was somehow revived, or he thought he was? I'm thinking a magic fight and an intensely angry movie-hero speech about how he's never going to let Warren take advantage of those weaker than him again. No overly comic-relief-y "dancing schnauzers" lines this time, just a man who's grown enough to recognize and reject cruelty and would risk his life for his Slayers.

500% accurate! I mean we saw what he did in Return to Sunnydale, smashing the Warren resurrection kit under his foot, so yeah, he’s not giving Warren so much as a second. 

Of course, this is a few extra years after the end of the show. Only about a year after, he’d stand strong but it’d break his heart so much and he’d miss Warren and hate himself for missing Warren. 

A few years later, I think that missing Warren would have diminished somewhat and whatever was left, Andrew would be able to be a bit nicer to himself about, so the anger would be more heartfelt rather than heartwrenching and confused. 

you know those kaisoo fanfictions where there’s no mention of pororo, or krong, or kyungsoo cooking kimchi spaghetti, or jongin owning/using a dance studio, or big-eared chanyeol and drama queen baekhyun being the comic relief? yeah well hit me up when you find one because i’m desperate for a change


Noel Fielding does “Wuthering Heights” - Let’s Dance for Comic Relief 2011 Final - BBC One (via BBC)

I need this video on my dash. <3

A pretty photo for you!

If you’re in the UK could you please TEXT - DERMOT TO 70005 to donate £5 to the amazing Dermot  O’Leary who is doing a 24 hour day of dance for COMIC RELIEF. He started at 7pm last night. He’s exhausted and needs to see the support pouring in. You can watch him on the BBC website or through your TV by pressing the red button/ channel 980 SKY. Cheers xx


Anime vs. Manga Tsukiyama:

Pervert / weirdo »»> gentleman
Taste obsession » friendship for Kaneki
Technicolor suits with 50 shades of rainbow »> more plain but better looking clothes
Melodramatic comic relief with exaggerated gestures and dance »> rather comical side kick with occasional serious side

Perverted sniffing exaggerated (screaming, screeching, eye rolling / popping, veins bulging, supernova explosion, followed by collapsing on toilet seat) »> manga

»»What is anime doing to Tsukiyama